Russia Accuses US Of ‘Experimenting With Bat Coronavirus’ In Ukraine Labs


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  1. America is spreading this filth throughout the world, fuc*ing disgusting. I don’t trust any fuc*er anymore and that’s on either side.

  2. Welcome back salty. Keep up the fight against the corrupt world government that controls all of us at the moment. I'm sure Corona started in Ukraine. It all makes sense that Ukraine is the elites play ground for corruption and money laundering.

  3. If and that's a big if, these labs where creating antidotes for ugly deceases, then why in hell didn't they have a antidote for the koof before it was the koof!

  4. 2020: Covid did not come from a lab, if you say it did, you get banned.
    2021: Misinformation. Lableak is conspiracy, and the heart conditions from Vaccines are a conspiracy theory.
    2022: Russia invades Ukraine for no reason.
    Ukraine has some U.S biolabs.
    Ok ok a Moderna Patented gene sequence might exist in Covid 19
    SAVE UKRAINE!! Don't worry about Covid! Look at WWIII instead!

  5. I wouldn't be shocked to find out America staged a bioweapons attack in Ukraine, while disguised as Russians in place of the false flag attack they are saying Putin will attempt.

  6. I’m an old retired boomer who follows Salty daily. I go through the routine, first go to YT (because I’m used to it), then to Rumble, BitChute, Odyssey and then Amazing what YT doesn’t allow. Secondly, I’m noticing how many of “our side” pundits have gone over to the dark side and are spinning the government narrative. Salty’s absolutely correct. Watch how many of these clowns all of sudden have become pro government all of a sudden.

  7. Now I'm all freaked out and paranoid, before COVID a couple years ago I was in an allergy study at NIH, at NIAID Fauci's Institute, I didn't know or care at the time didn't think anything of it one way or the other but I gave NIH my blood and urine, now the Government has my DNA and Genome, they contacted me later they wanted my bone marrow I declined, they probably shared my DNA and Genome with China

  8. I love your program, I know I’m getting the truth. I also listen to Dr. Steve Turley, and he mentioned that, the other countries are ignoring pisspants, not taking his calls, etc. i wonder what’s up with that, in relationship to what you’ve said..? If I’ve missed a video on this, let me know which one. Thank you. And keep up with the great work you and Queen Salty do.

  9. I keep seeing either drone or satellite views of some of the ground fights. I suspect we may be getting involved without saying we’re getting involved. Are we the ones destroying Russian tanks from our drones acting like Ukrainian forces are doing it. Crazy Joe is probably afraid Putin might send a nuke our way so it wouldn’t surprise me if the US is involved in actual fighting but trying to hide it. Neither country can be trusted rest assured of that.

  10. The leader of Ukraine wasn’t installed after a coup. He was elected after the people overthrew a dictatorship and while it’s not a perfect democracy it is a democracy and is being overthrown by a dictatorship. Salty is on the wrong side of this. I think we should stay out but you are definitely supporting Putan

  11. Did you hear?!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST IN: Press Secretary "Ball Socki" just circled back and announced Biden will personally (Should Putin use Chemical Weapons) will personally fight Chemical weapons with chemical weapons…. He will donate his used dippers to airdrop on Moscow! A win win!!!!! Oh and side note, "Fudgy" Fauci with that announcement followed up with stating if in the vicinity of Moscow, must wear triple masks to protect yourself. Way to look out for us peasants! I feel so protected and loved by my Current Administration. I had my doubts, but Jillian gave me some cookies and said it would be alright, because after all look at how well she raised Hunter and what he became! I am a believer in Biden. I hope he is still alive and runs in 2024! Besides word out is if you vote for him he will send you a "Stimulus" I love this guy. Now I can afford ice cream and be just like him. xoxo LGB!

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