Russia and China together could defeat us right now

Col Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls – Analysis of breaking news and in-depth discussion of current geopolitical events in the United States of America and the world. Recorded 26 Nov 2018.


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  1. i don't believe all of the border states of China hate them.
    the US WANTS everyone to hate them…but that doesn't make it so. they're working things out w/ India. they're doing a BRI project in Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Russia & the DPRK are staunch allies. they get on fine w/ myanmar & sent aid to afghanistan.
    China actually DID 'Free Tibet' from the barbaric ruling class that includes the CIA tool the Dalai Lama. they are friendly with Nepal.
    China doesn't bully nations like the NATO/G7. they're doing good things in this world & remain peaceful.

  2. Sir, I really appreciate you but you are wrong. Russia alone will beat you conventionally and if it's taken to Nuclear you still won't survive. I understand that it pains you to see your beloved country going the wrong way. While you wasted 20 years fighting goat-hoaders in flip flops and bombing parties which you actually did, the Russians spent that time building integrated defense systems. They put in place not just a military industrial complex that it's solely dedicated to defending Mother Russia but also some kick ass weapons that is sole purpose is to put down or negates anything that you might field. I have listened to some of your comments about China that is just plain bizarre. China has a production capacity that is greater than that of the United States and Europe combined but you think that such a country and the number one military power (Russia) could beat or defeat the United States of America? With all due respect and I put that on my mother Sir, you're delusional. We mid western Nigerians are taught from a very young age to respect and treat our elders as gods. China can feed her population, China every 5 years removes millions of poor people from poverty while the USA is falling apart because the center can no longer hold. Compare Russia of the 90's to today's Russia, it's night and day. The United States of America can only beat up weak nations like Grenada, Irak, Libya, Somalia and that great mighty country Vietnam. So no, you will lose in a big way that the mind can not even begin to imagine.

  3. Plenty of highly intelligent, great men have been completely wrong about the future. I believe he is way off on this BS that Japan and Korea are a “killer whale”
    and “great white shark” lol. What utter BS. First off, the ONLY reason these countries are in the economic position they are in is because of the US tax payers have been protecting them to the tune of trillions for the last 70+ years!!! Come on Doug!!! Moreover, US Politicians with the help of US corporations (many who are now global) gutted US manufacturing and made Asia what it is today. Frankly, Im sick and tired of seeing SK, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore thrive while my country implodes! All of this has been doable because of petrodollar hegemony which Russia and China are putting an end to. Japan can’t even reproduce. China isn’t a big Blue Whale scared of getting beached, that was 15 years ago. They are a sea of poisonous jelly fish getting washed up on the beach for unsuspecting beach goers about to step on them with bare feet. Sorry but he’s totally wrong. Russia will be the next great, white, Christian superpower if they play their cards right. America has been infiltrated by the enemy, the burglars are all over our house and we are out of ammo and disarmed. The US is done for now.

  4. You americans guy's are tragic, china has been cool for over 40 years, and you still have have afghani sand on your loser boots, and focked up my Europe with Ukrane in this now with you loser attitudes , and our allies nordic stream. And before you even finished with my lovely Europe you going for Asia again.. Go to he.l. Losers

  5. If Russia is an old man in a house, US is walking dead pervert, a homeless phsycopath with a submachine gun in his old Bronco's trunk. But I do like McGreggor's take 99% of the time.

  6. What I don’t understand is that why the US is silence when China started building artificial island in south of china sea… in the disputed area… I am more incline to believe that China has paid someone in US administration to keep quiet about it…

  7. MacGregor hasn't a clue. 2/3rd of Rusian battle tanks are destroyed. They have no will to fight. The can't put combined arms to use effectively. The only thing they are good at is shooting static targets with cruse missiles from distance and killing innocent babushkas. Why doesn't MacGregor join China if he thinks we can't beat them.

  8. 😂😂 warmonger preaching peace. How many bamboo sticks Japan can buy for their security without permission from USA.
    Misleading and biased debate

  9. I love the humorous analogies.

    And you're right about Indonesia, japan is more popular here, we tend to view mainland china and mainland chinese as monsters and cheaters, they're almost like a genie to us, they granted us our wishes, but with many ridiculous consequences.

  10. Yes, with help from a compromised sell-out like Colonel MacGregor. MacGregor toadies to Putin for the same reason as Trump, wanting Putin's help to rig American elections and grab power, in exchange for letting Putin and Russia dominate. MacGregor ought to investigated, exposed and charged.

  11. There is no way that the combined military powers of Russia and China can defeat the US. I am sure that Taiwan will defeat the US first.

  12. I agree with most of Colonel Mac Gregor‘s assessments except for Putin, Putin is a bad guy. I don’t like how Colonel McGregor tries to paint him in a favorable light as if he just wants to do business. No, he’s a bad guy.

  13. Col McGregor should be the president of the US of A !
    The world would be in much more piece.

    But we all know that will never happen.
    That’s NOT what the “gov’t” wants, sadly. And the one in power will have to continue with the nonsense agenda we currently have.
    One of the reasons Trump didn’t last too long (barely one term.)

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