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Comedian, actor, and YouTuber Russell Brand seems to be the target of a coordinated smear campaign, with hitpieces appearing in the Independent and Telegraph. Is there any merit to these articles, or is this just another example of legacy media trying to take down their competition?

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Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator. She was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

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Written by Lauren Chen


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  1. They can't write better pieces, because they are not doing real journalism. They promote hate, division and blatant propaganda to which no one is allowed to object, or question. I am probably not alone in wanting discourse without the threat of being shut down or mocked (if not worse), and you would expect the one place on earth where that should be possible to be the US, but at this point I don't think there is any real freedom of speech (or democracy) on this planet…

  2. Brand has read the tea leaves and is trying to retain some relevance in the media space. Give him credit for being a little bit smarter in preserving his income streams than say… Stelter.

  3. Sorry, if you once where a mouthpiece of the MSM? I am able too forgive? Not now.. Attentionwhores and theire blablabla.. Well, you got it right this time? Congrats.

  4. Thankfully he's not an American Politician so I don't care about his stance and he's vocal about the Republican party but their issues are well-documented. The Left has multiple Media Empires shamelessly covering its ass so any real seeker of knowledge would naturally be drawn to covering the Left and of course said empires are here to shill. Test

  5. I was never a fan of his brand of comedy and never really watched his work. I worked in a library recently and his book about his drug dependency recovery caught my attention. Then his Youtube channel came out and he was covering topics the legacy media wouldn't. I've actually started really noticing him and I've been impressed with him and his willingness to change, grow, learn, and try to make a difference. His politics seem to be more libertarian or "Let's ditch all current political parties and start one that makes more sense for everyone" and I see his point there. He is all about respecting people's opinions and open discussion and I completely agree. His channel, Breaking Points, Viva Frei, and you are where I go when I want to really know what is happening. (There is also a young man called Ruined Leon that gives some solid viewpoints)

  6. What's completely insane to me about this is, for all intents and purposes, Russell is left-wing and relatively "liberal", yet because he dares to be a free-thinker and goes out of his way to research and become knowledgeable about the topics he's discussing, he's considered "the enemy". Been watching Russell since the pandemic hit and he's one of the few sources that I genuinely trust and listen to. He's level-headed and encourages his viewers to do research on their own and be free thinkers themselves. And glad to see you bringing attention to this Lauren, I'm not an avid watcher of yours (nothing personal, I just been staying away from politics for my mental health) and you and Russell probably don't share many beliefs in common, but you're still able to acknowledge his views and are willing to share them with your audience. Love it!

  7. I've been a subscriber of Brand for quite a while now, and I'd say a pretty big fan. His video "So, I'm Right Wing Now?" was pretty inspirational stuff.

    That being said, ever since the war in Ukraine, he's definitely started sliding into the deep end to some degree. He's fallen for a lot of Kremlin puff pieces, and his followers have taken on a sort of demagogic reverence for him. His insistence on continuing to harp on the Ukraine/Russia thing (about which he admits he knows nothing), as opposed to the class/corporatist/big tech stuff he knows quite well, has made his content a lot more dodgy recently. There's a whiff of 'cult' about his channel, these days.

    That being said, he at least maintains an open mind about being possibly wrong, and does seem open to conversation, so the idea he should be cancelled is obviously stupid. He's a great and charismatic personality, provided you afford him the same kind of reservations you would any other pundit.

  8. I remember years ago before I was even into political stuff, i watched an interview Russel did with Dita Von Teas (I was inter her at the time) and was so impressed and interested in the way he spoke and expressed himself. Now I didn’t watch a lot of his vids, but often someone in my house is watching him. He’s just interesting and eclectic and I like seeing issues from a slightly different point of view from a lot of the people i watch.

  9. Brand is, I believe, a socialist, or at least has socialist leanings. So the fact that the woke left establishment is now labeling him as somehow being even remotely right-wing is utterly inane. But because he doesn’t slavishly and unthinkingly parrot every single woke talking point(s) he’s automatically accused of being a right-wing conspiracy theorist. It’s quite unnerving to see just how cultish the ideology of the woke left actually is.

  10. It is funny how one of those articles says that it is easy to look smart and spread conspiracy theories to make money. Can someone remind me how much money did activists make by playing victim? Oh the hypocrisy…

  11. Ive liked Brand most of my life. He was in one of my favorite childhood movies and now seeing how far he’s come from the drugged out partying actor he was, it’s amazing.

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