Runaway Inflation Is About To Collapse The US Economy w/ Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff predicted the 2008 financial crisis, he predicted the spiraling inflation we’re experiencing, and now he’s predicting a widespread economic collapse in the United States that will dwarf anything we’ve witnessed before. Decades of lying and out-of-control borrowing, the government and the Fed have delayed the inevitable, but the bill is now coming due, Schiff tells Jimmy, and the reckoning is going to be ugly.

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  1. It's a giant con game, the fed is nothing but a banking cartel , they know exactly what they are doing , nothing is by accident or mistake. Peter among others called it way back when the Fed started quantitive easing , lol, making money out of thin air by the billions and dumping it out into circulation. The central bank is a giant scam . Research their history.

  2. Nice! Peter has missed every tech event EVER, but he is at least honest in his macro assessments and usually correct when it comes to macro events (IE long term directions).

  3. Anyone with half brain can see this guy is an idiot but Jimmy you did good in hearing what he said because we are dealing with these capitalist slime bags and we need to know what they think. So we cant fight tooth and nail against this.

  4. I'm buying defense stocks like weapons producers.
    Why??? No one watching this video will live to see the day where the US is not a war somewhere in the world. So…
    General Dynamics
    Booz Allen
    CACI Intrl

  5. Peter is right but Peter is right in a small scope. While you were handed $3200 (960 Billion roughly) they handed the banking system and Wall St 5 Trillion. Wall St is massively over-leveraged and the stock market will crash which turns recessions into depressions. The world's financial system mainly works with $s and $ dominated debts, when shit breaks dollar demand spikes then we will have massive $$$ printing. Even if I'm wrong the Great Reset is coming and so is a Digital Dollar either way. Buy GameStop.

  6. Another thing about price controls is that eventually producers stop producing. This has happened repeatedly throughout history, and is set to repeat itself once again.

  7. Schiff has been a gold bug forever. Even a broken clock is right 2x a day .Schiff completely ignores predatory monopolistic pricing behaviors. Yes, Congress and the corporatocracy are completely corrupt.

  8. Other factors in 2008 included a financial scam originating from the Bush White House that then-NY Gov Eliot Spitzer called out publicly, and his liaison with a hooker was outed by the FBI after he attempted to prevent a White House-induced catastrophe. See: "Predatory lenders partner in crime" by Eliot Spitzer, Washington Post, Feb 14, 2008

  9. Weren't there famous photos of wheelbarrows of money being used to pay for a single loaf of bread in the Great Depression? I'm not sure what he says about price deflation was all that accurate. Also, concerning the CARES act, the issue he should have addressed is less "should the government ever print money to do stuff for its people," and more, "if the government does print money, who should it go to?"

    Alas, I get the feeling that even with this phrasing, he'd probably say it should go to the rich cuz they lock it away into their coffers and thus the money essentially disappears from the system, as opposed to the poor who will pump it back into the economy and thus (in his view) lead to inflation. I disagree with this line of thinking, but the reason why economics is complicated is because there are always numerous conflicting factors, and it isn't always easy to see how things will play out.

  10. I’m a mason who graduated high school and when people don’t go to work and the government prints money it’s hard to not know inflation is coming

  11. BIG Government – you mean BIG MILITARY lots of CORPORATE subsidies etc. So way out? Only one WAR. Burn Europe to the ground and Asia and the good old days of post WW2 return.

    No way out of this.

  12. I didn't realize I agreed so much with Peter Schiff. Great program, though super long. I did listen to the whole thing though. 🙂

  13. Joe biden is the perfect president for these times.
    He symbolises the rotting declining neoliberal empire better than anyone.

    They say that God speaks to us in signs.
    Joe biden is a very loud message.
    C'mon man! 🤣

  14. How about taxing the living shit out of millionaires and billionaires instead of stealing it from working people and social security, that we all actually worked for? He never mentioned that,or cutting military spending..

  15. YES Jimmy! Libertarians love you so much – I think you underestimate how well you and Scott Horton would get on ( I know you've interviewed with him before ). Ask Aaron Mate, Scott Horton is as good on Foreign Policy as anyone alive. And the editor of Anti-War…. And of course, you and comedian Dave Smith could probably shift American Foreign Policy if you combined your efforts. I don't even think that's an exaggeration.

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