Rumors Of ‘Blue Flu’ Strikes In Atlanta As Officer Faces Charges Of FELONY MURDER For Self-Defense

The Georgia police officer who was involved in the shooting of a belligerent drunk man is handed down a charge of felony murder, in addition to ten other charges, by the Georgia prosecutor. Tim and Adam discuss the developing fallout of these charges.

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  1. If the suspect was fleeing the scene with a stolen non lethal weapon is it justified and proportional for an officer to shoot him in the back with an actual firearm?

  2. I live outside Atlanta and I tuned into the police scanner the day they all started walking out to see if it was true. Dispatch would call something and and there would be no response. At one point the dispatcher even asked if there was anyone out there. Still no response

  3. Just put yourself in the Jedi's shoes for one second. Imagine being vilified and then purged by the people you once protected. That's basically what is happening to our cops, they are being vilified and purged because the actions of a few and the thunderous applause of many.

    One time when my Highschool first opened we could have our phones in class and even our backpacks. Mostly all the students took the personal responsibility to pay attention to the teacher, mute your phone, set aside your backpack, etc, etc. Because none of us wanted those privileges taken away. For weeks this lasted until the school decided that we could no longer bring our phones or backpacks to school because apparantly two kids were dealing drugs to each other. EVERYBODY hated the school afterwards because they basically grew a mistrust towards all of us. I got chewed out by a teacher for wearing a hoodie that had two different shades of fucking grey, because that was somehow against the dress code even though it was technically one color. I was basically put up on a fucking pedastool in front of the entire school because half of the students did their classes online (like me) in one area. Not only that, but I had to carry all of my folders, books, chromebook, and whatnot from my locker to my class. Because I did not have the time to stop by my locker, I had to bring everything with me and carry it from class to class.

    Remember what happened when the Empire was founded? It oppressed its citizens. There was fundamentally no laws except for the core worlds. The Jedi (the previous peacekeeping force) was gone. And most of the worlds were filled with crime gangs and bounty hunters.

    I think we will become the United States version of the Empire, only to realize that the Jedi we purged; were the good guys all along… We (like the Rebellion) will look back at the Republic and long for what we had lost. What our parents or even some of us had given up… Because as Mel Gibson once said "This war will not be fought on some distant battlefield…"

  4. 5 felonies doesn’t warrant a death sentence. Throw the book at them. You can just shoot people in the back even if they whoop your rookie ass.

  5. The DA overstepped the Georgia Beareu Of Investigation and held the press conference without the GBI knowing and the Cop never agreed to be states witness so DA broke the law

  6. I can see what will happen when the dude walks

    The city will pay dearly not only will the dude sue them the idiots will riot and burn it to the ground

  7. This is also how the Democrats will ensure they steal the election. They're banking on many PD's having their officers walk out, resign, etc and on the night of the election, they'll have BLM and ANTIFA surrounding all polling stations and beat any and all Republicans and Trump supporters. This is well organized and exactly what they want. The Democrats are so DISGUSTING and so pathetic that truth be told, they could hardly EVER win an actual election against a Republican if they had to play fair.

  8. I feel bad for this young cop that was right to shoot but he is going to be a victim for all the corruption, violence,, unjustified shooting of the police.

  9. he should not have shot that guy… full stop. he should get less time then amber guyger for example, but we cannot let police just blast people unless i have the same right if i feel my rights are being violated by a corrupt cop trying to cause me harm, i should have the right to blast him like he does me if he pulls a gun on me. how do i know if hes a 'good cop'? just like how does he know if im a 'good citizen'
    dont worry ill stay on the scene and tell him to keep breathing
    but we all know im getting murder 1 sentenced to death lol.

  10. Felony murder is murder that happens while a felony is being committed. What felony was the police officer commiting while arresting the suspect?

  11. Hey Tim, was looking for a movie to watch on Amazon Prime and they added a new category called black stories. Ok cool, while looking through the black movies looking for something to watch i noticed that they all had 5 star ratings, maybe a few with 4 1/2 stars, then i looked up reviews for the movies off of Amazon and they had 1-2 stars. Why would Amazon be altering the stars on black movies to make them seem better, iam sick of the left modify stuff for political gain. What are your thoughts about this.

  12. How was he not a deadly threat to the cops and people around him. He was drunk, violent, and got away from the cops. He easily could have pulled a weapon or jumped into a car or even assaulted someone.

  13. Why would you defend a Liberal if you were a pig? Let the fucking savages kill each other. Shit, I will donate guns and ammo to Chicago.

  14. I was a defense attorney. Prosecutors have been abusing unconstitutional laws against civilians for decades, I laugh that they are now abusing their own enforcer pigs. As sad as it is for this cop who may not be one of the bad ones.