Russia Advances, Marinka & Vuhledar, Growing Criticism of Zelensky, Protests East Germany, Austria

Russia Advances in Marinka and Vuhledar, Growing Criticism of Zelensky, Anti-War Protests in East Germany, Austria
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  1. US is going to leave its British friends also. It is foolish to allow the US military and political occupation of British shores.
    The UK quisling leadership of US petty satraps, has talked up a very large target on its behind with Iran, Russia and China

  2. The murmurings and tentative admissions have arrived on schedule, now that the Democratic Party in the US has managed to retain its bare majority in the Senate by virtue of the inimitable Kamala Harris' ability to cast a tie-breaking vote any time party lines bring about a predictable 50-50 result.

  3. G'day and thank you Alexander, for that big picture contextual picture you've painted for us in this video. Your analysis gives me an eery feeling and a sense of long overdue change in rewriting the post WW2 era. The so called rules based order of American hegemony. It's apparent in the self inflicted tugging apart of the threads that hold the EU together and even here in Australia, where first it was Britain that held our hand, until it was time to go all the way with the USA, the Government may be still playing Hail to the Chief, but ordinary folks are starting to talk about a new stance of armed to the teeth independence in our foreign policy. These are dramatic times indeed. Please keep up your great work.

  4. Mat 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass,……

    Mat 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

  5. I can’t help thinking the US, like Ukraine, is faced with its own fateful decision: to accept a reduction in its ambitions and forge productive relations with other large nations or take the road to war making an eventual peace more painful.
    I wonder if MAGA is consistent with this. Regardless, a future US President needs to start an honest conversation with the American people.

  6. I would guess the only reason why the UN is supporting the western narrative is that the UN's power and influence will expanded. What the west is not taking into account is that the UN is not responsible to anyone or any country. The UN operates without morals, ethics, or principles. The west is in decline and that means its influence over the UN will decline also. The ability to bend the UN will still be there, but it will not be the west that is buying off the UN.
    The purpose of the UN is to grow its power and influence. Countries and their people are just tools to be used. The UN must be abolished.(sort of like the EU, hopefully)
    The UN is the scourge. I would gladly take a Biden or a Trudeau over any UN intervention as the USA's or any other country's tyrannical leadership will cause that country's influence and power to wane.

  7. I have the full video of the barbaric Russian troops tying a Ukrainian down and castrating him with a surgical knife and hanging his organ beside his head then they shot him in the head. Don't cry as some Russians staged a fake surrender then opened fire on AFU troops. 😤

  8. Thanks . Relevant and certainly brave to express just about anything that goes against the mass media narrative. Thought we had evolved . It took a whole life of living to just understand that there truly is more than one side to a conflict of this nature. Hoping f peace, common ukrainians and russians deserve it.

  9. Why the hell don't the Russians just hunt down who is shelling the nuke center, hunt down ALL who are or could be doing it and annihilate them? I can't be THAT hard to see where the origins of the shells are.

  10. I heard that the Azov prisoners in Donetsk were recorded telling how they were ordered to do this or that. Then they were killed by a bomb. Where are those recordings? Has anyone heard them?

  11. It's a no brainer to understand why the EU and US are supporting the Tigran. While in power, the Tigran allowed massive land grabbing of high quality Ethiopian agricultural land by greedy US, European and Gulf companies. All the produce of said companies went abroad, leaving Ethiopian population starving and angry. The Tigran make up a very small percentage of the population but they disposed of all the country's territory to the detriment of the majority of people living there. I am happy for the Ethiopian people that they managed to get rid of that horrible anti-national and collaborationist regime.

  12. Russia is shelling the nuclear power station, they were using missiles but these are easier to prove where they come from, Russia has lots of missiles, much more effective than artillery, they will do anything to win, you say they wouldn't shell their own men, bit simplistic Alexander, all your complicated analogies and you dont think that they would move their men, then shell the power station, or the more accurate answer, they dont give a f**k about their men, and to validate that their accusations they wouldn't hesitate to kill a few of their soldiers to give validity to their claims that Ukraine is shelling the power station. If it goes to shit,millions of square miles of land would be unusable, Ukraine is the land of agriculture, why the hell would they do this, their economy would be finished.

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