Russell Brand BLASTS PM Trudeau As An Authoritarian For Trucker Crackdown, War In Ukraine Response

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave react to Russell Brand’s viral comments about democratic principles, and politicians who don’t stick to them.

Russell Brand image courtesy of Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP.
Russell Brand soundbite courtesy of Twitter/@TPostMillenial

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  1. Putin, isn’t a global leader. Man these two I get taking the other side but to downplay what’s going on. My dudes, you’re gonna hate once there is no more cash anymore

  2. Anyone who believes tyranny or dictatorship is a good thing is sick in the head and needs to have it examined and be taken right out of office for mental illness. Take a look at what he might be getting from China to make everything go green or take over his country

  3. The problem with Kim's thought process, is that she can't possibly explain it to a close mind. This Chinese influence started decades ago influencing many cultural and societal attitudes. And just knowing most politicians can be bought off in America is an advantage to them. One final thought. Disregard the inflammatory rhetoric on the Florida front, the core question is, "Do you support teaching your children a curriculum which is hidden from the parent from Kindergarten to grade 3?

  4. It always passes me off that "smart" ppl argunebt against a ("C" theorist) is that it impossible for ppl to thing further than their nose…China has a 90 year plan..These MF are BILLIONAIRES, they whole life I working like they never made a penny. WE HAVE SEEN A MF GO TO SPACE AND HAVE A BRIDGE REMOVED AT HIS GESTURE!!! so far fetched about a "conspiracy" where you teach kids to be young lwad we really and go work for governments and then use your resources to grease the wheels so they win… The US has implanted dictators for decades now.

  5. Kim, go back in time to some of the "conspiracy theories" you were talking about since 2020, how they were received by Ryan and Robbie? How many of them have since proven true? Let's pin some of these conversations and replay them next year around this time. Who have eyes to see will see, who have ears to hear will hear. Hope you get to continue doing what you do Kim, I appreciate you.

  6. Russell Brand and Kim Iversen are the two worth listening to here. The two other dudes are still mostly parroting mainstream, propagandist narratives – the spin only fits the established agenda and not the realities of actual working people. Thanks Kim for speaking for the people.

  7. The leaders want all us to be controlled like China that’s why they’re making us poor on purpose with inflation and gas prices. Why don’t we swarm Davos and make them feel fear

  8. It's not China, it's neoliberalism. Davos and the WEF is a tool to spread neoliberalism (fascism lite) and eventually Fascism.

    With the exception of baby boomers, the oldest GenXers, the youngest silent of the generation, and a few jerks in scattered in every other generation, the world is anti neoliberalism. Basically, neoliberalism can't go away until baby boomers go away.

  9. What is lost in all of this is that the WEF is clearly steering the world economies particularly the west into a world that they control: They said before anyone that we would need vaccine passports and that's what was implemented. They stated that we are going into a world ID system and they are now doing it – the world leaders all state that we are going into this great RESET – you don't all parrot that slogan just by chance unless you have a belief together. Thank you Kim.

  10. He's not wrong!

    It's interesting that many people today are getting their news and editorials from amateurs.

    That alone tells you the level of bias and corruption that exists within politics and the media.

  11. The world's billionaires meeting in secret with our leaders is not shady at all. The world economic forum is really just a cover for billionaire swinger's parties according to these guys. Rumor is Justin Castro was conceived there.

  12. The 2 guys don't need to defend the WEF so hard. Those billionaires can take care of themselves just fine and Kim was making very good points. Thank you Kim for your courage to say the unpopular things that need being said. It also doesn't have to be culture of politics OR WEF. Both have strong influence.

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