Russell Brand is Doing the Lord’s Work

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  1. Tbh Idgaf if it's "communism", corporations have had enough political and economical power for too long so I'm glad Russel isn't afraid to give them the finger, unlike these two shills. For the most part I agree with them but on the corporate shilling I can't support it.

  2. Russel Brand wasn't even on my radar until the Trump election/Covid nonsense started. I think I heard Richard Dawkins reference him at a TED talk (or some other venue) about the strangeness of the universe, and just assumed he was some kind of statesman or layman polymath. So I'm viewing him and his content with fresh eyes, and a limited perspective of just what he's put out over the course of the last two years on Youtube. Seems to be to just be a bog-standard leftie of the 90's and early 2000's. I find his content lately to be enjoyable and a bit nostalgic for a time when you could disagree with someone politically and still share a brew and a few laughs.

    I don't want to make any apologies for the left going off the rails, they have their own agency, but in my view – this is in large part the conservatives fault. Especially American conservatives. They are the ones who brought Christian fundamentalism into politics with a zeal that prevented compromise, and Fox News/Rush Limbaugh really cranked up the editorialization in a time when media was still trying to pretend they were impartial and dispassionate Walter Cronkite derivatives. Barry Goldwater used to lamet the rise of the religious right/moral majority in the Republican party because they had no inclination or desire to compromise – believing they were righteous and doing god's work. "It's going to be an awful goddamned mess", to paraphrase. Well he was right, but the worst of the mess coming from Democrats/Lefties who adopted the tactics of the religious moral majority. Perhaps that's why the left seems so much like an organized secular religion these days – having destroyed Christianity in the public discourse, and replaced it with their own moral imperatives. It's the same playbook, and same bullshit, we were dealing with in the 80's and 90's – but from the other side of the mirror.

  3. "The media, they're the people who program people's minds. They're the narrative setters".

    Right… and they need to acknowledge that… THEY HAVE COMPETITION NOW. Afraid of healthy competition? Interesting…

  4. Russel Brand = Controlled opposition.

    Everyone should be suspicious of those that had a sudden change of opinion like Russel and Maajid, just for the media to start pushing them as "the new Joe Rogan"…

    Huge sus vibes coming from them and many others.

  5. Agreed. I’ve always thought he was kind of an idiot but I’ve been watching his videos for the past year and they are actually really good.
    He is still not funny though.

  6. I've always found Russel Brand fairly likeable, but with reprehensible political views. I've watched a couple of his recent videos and he seems to have reinvented himself. I really can't criticise his new format. So good show Russel, well done.

  7. He has grown up. But unfortunately he has been a dick in the past. People that do not like what he is saying now, will be constantly be reminding you that he was a dick.
    Thats how it works isn't it? Divert away from what really matters. And he does cover subjects that matter.

  8. The first time I watched Russel Brand's show I had to pinch myself, I couldn't believe I was hearing him say the things that I usually hear from conservative YouTubers. I don't think he intended to take the 'Red Pill' or if he even acknowledges he has, yet, that is how it appears to many people. Somewhere on his quest/journey to find and deliver the truth on certain political subjects to the masses, he has stumbled onto his own path of awareness. With over 5 million subscribers it can't be denied that people are listening to what he has to say, and as long as he continues to shine the light of truth on corruption and hypocrisy it's a pretty sure bet more people will listen.

  9. I've been watching Russell's videos for years. He has always been a leftist, but was always open minded and well intentioned. Similar category to Glenn Greenwald and Jimmy Dore. But yes, in the last few months I have gone from watching to hear a thoughtful earnest argument for things I mostly disagree with to mostly agreeing and wondering how/when the censors are going to destroy him.

  10. problem with conspiracy theories on youtube is people actually believed them. Earth being flat, etc. Like I knew someone who bought into them all and thought all his devices were hacked for leaving a youtube comment…

  11. More to the point, where did this guy come from and why did people take to listening to hippy-descended rantings? I remember him just poofing into existence after one movie and suddenly being touted like some kind of guru.

  12. Lest we forget, he had a very open and pleasant interview with Jordan Peterson about 3 or 4 years ago. He's been on what I would say was the right path for a while.

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