Russell Brand Hit Piece Backfires Into Self Own

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. I can think for myself, so nothing that these let's call them people will write or say will make me stop listening to you or Russell and Joe ! See it's like I wrote I can think for myself….. Good show as usual

  2. It’s funny how the most lefty of us : Jimmy Dore, Russell Brand … are qualified as far right conservatives, or traitors by the establishment rats – pro war and fear-mongering propagandists ..

  3. Dude is unverifiably speculating about Russell Brand's unverifiable speculative whataboutery, which of course is due to rampant conspiritudinous leanings that may possibly expose Rachel Maddow as a faux (fee Fi faux fum, I smell the reek of corporate scum), 'journalist' who couldn't even do a hit piece on the F-22 Raptor properly because she obviously, plainly, did no research since she got 75% of the facts wrong!
    Do these people actually think this bullshit is effective?

  4. Comparing brand to Rogan is an insult to brand. Rogan is an utter moron, with no original thoughts, does zero preparation for any guest, and shapeshifter his opinions depending who's on his show. Brand is prepared, well read and articulate. Never compare the two

  5. Congratulations Jimmy. Another great video. It doesn't really matter what these nut jobs say about you and Russell. The numbers do the talking and people are starting to wake up

  6. It’s extraordinary how people with seemingly high levels of education working in mainstream media manage to show such willingness to miss the point of people like Brand/Rogan entirely….. Fear of change is at the heart of it I think🙏

  7. ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! Congratulations, you fucking socialist (I'm just kidding Jimmy. Even though I disagree, vehemently, with Socialism, I have a ton of respect for you because you are honest, opinionated and passionate about what you do… And you do actually spread real/true information and call out the bullshit/propaganda that is SO prevalent in our government and MSM today. Love ya, man. Keep up the great work)! You earned and deserve very sub. PEACE!

  8. Jimmy Dore, Russell Brand, Joe Rogan, Styxhexenhammer666 and Awaken with JP, that's the playlist I watch on breaks, I've given up on the mainstream media… I always pay attention to those they try their hardest to silence… Keep doing what you're doing, all of you, you give us hope… Russell's been there, done that, he's wise by experience but he wants others thoughts, their opinions, he's giving you the evidence to draw your own conclusions… There's always pinned proof to substantiate his claims… You know they call him right wing now, the poles have shifted politically… Russ hit 5.2 million followers last week, he's become a threat because he's pointing out all their sins to a very large audience… Oh I miss Robin Williams, he would have torn Brandon into funny little strips… Long live the funny men, the awkward truth tellers…

  9. One of the most common characteristics of propaganda is an unwillingness to relay relevant and/or accurate information about a person/group that is being painted as an enemy. In WWII, the Japanese were painted as subhuman and stupid. Anti-civil-rights propaganda paints African Americans as beasts. In the war on terror, we were told that the 9/11 attackers were bumbling Muslims who couldn't fly a little Cessna and who dropped their Qurans everywhere they went. When you read a hit piece that can't be specific, you are reading propaganda.

  10. These articles are written to reassure their readers they’re not insane and everything can be explained away. We’ll give just enough that you stop questioning and start looking elsewhere.

  11. The cause of 1984 was 1776 when Britain installed the US government and began governing america by the gun.

    Any ex military/military should be immediately decommissioned and deleted when possible. They are brainwashed beyond repair. Everything they do is damaging to the image and integrity of America.

    It is ok to steal from the military or ex military. Remember what they did when they were hungry for children.

  12. I subscribe to Russell Brand also
    And public thought leader is a perfect description of him . And Jimmy Dore and Joe Rogan.
    All for the people who can think critically and constructively outside of the establishment propaganda, are likely to be inspired by him and subscribe.

  13. That British 'dude' is off-the-charts Borat obnoxious. His talk show is way short of chit chat. For me, all I hear is shit shat, yap yap. Can't stand his voice and demeanor. An acquired taste. That said, he seems to be sincere. So, carry on freedom of expression.

  14. Russel brand is irrelevant. His audience is bots. He has 5 million subs and gets 100 thousand views. They’re trying to make him seem relevant. The media is never on our side

  15. As a self-identified conservative having watched Dore, Brand, and others over the last several years, I am beginning to see facets of the two sides begin to cleave together as our common enemies reveal themselves in the form of censorship, medical tyranny, election fraud, globalism. United we are strong.

  16. Cartoons/comix without dialogue or sound at all, just what you see is what you get, so simple like the babyface "are you shittin' me" or after a major intense Jimmy magic bit, over to Stef with a unibrow staring at him lol

  17. That British 'dude' is off-the-charts Borat obnoxious. His talk show is way short of normal chit chat. For me, all I hear is shit shat, yap yap. Can't stand his voice and demeanor. I guess, if I was locked in a room and his show was the only entrainment on Earth, I'd eventually tune in. That said, he seems to be sincere. So, carry on freedom of expression.

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