Russell Brand’s Communication Transformation

Charlie Houpert from Charisma On Command breaks down Russell Brand’s communication transformation. Has Russell Brand changed his communication style? What is the difference between new Russell Brand and old Russell Brand?

This clip was recorded in January 2022

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Written by Chris Williamson


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  1. Russel seems like a flake on the surface, if you aren't paying attention, but he most definitely is not. The way he handles hostile interviews is completely masterful. I've never seen anything like it. Much respect.

  2. Glad to see yall talking, interesting take that Russel is the hardest to categorize. Going full JP, I'd say it's cuz he's so high in openness and he's a theatrical master as well as a comedic master (with a past of mastering his shadow from drug addiction into self control) making him entertaining, engaging, silly, thoughtful, and meaningful.

  3. I find Russell Brand unpredictable and incoherent. I dont find him authentic. I find him confused and not able to synthesise everything he says to a coherent answer. To me RB is 'all over the place' and that does not necessarily make him a good communicator or authentic. It is this sort of 'all over the place' thinking and communicating which has got society in the muddle it is.

  4. I like listening to Russell Brand because he is an original thinker and a work in progress. He is smart and open minded and seems like a really nice person. Even when I disagree with what he is saying he is so intelligent and articulate that I respect what he has to say.

  5. In recent times, Russell has become my goto for current news. I don't always agree with his take on things, but it's always entertaining, genuine and informative. He's not an ideologue pushing a narrative which places him far above most other news programs out there these days.

  6. Russell knows his audience and he is aware of the shifts in group think of which he is quick to adapt to. Good salesperson methods. Master of click bait. I have to applaud his foot shifting from one to the other while sprinkling magical thinking stardust to dazzle his subscribers. I applaud but I won’t subscribe.

  7. RB makes me laugh out loud sometimes, think a little harder other times, and deep dive my own values and opinions most times.
    His recent content is so needed in this fake as, full of propaganda, don't think world. We need more people who question like he does.

  8. RB is my favourite channel I subscribe to (sorry, Chris….you're a close second!)
    RB breaks complex subjects down into factual lil bitty pieces that my brain processes can handle….and it actually makes sense.
    He is coming from a good place, spreading the word….and STAYING FREE 😉✌

  9. How interesting that you're talking about Russell Brand 🤔 🧐 He grew up near me (met his mum in my hairdressers about 10 years ago 🤣) Saw him live in Sarrrfffend in December… He was absolutely AMAZING 🙌🤩🥳Definitely genuinely inquisitive about life and knows who he's been… And who he's becoming🥰 His ideas about spirituality and community connection are what I'm all about 😎 think some people can't see past his past… And that's sad 😥 Looking forward to watching the whole episode 🤩 Thanks Chris 🥰 xxx 🇬🇧 😘💜

  10. I don't like Tony Robbins, his overly enthusiastic ways and tomes… BUT… this guy is a bit unfair to Tony by suggesting that he needs to tell the SAMe stories in DIFFERENT ways or with different punchlines when he has to use them, that would eventually sound like a lie, you cant change the story every time you tell it, the things happened as they did, and the impact it had was what it was, so it HAS TO be consistent. Of course if you OVERLOAD on Tony's stuff it will sound boring or less impactful, but imagine it is the fist time hearing it, I remember in my twenties what it did to me!!

  11. Brand straddles the new-age left and libertarianism. He is deeply skeptical of both government and corporate power. He is skeptical enough about the profit motive to disqualify him from being a true free-market fan, but he does not belong with the corporate/elite Democrats, either. Fascinating perspective, and he interviews really interesting people. He is, indeed authentic.

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