Russell Brand Reacts to VIRAL video from Johnny Depp Amber Heard trial

Reaction to the latest viral moments from the Depp vs Heard trial.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I haven't watched any type of Entertainment Tonight…I watch one person who is covering the highlights. From many of the comments I assume others would agree that we are watching this just like we would watch True Crime…However, I most definitely have became more interested because of the information presented. I think you would find it very interesting too here the proven lies and perjury. This is our judicial system and though it may be entertaining it is also showing us how did you do social system works in multiple countries. The reason Johnny is doing it versus the reason Amber did what she did and as far as people talking about how many lawsuits he is in…Research other celebrities because any celebrity of his status is in lawsuits. He sued The Sun for saying he was a wife beater instead of Amber. He has not sued anyone over saying he is an addict, he is not claiming to have mental trauma issues versus Amber saying she has developed permanent trauma from the relationship and the fact that it sounds like it was a toxic relationship and Johnny could have been forced at one point to lose his temper and do something he regrets or doesn't remember because she literally filed for divorce 3 days after the death of his mother and alerted TMZ. So for me it started out just wanting to see what was going on and now I'm interested in why TMZ is testifying for Johnny because they have the copyright to videos…They tried to stop the TMZ employee from being able to testify, but he said he was alerted to Amber calling for a restraining order and she was supposed to stop and pose for the camera and that's exactly what she did coming out as well as testified that people were saying mean things to her when the video shows they were asking if she was okay. Now we are seeing that she has told complete lies and now I see why he would sue her. He tried to sue The Sun…His name is not in the post-op so he cannot Sue The Washington Post. We have Elon Musk donating money and Amber's name and evidence that they were also fighting over an embryo that is possibly their child. Her bringing men to his penthouse so he tried to keep it out of the public and suit everyone but her and lost so apparently this men does not care people think he is a drug addict but he cares if people think he is abusive. It's obvious they will both toxic, but if this clears his name as an abuser and gets him his career back or at least allows his band to play then it's worth it for him. He's been his whole life becoming the actor that he is and nobody can take that away regardless of his substance abuse which doesn't seem to be a problem in Hollywood, but wife beater did cost him his role and not only that but his most important role because he actually dresses as his character to visit children in the hospital and do good and it shouldn't be ignored or taken away from him if he is innocent because his role was not taken away due to his consumption of drugs and alcohol.

  2. I also think Russel is over simplifying this case. This truly is a discourse change in how we view female and Male power dynamics. The trial shows just how structured those power dynamics are. And whatd happening right now is that their falling apart. This is the reason the public is so devoted to this case. Because it essentially tells us what we truly can be. Which is as you say Russel : Flawed human beings. And human is both Male and female.

  3. And I also believe that Russel is actually pervading this case much more in the manner he actually engages in the culture industry. Adorno would be ashamed

  4. It is very interesting to me to notice that when Amber has smiled or rolled eyes or whatever, people jump to attack her. But when Johnny does similar manners, they say "omg, look at him, even after being abused he takes a laugh out of life, what a kind and amazing human". What? It seems stupid to me to side with any of them. We know nothing and their failed marriage is the least of things we should be worrying about.

  5. Dude. Your channel is a social experiment where you want to gauge how much attention you get by quickly switching between beating around the bush and gish galloping…

  6. Amber is disgusting media is worst . Johnny was abused punched and his finger was cut off amber abused him controlled him . I feel so sad indeed Johnny is a victim .
    Media should be ashamed and amber is a sick narcissist

  7. Asking to have our voices heard should not be perceived as shutting down the voices of women victims of domestic abuse, but it often is. Yet here I sit the victim of both an abusive mother, and an abusive relationship. Did I get justice? No I sat in jail for three months waiting trial for a crime I didn't commit, and was found innocent of after I had lost my home and job. Because she wanted revenge for me breaking up with her. Our stories are just as important.

  8. People are siding with johnny depp because of facts and evidence (amber has none). I'm not sure what the jury is going to rule in regards to the legalities of defamation, however, it is clear that amber Heard used the Mee Too movement to further her own career and end Jepp's. He was the victim of ipv and was set up by Herad.

  9. This is a microcosm mirroring the political divides, projections of atrocities done by the one accusing the other of such…. Obviously not just politics of the world governments, but many other projections we’ve all seen on the world stages of late.

  10. I just worry sometimes that you are only preaching to the 'converted' – whatever that actually means. I think people who can 'see' will always feel lost and frightened. But of course, I am speaking to the converted by saying that. I don't just want to tune in and drop out – I want to run the fuck away and live with elephants – but I doubt they'd have me!

  11. Underdogs are always pitted for, and the fact that the youngest to the oldest are seeing this played out is a positive in my book.

    If she has been abused then she's discredited herself with her blatant lies patchworked over anything that may have actually occurred. Why would you need to lie is also a consideration. She's just not believable. It's scary for women who actually suffer and as with this case men too. The most impactful and poinient statement in this whole trial in my opinion is Amber goading Johnny to come out to the world that he's a victim, and inferring that in doing so he would be less of a man. For this alone this trial has been worth every piece of coverage its received.

    It took entertainment to bring a lot of the important issues into the public eye. Not everyone follows the news (for example), so if it takes a meme or a tiktok, then fine… Although sketchy at times, it has reached a new audience, albeit in a humorous or sometimes a somewhat distasteful way but beneath all that is a very important message.

    Those kids, (some I've seen being as young as 8) that are adding videos reenacting Amber's lies, are actually subconsciously taking in that you can get victimised, whoever you are. This is a message and a potential trigger for their future. I hope they won't need this reminder, but forewarned is forearmed.

