Russia Accused Of Bombing Shopping Mall w/ 1000 People inside

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  1. So what happened with the 1000 people inside the Mall, were they evaporated never to be seen again or was it a figment of someone's imagination.

  2. this war is a predominantly a western war.. every time something happen, puppet moron Zelensky is quick selling it to the west, just last week – the guy appeared virtually at music festivals in the UK, in front of woke hippies and Greta Thunberg(?), and who has gone to Ukraine to cheer him on? U2, Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller? why?… the war is a fake and a part of the great reset, its been pretty clear the globalists want to milk it for everything its worth. the battlefield is a limited area of western Ukraine, but the real battlefield is in the minds of the west.

  3. The US and the West are quickly losing credibility in this world. It is embarrassing how our governments and corporate media have become what we always considered evil.

  4. Also missing are the ambulances and medical staff that should also be there! As for the pic of the missile, if they were able to insert planes in the videos of the WTC and Pentagon being demolished back in 2001, it would be even easier to put a missile into a screenshot. Why didn't they release the CCTV footage instead of a screenshot?

  5. Betcha the CIA set up this photo op. They created the story, then "leaked" word to the Russians that weapons were being stored there. They put their cameramen in place and gave Zelensky a script to read on TV after the Russians attacked the mall.

  6. The age old foreign policy of corporate imperialism.
    BRIC countries have the commodities and are moving to commodity based currencies. The G7 have the legacy fiat economic system.

    Physical expansion into commodity rich territories must follow hot on the heels of rampant fiat money printing since fiat currency represents nothing until it finds ground in tangible assets to trade.

    What better or more expensive consumer item is there to sink fiat currency into than armaments?

    Ergo: war pays

    It's not called the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) for nothing.

  7. Pretty funny how they make a big deal about this bombing of the Ukrainian weapons in that building which was not the mall and yet the same people in the same media in the West did not cover when Biden's bomb last year kill the family of nine who had nothing to do with anything and when the US bombed the hospital in Afghanistan a few years ago. All the Ukrainian cry babies are going to be screaming about this but never said anything about any of the bombing atrocities on purpose or by accident that we in America have committed against other countries and innocent victims

  8. This is the same thing like in Kramatorsk, when Zelenskiy said that Russians hits the rail station full of people, with the Tochka-U on which was written by the hand, FOR CHILDREN= ZA DETI.. They prove that rocket was thrown by Ukrainians, i don't know which one. But I'm certain that it was one of the neonazis military. I can't and won't believe that ordinary Ukrainians can do that.

  9. It looks like the Russians are not even close to the USA military in affective targeting. Especially people who didn't be killed in attacks similar like this one. 🤣🤣😢😢😢😢👿👿🌪️🌪️👿👿🌪️🌪️👿👿

  10. BBC on the ground who were inside of building DURING THE ATTACK. 🤣🤣🤣 How they know wher Russia will hit, and how is it possible to be in the Mall if the mall was under attack.

  11. Why would i need to say that Russia didn't hit the territory around the shopping center. But they said that they were aiming some target nearby. We all know that Russia hits the target, but story from Zelenskiy is like every other lie he said. It would be a much better for Ukraine, if they overthrow Zelenskiy and take their land back to the people. Make agreement with Russia. But i think that, all of these things from the beginning of 2020 are planned. War will be over until the end of the summer or middle of the autumn.
    And that's the time when they pull us in the new covid-19 craziness.

  12. Since the April of 2022 the special law was established in Ukraine: it was stricktly prohibited for ordinary civilians to share all casualties of russian strike, movement of ukrainian military forces and even video reorders in ordinary cars! All videos from ukrainian side are blured or in darkness of a night, only sky is still clear. And we can see here no blur, all clear and nobody was punished for this! So, there is a video definitly from right side, or from right persons' at least…

  13. That hit piece used footage from various scenes. The scene with the Civillians loading someone into an Ambulance is from the Donbass, it is not from that incident. there are only very calm, adult Men in that very empty parking lot, not a scratch on any of them. those few cars there would have been severely damaged in the explosion. but the parking lot is almost pristine. not even blackend or damaged from shrapnel and flying bricks.

  14. What was Jimmys problem here actually with the reporting, Ukraine said dozens may be dead and the video shows how the massive rocket hit it. Russia is bombing civilian areas that are far from the front lines, that's the issue here, they are losing the war, resorted to bombing civilian areas.

  15. If you drove there in car I'll guarantee you left there in a car. Hence no cars. Besides its already been proven the Russians fired a missile that hit the shopping centre. Plus there are images of shopping dockets from that shopping centre in the days before so the claim it was shut is rubbish.

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