Russia Approaches Remaining Roads in Bakhmut, Ukraine Offensive Fails in Kremennaya, Makeyevka 89

Russia Approaches Remaining Roads in Bakhmut, Ukraine Offensive Fails in Kremennaya, Makeyevka Death Toll Rises to 89
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  1. At the end of a cycle (war, "revolution", change of masters), clowns like Mercouris are paraded barefoot, forced to wear signs reading “I am a a liar", etc. Since they have no shame, a few months later they'll surely be working for the new masters.

  2. Short range Rockets are harder to shoot down. As Striz drone fly to Croatia over Hungery nato systems didnt even got them on the radars. As Striz fly to Engels base Russia could see them and also get few down. So you can compare the 2 teck very easy in this 2 situations. Low flying short range targets are not easy to intercept.

  3. Shahed 136 have a real smal probel eningine almo no heat, Think its imposible to taike down with a sidevinder. Sidvinder til youst go into the sun, or a house with heating.. Shink ukrine use 2 S300 misiles and luck. As also hard for radatr to dind a plastik plaine.

  4. No doubt there is always the what if. But this thing of right away blaming the "superiors" is not ok ; the only ones responsable for this deads is the "collective whatever" and their nazi puppets in Kiev

  5. nah !!! Komplikated CP reasons. how about somebody hook up with a ukraaaiiinian Hooker and did not pay right, retaliated by his brother pimp in the opposing army. HAHAHAHA !!!!🥰🥰🥰

  6. Russia Approaches Remaining Roads in Bakhmut, (Real funny)
    Ukraine Offensive Fails in Kremennaya, Makeyevka 89 (the fact it's Ukraine on attack answers your headline)

  7. Wagners are now reportedly out of ammo, presumably because they squandered so much of it failing to take Bahkmut for 4+ months. Basically their own embarrassing inept tactics has used up all their ammo for nothing. They are clearly clueless as a military force. They should stick to squashing poorly armed Syrians instead, it's all they are good for. These clowns make the regular Russian military appear (slightly) competent.

  8. Russia appears to be backing away from Bakhmut. Look forward to this explanation from The Cyclops: "Russia has achieved its goal of testing the capacity of their mobile crematoria."

  9. Alexander i really DON`T understand you, by making these repeated reports, time after time about the HIMARS attack of the AFU on RFAF, whether you do it intentionally or not, you do nothing but spin US/NATO/EU UKR PROPAGANDA, you reported once and that's it, the subject is presented and then the discussion ends , in the last 10-11 months, Russia has had such successes, not one, not two, but dozens, and I have NEVER seen anywhere, not even on The Duran or on your channels, such a spinning of a news story to increase the propaganda effect, sometimes I sit and I'm thinking if it's not against your will that you are doing SBU work.. I HONESTLY don't understand why there are so many updates and discussions about this topic in several consecutive days… ENOUGH 1 time reported, the public is brought up to date with the current situation and that's it…without spinning the subject 100 thousand times, why this spin??? I really don't understand, this event is not special, it is not an event that spoils the situation of the SMO, it does not aggravate or advantage anyone, it is simply an event that happens in a war. nothing out of the ordinary…

  10. with respect i would suggest to focus on UK politics as regard to the proxy war in Ukraine . Here in Scandinavia we are also very busy talking about the americans while apparently not showing any real independence or this is really and truly the direction our nations wish to take ?. The UK seem to be the first and foremost extension of the US .

  11. Judas goat Mercouris spouting more propaganda manure for his paymaster mad Vlad…Alex, instead of opportunistic manure, tell the world how you abhor and condemn the murder being committed by your mate mad Vlad on Ukrainians and Russians alike….let's have a bit of morality from you instead of glorifying mad Vlad and trying to undermine Ukraine and the West every time you open your big traitorous mouth and use some of that blood money you have earned from mad Vlad to at least sort your conk and eyebags out

  12. You know and I know….that Switzerland are supplying these missiles……they said they would not supply them directly to Ukraine…..which is double speak for…..we will supply them to others, to supply to Ukraine…….the Swiss are very active participants in the Ukraine war.

  13. I am from brazil and I am in the support of the Russians! The west and mainly USA are fighting agaisnt Russia, that's why this fighting is not over yet. The Minsk's Agreement should have been implemented, but the Europeans and USA never assured this agreement but armed and trained Ukrainians to fight the russians for them indirectly. It's is a shame this war waged by nato and USA. The West must lose this war and learn a lessen that Russia is not what they assessed and want to get into a war!
    Sorry Europeans!
    When I was very young I thought the Europeans were great, intelligent and ethical people, But now I came to the conclusion that europeans in power are fucking liers, dummy and stupid leaders that are destroying Europe and making their people empty souls.

  14. Here's how to END all this: RUSSIA GET OUT OF UKRAINE, GO HOME, AND QUIT MURDERING UKRAINIANS. NO MORE EMPIRES. ORC ARMY GET OUT AND STAY OUT AND DON'T TRY TO CONQUER ANYMORE COUNTRIES. BTW, Mercouris is a homosexual ***** hired by the Kremlin to spread their lies. And it wasn't 80 orcs , it was more like 600 killed in the attack. And it's now 100,000+ ORCS DEAD, who were sent to conquer a small neighbor that posed no threat to Russia. The invaders go home in black plastic trash bags. The DEAD ORCS got what was coming to them, and there's going to be lots more if they don't LEAVE.

  15. With all the satellite coverage that is available to the Ukrainians via the U.S.,why would the Ukrainians need to rely on mobile triangulation to target this facility?

  16. Russia must close Ukraine-Poland border. US/NATO is already at war with Russia so nothing will change. The US wishes is to kill as many Slavs from Ukraine, Russia and everywhere as possible so they can can occupy their land and get theirs riches. Allow Ukraine get US weapons only leads the US to achieve their objectives that is to kill Slavs. That was what Europe did in America. They robbed and killed the American natives.

  17. From the very initial days of the war, the Wagner PMCs were f..king ukies in Bakhmut, back then it was not really discussed upon but I knew that this area had to be something very significant and as I believed myself correctly the battle of Bakhmut is now the biggest battle of the war…Keep the orchestra running grind those stenching meat and collapse the whole Donbass front…way to go my musicians brothers

  18. A rebellion, Alexander….Is that what your calling it……A PILLOW FIGHT WOULD BE A MORE APT DESCRIPTION……..It is all smoke and mirrors……America is corrupt from…. the lowest of the low….to the highest of the high……and like all those empires that went before them…..they will thrash around in their death throws.

  19. Milley speaking with Zaluzhnyi, the commander of the Ukrainian army.
    On the wall behind Zalushnyui's desk hangs a photo of Banderas ( a Nazi sympathizer who left behind a horrific legacy ).

    Between 1943 and 1945 more than 100,000 Poles and Jews were murdered by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists under the leadership of Stepan Bandera. These murders bore elements of genocide, according to the Polish Government and Parliament.

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