Russell T Davies ‘To cut out the T is to kill’

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  1. The more they double down on this, the more it works against them. How can one group of people be completely free of scrutiny about big claims they are making that have no basis in law or science.

  2. Russell T Davies, emphasis on the T, egotistical and bigoted arse that he is. I listened to a member of the LGB Alliance on GB News a couple of days ago, and not once did she say anything remotely anti trans. I found it rather amusing that they had started eating their own, after trying to ram their rainbows down everyone's throat, but it was nothing of the kind.

  3. The lgb community has fought long and hard for the changes govt made to how they are treated, if nz opposition govt got in they have threatened to take them away (we have legal conversion therapy). Adding the t threatens the lgb political stance of, we do no harm, treat us like everyone else.

  4. The fact that anybody would stand and applaud for this retarded speech is appalling. "You are big-, you are bia-, you are ugl-, you are laz-." Reminds me of Greta's recent "Blah blah blah!" speech. These people really have a high estimation of their own cleverness.

  5. Back 10 years ago the term the alphabet soup boys was referring to government agencies like FBI CIA ATF NSA DHS DOT etc. Now there's so many letters in the lgbtq acronym can't even keep track of them

  6. The 'T's have brought this on themselves. They've acted like the pissed up mate in a group in a pub who always gets you in a fight, always talks sh*t, tries to be the centre of attention, gobs off to the biggest bloke in the bar then wonders why he keeps getting smacked in the mouth. I'm a straight chap but have been watching this sh*tstorm of the 'T's marginalising themselves for a while and seeing the LGB grownups getting more and more f*cked off with them pretty much undoing all the good activism they have done over the past 30 years or so. Thats what happens when you give the crayon eating window licker the mic.

  7. The LGB community expect nothing from me and require me to change nothing. The T require me to believe the impossible is possible and want me to change the meaning of words to support this. That’s quite a difference.

  8. But if you have lgb….. and you have cis why not just have T and the rest of the alphabet included in a seperate. Surely T should be included with the rest of the alphabet people. Arent lgb allowed their own acronym?

  9. Meanwhile working class northerners are marginalized brutalized and systematically eradicated via… (unmentionable) Rhymes w/(grasian?!?grapegangs), for the better part of 2 decades for the crime of being born the wrong color religion and class… hmm… whats going on here?
    …"Ethnic" Cleansing? Class warfare? If it's not one of the above, then I have NO IDEA what that sort of thing might actually look like…

  10. My friend Sara, who i worked closely with for many years, is a lesbian. I remember probably 6-7 years ago trying to tell her, "You need to be careful of those T's. They are NOT LGB's, they are an entirely different thing." We were good enough friends that she didn't take any offense to this, but my impression was that she also didn't really believe me. We have parted ways (jobs) since then and stuff like this always make me wonder if my warning ever actually managed to resonate with her.

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