    If entertainment gives one man, one boy, one person the courage to come forward then this trial was successful regardless of how it's being shared or spoken about.

    That's my 2 pence on the subject.

  12. I really didn't know what to think about her accusations since I don't know any of them and only the people involved in their relationship could have a clue. This trial is horrible in many aspects if you come to think about it, but it's given everyone the chance to come close and spy on the truth behind the alleged narrative. It's also allowed Mr. Depp to express his side of the story (such a horror story!) and set the foundations for other men and women to speak up and be taken into account.

  13. Entertainment tonight and the media are Rotten and are twisting it all. They are going towards amber because she's bisexual and they(progressives) can use her for their agenda they are shit shoes. She is a total LIAR. She is playing the role of her life.

  14. As yiu say, isnt it some kind of fair to expect privacy in the personal space lof ones boudoir (literal translation for boudoir "Sulking room"))Cause on a few occasions I hhave found a camera and listening device. One of those times,when I didnt know of this….it was so bad that I had made the decision to commit suicide, which is no easy thing what with my spirituality. So I hit up an 8th, two teenths. Didn't keep any back f9r the morning, just in case. I meant it. So I went down immediately. How guted I was to wake up nlack and blue all over lwith a prolapse! Turns out as it wad being observed so interventio came in with a cattlle prod ti bring me back and a jab of GHB to put me back out so theu could gang sodomise me? All under some vicarious nonse viewing pleasure and ….how dare?!

  15. Not a Depp Fan but I do want to see him get justice. I felt he did not get justice in the UK. The unfairness of his position is untenable. I watched this with law tube. Only now am I checking what others like you are saying. If you have experienced or witnessed abuse this is very personal.

  16. ahm. Why is Russell wearing a Mademoiselle shirt? That's dichotomy. Russell you bad bad boy. Like what your saying, but unsure about your visual projectiles. That's just me. Let me know in the comments below. Smile.

  17. I so appreciate your perspective. I’m so disappointed I’m only just realizing you have a YouTube.
    I’ve always felt like you see things in a similar way to myself and it’s so refreshing to have someone on a public platform who is relatable to those of us who have few to relate to.

  18. The bottom line is. None of us know these two people in reality. Meaning none of us know what is true of false. What I would say is the only thing we can definitely say is that this was a toxic relationship, that is factual that we don't need to guess.
    I think it is a mistake to presume either one is the abuser or the victim having watched the entire trial, it seems more like half a dozen of one and half a dozen of the other.
    Let's say Amber heard was the physical abuser and Depp never laid a finger on her, how exactly can you conclude that Depp is free of any abuse at all having seen physical evidence of psychological abuse?.. text messages, Doctors accounts of controlling behaviour that Depp confessed to in therapy sessions etc. He even said his Mums psychological abuse was worse than taking her physical abuse.
    Literally neither of them can say they haven't been abusive to eachother, so to just root for Depp as this innocent party is to denie his psychological abuse towards her, bringing me back to, they are both responsible for abuse in that relationship. To just assume Depp is the only victim is imaginary and really comes from a place of admiration not fact.

  19. Ambers behaviour and obvious lack of support from her family and friends as well as the evidence presented are the reason people have turned against Amber, nothing more nothing less

  20. The justice system does not always result in justice, and truth doesn't always win. I actually believe Amber (not popular opinion but from what I've seen, heard and experienced that's where I stand. There is evidence that confirms JD head-butted AH (audio), the clump of hair ripped from her scalp (photo of the welt on her scalp), there are texts that confirm JD kicked AH. There are photo's of property damage, photo's of bruises on AH face with the split lip. JD is not innocent, although he denies all of these incidents, the evidence suggests otherwise.

    A few words written in an article by AH started all of this, to be honest I didn't give it much thought. His ego was hurt. But what has come out during this trial is far more detailed, disturbing and embarrassing than anything written in the Op-ed. It has really made me see a different side to JD. I was JD fan and while I can respect his talent, what I have seen and heard, I can't undo. Sure, he may be kind and funny, but he also has an ego and a temper. Excessive and prolonged drug abuse can and often does create a volatile, irritable human. 

    He relies on his humour to avoid the real issues. That's one way he copes. Just like the mysterious armadillo being the reason he trashed a hotel room in 90's while his then GF Kate Moss was supposedly asleep. Humour to avoid the reality. Drugs to avoid reality. Denial to avoid reality.

    The language JD uses to speak about her to others is vile. Often, abusers are charming and charismatic, well-liked in public – does not show who they are in a relationship behind closed doors. Only they know.

    There is a long history of events that occurred. They way the general public talk about this trial is so undeniably basic it makes me really disappointed in the human race. There are, of course many more reasons to be disappointed in the human race but since this is the relevant topic. That's where I'm at.

    Fans grasping at straws trying to prove AH claims are false by saying AH is reading lines from movies. I think you asked a great question in your video. 

    Its quite common in an abusive relationship for the abuser to make one feel like they are the most beautiful person in the world, and that while in the honeymoon phase of the cycle of violence, it feels like a warm glow or the warmth if the sunshine or any other nice feeling description. How else do you describe bliss and happiness?

  21. People love to insert themselves into the narrative as if things are black and white. People want to negate JD's texts which are without a doubt abusive in nature but want to call her out for goading him. They are both terribly toxic people but to jump on one side and say #istandwithjohnny when he hasn't been an upstanding dude in years is psychotic. No one is innocent in this story. JD is not the hero you think he is and no one deserves to be bullied to the extent she is. The level of bullying I've seen coming for her from middle-aged women is completely unacceptable and draws people to suicide.

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