Rupert Lowe: “Our Leaders Have No Idea What They’re Doing”

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Rupert Lowe is a British businessman, farmer and politician and former chairman of Southampton Football Club. He served as a Brexit Party Member of the European Parliament in the West Midlands constituency from 2019 to 2020.

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  1. I've known that the gene therapies are phoney to be called vaccines which they aren't, but idk about Astra-Zeneca: Is that one really a true vaccine?

    Just bc I'm highly sceptical does not mean I'm closed-minded.

  2. Agree on the politics, Thatcher had the right idea, libertarian 👍
    I am pro BBC, straddles the right left divide still.
    Simplify and lower taxes, give govt less tax to waste.
    The EU govts refuse to do the necessary reform. Whatever the currency.

  3. Dont romanticize the Victorians…its not a pretty picture at all for the vast majority living hand to mouth, terrified of the workhouse and punishments like hanging or transportation if you pinched a farthing for bread, people slept in dosshouses…has he ever heard of a rope bed?

  4. Bravo! I agree with your guest, the govt. needs to step back. All one has to do is look at how terribly the bureaucrats "handled" this pandemic here in the States, by limiting rights and freedoms like never before

  5. The activist woke thugs are a fring which have 100% negative value. That ideology is completely destructive to civilization in every way.

    The open conversation needs to be revived between the compliant masses and the independent thinkers. A 75% shift away from technocracy and back toward individual freedom and recognition would still leave tons of left-leaning concepts with massive voice in affairs.

  6. This guy knows what he is talking about. All modern economies of scale are at the precipice of a complete collapse.
    The winners of this rigged game are the billionaires and they are using that money to build rockets so that they can escape.
    But nobody is paying attention.
    Time to buy gold guns and land. If you want to survive the 4th turning.

  7. oooh agreed with his talking point at the end… Farming… 100%.. ultra imporant – especially for an island.
    If you don't have food security.. you will always lose negotiations and be taken advantage of.

  8. No business is founded on “nothing”. When the lower rungs of the sociology-economic ladder dont have access to proper capital they are stuck. Typical upperclass detachment from reality.
    On the culture war stuff he makes some points but he is the type of Tory that hates the poor.

  9. I looked up Lowe's schools (Dragons' and Radley). Surprised to see a man so grounded in realpolitik, despite having grown up in an environment that does appear quasi-paradisical (i.e. looking at them flash website propagandas).

  10. I like him. A lot of our zeal for success here in America obviously comes from the UK. And then immigrants self selected coming to the US. A classless system is what we wanted. Didn't get it. We still have classes. Can't be avoided. Class mobility! That's the golden goose. America has A LOT of it and the UK can have it too.

  11. I don't think you need confidence. What UK needs is the courage to tell those that denigrate this country to go elsewhere or back to their motherland. And, those that stay to abide by the law of the country n not create their own laws n have no go enclaves dotted around UK! So, say an immigrant that is grateful n proud to be British!

  12. I think the problems with these discussions is they only address the problems with either run away government or run away corporatism and use the failings of one to justify the existence of the other. Until people realize both are problems they both continue to grow and work together.

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