Rushing to Fix Home Loans amid fears of Rising Rates

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People are rushing to fix their home loans as their fears of interest rates rising grows. Does anyone trust the RBA?


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Written by Heise Says


  1. If anyone expets rates to stay where they are for 4 years is a dreamer
    Cant blame anyone trying to lock in on a beter rate I do think rates will rise but I dont think by much
    It would be counter productive I think but imm no finance guruu

  2. Hay rba grow some balls if the rates going up don't hurt over inflated mortgages then inflation will, why hurt everyone people stretched themselves and paid to much it's their fault not everybody's else's.

  3. A lesson for all of you who missed the interest rate hikes the 90s make sure you understand that EVERY mortgage contract for fixed rates specifically states that rates are fixed at the agreed rate for only a certain percentage increase. If the rates push outside of the fixed rate zone your contract fixed rate is void.
    Screwed a lot of people in the 90s who fixed at 3-4% when the interest rates peaked at 19%

  4. Market is predicting 3 to 5 out of cycle rate rises next year, futures market predicting a spike in borrowing costs, Refinancing going nuts everyone moving to fixed rate 3 years typically. Last ones in the market paid the most borrowed the most are most leveraged will get hit first, when we start hearing about first home buyers getting knocked back on loans as they are too risky that will be another death knell.