Russell Brand CENSORED By YouTube!

Russell Brand has built a substantial following on YouTube by taking iconoclastic stances on controversial issues, but now YouTube has demonetized a couple of Brand’s videos after the comic actor and commentator admitted to sharing a mistaken interpretation of information taken from the CDC website. But as he points out, plenty of mainstream media commentators share misinformation without their videos being demonetized or taken down by YouTube. So why the double standard?

Jimmy and America’s Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Brand’s rise as an online commentator.

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  1. Eventually even Rumble will be co-opted by the main stream and suffer the same fate as Youtube etc.
    The main stream will chase the truth tellers through out the internet until they have eliminated everyone that doesn't follow their path.

  2. For a group thats been talking about censorhip I'm taken aback at the lack of coverage of the horrific ongoing censorhip, slaughter, arrest, kidnapping, and torture of protestors in Iran over the past 2 weeks – regular people who have demanded their basic human rights and dignities be respected and that a corrupt, oppressive, religious fundamentalist, terrorist, cult of a regime that prioritizes every other foreign act of terrorism, intervention, and sabotage above the needs of its own people be overthrown.
    We went from a country that provided free education and meals to its students, to one where education and food is a luxury, where the right to speak is denied, the womans right to wear anything other than what a man feels is right is denied, the right to have an opinion is denied and results in imprisonment, rape and execution, the womans right to sing – denied, the mans right to sing other than of approved subjects – denied, to hold the hand of your loved one – denied, to kiss your partner in public – denied, to eat when they say fast – denied, to ask why – denied and killed, denied denied denied. Its better to die once than to live every day a life of denials.
    Cover this. Let their voices be heard. This is a people's movement. Our men, women, and children are being shot in the streets, kidnapped, arrested, beaten, their bodies withheld, their funerals forbidden. It is a blood bath.
    Our people have been held hostage by this regime for over 40 years.

  3. Youtube have appointed themselves an editorial role for the videos they show. As editors they are directly responsible for the content shown but how many people have successfully sued Youtube for disinformation? It is thick with fake news and fake accounts used by the SIS and other sinister operators.

  4. I'd like to thank YouTube for censoring content creators. It helps me to identify quality content I need to watch on Rumble and BitChute. I still watch YouTube for The Jimmy Dore Show and cat videos though.

  5. Jimmy is better then anyone on late night TV. He is fair and calls out both sides. You know like it use to be with Johnny Carson. Truth always wins out in the end. I do not agree with Jimmy on everything and sometimes he might get something wrong but he is fair and honest. The establishment would never allow that to happen. That hurts all of us because we use to be a country of different ideas and opinions. That is not allowed anymore. I am a Trump supporter and I enjoy watching Jimmy.

  6. I received a comment on my comment on R. Brand show. The comment read please text me" Mr. Brand's why would he send me his text no#. Over a comment. I don't think it's him wanting me to text him? FBI???

  7. It’s bad enough that the media, big tech, big pharma, and big government all collude to control and coerce the population, but to be an average citizen and to be on the side of the corrupt is even worse. The lackey’s and NPC’s that lie for them and do their bidding, are even worse. If the establishment was forced to be honest and transparent, the entire world would have a tiny fraction of the problems that it currently has.

  8. Rumble didn't offer anything but freedom. You dont get invited, you go to.
    Not moving to Rumble is your choice, and if its about the money, then we know what your opinion costs

  9. YouTube. Come you bunch of weak, limp wrist, yellow belly, sell out, soulless, fibbers. You’re just perpetuating the conspiracy of the elites. Grow some balls, make history, do something good for the world for once. History will judge you. What side do you want be. I’m on the winning side. Join us. I dare you!!!!

  10. Boo hoo, Russel Band was censored on youtube. I get censored all the damn time and noone is talking about that. Russel still has a voice on the platform and has been able to mention things that the average joe hasn't been able to openly talk about for the last few years.

  11. My Letter to Jamaican Government:


    Let's have a comprehensive court trial/tribunal in a neutral English speaking country, like Jamaica! It could be non-binding 'mock' trial if need be – but American people need to know the truth. Both parties will bring witnesses, experts, lawyers and present all the evidence to a Jamaican judge and the best qualified local jurors, like lawyers, law professors, retired judges…etc This would bring a lot of publicity and tourist dollars to Jamaica especially if trial is held 'off-season' and it would be a spectacular event.


    At home" Let Trump pick couple of 'BATTLEGROUNG' states to perform true forensic investigation now that COVID is over. Have teams of D&R 2-members interview everyone who voted to check the eligibility, true address and compare signatures. I'm sure there will be enough 'interviewers' available from both parties to complete that job in one month. Since this will be most likely be blocked by US judiciary, the 'International' tribunal in Kingston would shed the light and make fair and impartial decision!

  12. Search for the Russian news agency INTERFAX and wonder why it comes up a dozen hits behind it's 1990s Ukrainian branch, spread over the first half a dozen of entries

    Because social media is propaganda , it will eventually be seized – by foreign powers and their force of arms.

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