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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. Trump is a symptom of a Dysfunctional Democracy . In the meantime the Financial and Industrial Oligarchs are laughing all the way to the Bank while they seed mistrust ,alienation and division among Citizens .Polarising Society . Deflecting this frustration ,anger from the root causes . To name a few : Income inequality . Offshoring of Jobs and manufacturing. Political Corruption and the power of Lobbies .An Overall sense of abandonment by the Political class . Uncontrolled immigration . The funding of questionable wars . Speak clearly and take care of People instead of the Oligarchs and Corporations and we would not be discussing these Vital Issues now. again ..I hear echoes of " vote Dems no matter who"

  2. I think the identity crises is from the left wing of capital (anyone calling themselves a democrat), the new left (bread tube types/dem adjacent), & left anti-capitalist finding some overlap w/pushing Bernie in '16/'20. Some are learning, moving left, & trying to figure out whether they prioritize a material analysis of power to then organize w/ poor workers to actually improve living standards or just prioritize their 'leftism' as a social identity/use their 'virtues' as a weapon to feel superior to their neighbor or friend who thinks differently. We just gotta help them find a way by clearly defining who they & we are.

  3. The backdrop for Biden's speech looked like a scene out of a 1984-style dystopian movie. Shadow soldiers, faceless threat. Which one of Biden's Caregivers thought this was a great Labor Day holiday-look? It's more "V for Vandetta" than "Norma Rae," and I think that was on purpose.

  4. Dems NEVER accept the will of the people. They created the Superdelegates after PRO-Vietnam war Liberal Humphrey was GIVEN the nom at the '68 Dem convention by the Party, when they didn't like the primary voters' choices. Dems HATE the voters. Obama said FU to primary voters, and made Pete Buttigieg & Klobuchar drop out, to push Braindead Biden. The Dem primaries were headed for a big Bernie win, but Obama & DNC couldn't have that.

  5. Stylistically, yeah – Clinton was a "regular guy." The propaganda around NAFTA, though, was the beginning of the idea that if you're "progressive," you'll support international, multiracial corporate capitalism for reasons of identity, and forget all about the class interests involved.

    People old enough to remember the Clinton era will recall that anybody who didn't support NAFTA was called xenophobic, racist, uneducated and provincial. This buried the class politics of neoliberal policy decisions very effectively, and the Democrats have pulling this kind of insidious stunt ever since.

  6. Joe Biden accused Russia, China, AND Iran all of interfering in the 2020 election during his second debate against Trump. He swore they'd pay a price for it if he won. Whatever happened to all that? After the election, suddenly Joey Bide's has 81 million votes and it's the most secure election in modern history? So much so that they're not even going to double check the results and anyone questioning them is to be smeared? Make that make sense, Joe or his supporters. He accused 3 different countries of interfering in our election and swore to exact revenge upon them for that if he won and then after he won, he and everyone who supported him instantly changed their tune to clamoring about how secure the election was despite Joe somehow getting 81 million votes and all of his supporters spending the previous 6 months screaming at anyone who wasn't going to vote for Joe that they were going to be responsible for Trump getting re-elected because they were so sure Biden was going to lose.

  7. Rolling Stone is now established captured as with the other outlets Max mentions. They use their past strong left reputation to gaslight left leaning people and pull them to the Status quo establishment. Just ask yourself would Hunter S Thompson have a place in today’s RS? We already know they have no place for voices like Katie Halper and Matt Tiabbi. Should tell ya everything.

  8. you are one of the few progs I can listen to. you and Jimmy. I have been swayed by some of your positions (m4a specifically) and I am always intrigued when you upload. you give me hope that we can all come together for a common goal. i used to be a Dem but I have always despised Joe Biden. I dislike most politicians, regardless of party. I want more than the uniparty establishment. great work Sab. thanks for what you do.

  9. Yep the assault began in 1980 . One Goldman sach administration after another gawd this guys act disgusts me hes credit card Joe the guy works against the little guy every day. Bankruptcy bill crime bill repeatedly gone after Social Security deregulating Banks media and a whole lot of money for war

  10. The Democratic Party have nothing to run on other than fear mongering the trumpers… but let’s keep it real, the Democratic Party would rather have trump as president again rather than actual do things for the American people. It’s such bs to pretend like they are actually concerned about trump… trump is no different than them. And tbh my life is worse off now than it was when trump was in. Trump supporters are not a threat to me.., the two party system, the rich, the police state… that’s who is a danger to me and everyone and BOTH parties are made up of a bunch of rich pro police state, pro war, anti peace and anti people politicians.

  11. The most decisive shift of the Democratic party occured under the leadership of Clinton and the DLC (Democratic Leadership Counsel). Obama refined it by using himself as a mascot to co-opt the language and narratives of cultural progressives and make identity politics the central focus of Democratic party messaging. Clinton reshaped the class orientation of the party (i.e., getting in bed with Wall Street and focusing on white suburban moderates), while Obama added a cultural edifice that appealed to younger generations and college educated white voters who want absolution from "white guilt."

    (As a white college educated millennial myself, I grow increasingly angry with myself over how well Obama was able to dupe me and my cohort)

  12. Tip to anyone of the left: if you walk and talk like an enemy the right will treat you as such. Make it clear that you don’t hate them and you might just get somewhere. They have developed a strong friend-enemy distinction out of self defense so tread carefully.

  13. I just saw some news about a school district in California where the school board is asking residents to house teachers because some cannot afford housing. Teaching salaries range from 67,000 to 112,000 in this school district depending on seniority. But we have billions to fund a war in Ukraaine. Oh, and citizens of Jackson, Mississippi do not have water. Any good news out there?

  14. I consider myself a socialist, a Marxist, and have never consider Sanders, AOC and company socialists. They have always been reformers, social democrats. China is socialist, Vietnam, Cuba, Nicaragua, DRK, Venezuela, Bolivia. How could real socialists vote to give money to nazis in Ukraine? Fascism is the complet opposite of scientific socialism.

  15. The segments are not coherent, he's touching points and getting resonance. People are listening for things they feel and understand. They ignore dissonances. He's exhibiting inauthentic behavior.

  16. Probably a domestic spy agency like the FBI would try to convert the conspirators into assets. If there were only a federal police like agency with competency in financial crimes.

  17. The dumb-dumb right thinks “antifa” is a threat to this “Democracy”. The dumb-dumb left this is “maga” is a “clear and present danger” to “American Democracy”
    AND the win goes to the Billionaires! 🙁

  18. If you could pair Joe Biden to Trump Joe Biden is the greater evil Trump was the lesser out of the two evils. Gas prices & food prices did not go up until after Joe Biden took over being being president. We need A new third party that for the people Dorp both party's.

  19. Only time Joe Biden includes Independence is when he needs their votes just like you say. If you run A independent they're going to rig the election against you for one out of the two major parties.

  20. This reminds of Joe Biden's weekly speeches about crime in the 80's and 90's to sell the crime bill.How did that turn out?
    It's the job of the 2 branches of the Uni Party to keep us fighting each other.

  21. The oligarchs have very profesional opinion/mind experienced manipulators since many centuries ago, to devide people of good will. CHECK PLATO'S ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE, 2,350 YEARS AGO. IT EXPLAINS HOW IT WORKS

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