Russia Biggest Missile Attack on Ukraine, West Admits Ukraine Missile Hit Poland; UK Inflation Soars

Russia ‘Biggest Missile Attack’ on Ukraine, West Admits Ukraine Missile Hit Poland; UK Inflation Soars, Russia Inflation Falls
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  1. msm in the " west" are just propaganda outlets… its leaders are puppets from companies
    owned by the 1%… good there is a powershift before the " west" can have it their way….with
    the idiotic climat and surveillance tyranny …

  2. You assume it was a failed missile, what if not. The idea is to drag NATO into fighting as Ukraine is clearly losing this war. Zelensky is a actor, he got no clue about every missile course being plotted on the many radar stations of the US. The fact he blamed Russia point to that. And yes he is clearly insane, i blame it on dope.

  3. You pro Russian deluded Orks keep saying Zelenskyy is a clown but Putin has taken 9 months and still not defeated a "clown" Russian military is a joke and so is Putin. 🤡

  4. The MH17 case: The court in The Hague recognized that the passenger plane was shot down by the Buk air defense system from the territory of Pervomais'kyi occupied by Russia🐷🐷

  5. I think that we the people and the members of the alternative media need to recognize the psychology that is being used in this war and reciprocate using the same language. From now onwards, whenever a US weapon is used to kill innocent people, we need to stress, an American-built weapon was used. No need to sweat nor raise your blood pressure over this my friends, we just need to respond in kind.

  6. You want totally irresponsible "journalism"?
    60 Minutes Australia just pushed out a vapid "wIlL rUsSiA iVaDe pOlAnD nExT" piece. That's AFTER the west admitted that it were Ukrainian missiles.
    So who's the warmonger here?

    Can't believe they used to be a proper program a long time ago, not a shitty Imperial propaganda outlet pumping out sensationalist shit fit for tabloids.

  7. Ground strikes of S-300 missiles are a symptom of failed autodestruct mechanisms. The autodestruct backs up the fusing mechanism in the event of a miss, to prevent random inadvertent (and very destructive) ground strikes on friendly territory after misses. The repeated autodestruct failures speak to the poor state of maintenance among Ukraine's S-300 missile stocks.

  8. this cat and mouse game is only in your head and u need to abandon this expression. It doesn't make any sense at all. The goal of the strikes is very simple – it is precisely the damage that is immediately achieved

  9. Huge respect for your meticulous analytical researches and irrefutable contents as ever! And now on a personal note: please don't ever dream of swapping your well-stocked home library as a background decor for all your programmes. Now that the reading culture is on the decline left, right and centre; such a scholarly exhibition of all manners of books may undoubtedly promote the reading culture among your ever-growing viewerships. And eventually everyone will be satisfied to read more and more flawless spellings and fewer and fewer ungrammatically structured and punctuated sentences in the comment boxes.

  10. Breaking News! Dzhankoi Crimea got hit by Ukrainian precision rockets guided by American sattelites. 80 Russian aircraft destroyed and headquarters housing Iranian intelligence officials got hit. This will be the first Iranian casualties of the war

  11. Breaking News! G20 meeting in Bali Indonesia. Biden and Xi Jin Ping agreed to have a bipolar world with USA and China. Xi Jin Ping decided to exclude Russia from the G20.
    It is now officially G19. Xi Jin Ping was instrumental in the decision because the war in Ukraine was dragging the Chinese economy down

  12. Xi Jin Ping has betrayed Putin his long time ally. The G19 group of nations kicked off today. Biden and Xi are getting warmer relations. Relation between China and USA are becoming warmer. The two 2 powerful nations agreed to bolster trade and cultural exchange .

  13. Breaking News! president vladomour zelenksy today arrived in Kherson City to celebrate the liberation.
    Recently today rockets hit Dzhankoi Crimea 150 miles away from the front lines destroying 80 aircrafts and destroyed a major depot and a headquarters. It is believed a few Iranian nationals got hit.
    This is the first Iranian casualties of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

  14. MH70 was how it started in regards to ukraine trying to involve the west using a false flag. Once established it was fired by ukraine the western media dropped the story and how the west just keeps trying the same narrative time and time again. The stupidity of the western population to keep eating up this bullshit time and time again only confirms their stupidity given NATO has been doing this for over thirty years for all their wars under false predence. This is why eventually the east will control the world their citizens can actually think and their governments are more concenered with agriculture, manufacturing, trade and improving the lives of their citizens. The west is too intetested with keeping its citizens under their thumb with higher prices for food, energy and cost of living and creating wars so everyone that matters lines their pockets and controlling the world who tbey deem beneath them.

  15. I said recently that Ukraine's makeshift nuclear weapon was intended for a false flag attack on a NATO country, probably Poland. This could easily have been a spinoff from that program, or a rehearsal for it.

  16. Wonder what would've happened if ruzzia was in place of the "west" here? They would never in a million years admit anything and would sell their mothers to cover it up. The difference between ruzzia and the west.

  17. I sincerely hope you're right, however, an old overused adage, does the scorpion really change its ways?

    The peaks of escalatory activities of the NS1&2 shenanigans, was a pretty unprecedented manoeuvre.

    Does that same entity know reason enough to see this diplomacy through, I hope so.

  18. US/NATO where both very hawkish but as soon as the missile landed in Poland they Instantly de escalate their tone as If by Magic, Is his the magic of Russia military power I wonder?it was so funny though just the same as they attacked Iraq n Libya for far less

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