Russell Brand Reacts To Trump Vs Morgan Interview

Donald Trump spoke with Piers Morgan on his much publicised new TV show, covering subjects such as the pandemic, Twitter, the next election, and Russia – so what did we learn?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. i miss filling my gas tank up for 20$.
    only been able to do that during Trump's 4 years and also in the 1980's .
    I kinda like him back in the white house just for that. Now It cost 100 bucks to fill the car up.

  2. Wow Russell, you were really on tonight! I wish you could run for President. I love and miss President Trump. We were blessed to have him at such a critical time. He is a force and I believe he really cares about us, the people. He’s not a phony🇺🇸💗🙏🏻

  3. I cried when trump got elected. Cried from sadness and fear, this is before when I listened to what the media and my friends were feeding me
    Once I went down the rabbit hole of what has really been going on I was astounded. I'm a full trump supporter now but ..too little too late I guess :/

  4. Trump has authenticity more so because he goes against the establishment, also if he was bad then why would the opposition need to lie so much,over and over. Finally how does anything actually effect me, gas prices didn’t rise drastically in the first time forever.


    Did you know that words are spells thus spelling tests.

    Witches use wands made of? Hollywood.

    Do what you feel is right but never write what you feel is wrong.

    There is truth found in opinions but there are no opinions found in truths.

    Give care, do not take care or say "I don't care", for true love, not just love, is the result of given cares.

    Nothing is something
    Something is nothing
    Together they are Everything

    Nature Nurtures

    Do not let life be negative, –
    Nor Positive, +
    Let life be, ~

    To be or not to be. (Not mine)

    We are all beings aka Earthlingz.


  6. Politicians were bred for politics. They have people telling them what to say and what not to say.
    Trump? Nah.. this man is one of us. He says what he wants. He defends his country's honor and keeps potential enemies guessing. He gave us results and remained a volatile barrier between us and any one against us.
    I hope Trump runs and wins 2024. Whether you love him or hate him, we know that he's our best chance of turning our country around.

  7. I voted for him because sadly the alternative was too much for me. I was pleasantly surprised at his accomplishments and determination. He gave his opponents a chance and always walked out with a knife In his back. But, then he would tweet and step on his feet by saying outrageous things and the nation would collective groan. If he could show some restraint, he would be able to pull the guts from the machine and rebuild it for all the people, but just a little cheaper and a perhaps a little more profitable for …

  8. The whole nuke threats back & forth are, in my opinion, just pissing contests on a larger scale than usual 🙄 I mean come on,,, "if I don't get my way I'm going to kill us all with nukes", countered by, "OH really, well I'll kill us all bigger & faster!!!" Big boys & their big toys lol

  9. Trump is amazing because he is affective at playing an alpha male and needs to be at the helm because the rest of the world is scared of what he will do so they stay in place – that's why there would never have been a war if he was president –

  10. What’s wrong with trump saying we’re bigger and better?! If Biden acted like he knew what he was doing like trump does this war wouldn’t have happened. Forget the demeanor of trump and look at his results when he ran!

  11. After hearing your integrity platform argument, objectively Trump could be the super bitter medicine USA needs for its "incurable" aliments. Hopefully this is enough to change the decline of USA. So please get well soon so humanity can go to the next stage.

    On the other hand, nuclear bombs detonating anywhere would hurt everyone… the lucky ones would be those that died instantly. Travel restrictions will be way longer than Covid… 😱

  12. A carpenters son from idaho would be the best president that Americas ever seen but he's family is not rich enough for him to be selected in our beautiful democracy 💙

  13. Trump doesn't speak the language of the majority of the people. He lost 2 times on total vote count by millions. In all of Europe he would've lost.

  14. 4:32 Trump does all the same corrupt self-enriching, he just doesn't talk about it. He talks about other stuff. I will grant expertly manipulating the US media. When the media runs 20 stories a day, the coverage of Trump's typical politician behavior is just another line item in a cavalcade of noise. Trump isn't different than Clinton or any other wealthy person, he constantly manipulates our society to the benefit of his own interests. He speaks simply because he isn't sophisticated, not out of any sort of altruistic desire to be straightforward. What these two wealthy men will never discuss in their interview is the far more significant aspects of the very existence of a person like Trump, and how disconnected Trump's reality is from the ACTUAL lived reality of everyone in the society he seeks to exploit. It's a joke mate.

  15. Any leader of a country that would actually use nuclear weapons against another country or their own for any reason must have gone mad, stupid or is dead and someone else is pretending they are the leader. Nukes will do one thing, that is jack up everyone and everyone should go ballistic when any leader mention's using nukes and actually everyone should say………. No more nukes on this planet by any world leader, some idiot or a guy in a cave.
    Why people get upset at Trump when he says his stuff is a prime example just how people do not want to hear a real person they like to hear the leaders like obama who lies with every word, biden doesn't speak normal, bush 1 and 2 talk code and lie. So what's the issue? Hearing someone like Trump talking like every other person in this world talks on social media, in public, when people have the " I am a entitled badass"

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