Russia BOMBS Ukraine With Hypersonic Missile, Putin Holds NUCLEAR Evacuation Drill, Starlink Drones


Russia launches a HYPERSONIC missile at Ukraine blowing up a MASSIVE cache of weapons. The missile can fly 9,000 mph at over 10 TIMES the speed of sound. Putin holds NUCLEAR evacuation drills. Zelensky DEMANDS talks with Russia to end the violence. Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s Starlink is being used to send drones to bomb Russian tanks.

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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


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  1. If Russia was half as bad as the corpomedia painted them, they'd just carpet bomb everything. As far as war goes, this is pretty clean and needlessly costly to them.
    But hey, aren't you glad there's unelected multibillionaires around to tell you if the 1948 UN convention "on genocide prevention" should be applied to all ethnicities or not.

  2. From what I understand, Zelensky wont accept a peace deal unless he can get a guarantee of independence because, Russia has never kept their promises till now. I.E. NEVER give up your nukes because, no one will respect you otherwise.

  3. Good, glad to hear them weapons are not getting to the general public of Ukraine and being destroyed send food water clothes and anything they need to live and stay healthy only, ( NO WEAPONS )

  4. Does anyone else think that Russia is just sending their dregs of the military to be the initial invasion force?

    I mean there is evidence that they are throwing away good equipment but seem like they are trying to get rid bad equipment and gear.

  5. This must be really pissing off our piece of s*** money laundering politicians in Congress! Oh yes I almost forgot they're also very good at insider trading especially with the military industrial complex! Let's all pray to saint zielinski to save us from the evil Putin! Sarcasm in case anybody doesn't get it

  6. Finally someone else sees the news and headline exactly how I do. Russia been winning, Zelensky didn’t get the help he thought it he would and tbh I don’t really trust the dude.

  7. Russia lost 26 million soldiers fighting German Nazis in the 20th century. 650,000 Russian civilians were killed during the Nazi blockade of Leningrad. Today, a neighbouring government right on the Russian border, whose capital is just 800 km away from Moscow, is deepening its ties with Nazis, is receiving weapons and military aid from powerful western nations, and is attempting to join a formal alliance with those nations. Also today, those same Nazis, receiving the same western help and with the west's tacit endorsement, are attempting an ethnic cleansing of Russian civilians in the Donbass region.

    Putin's invasion is totally and completely justified. He has not gone mad. If anything, he has shown incredible restraint and sobriety. Победа в России 🇷🇺

  8. Some invasions are legal. Think of it this way, the invasion of Afghanistan was because they harbored if they did not support a terrorist group that had attacked us. I know it's funny to think of invasions as legal or illegal. Think of it this way, is the invader aggressing? Or they doing it in response to other illegitimate activities.

  9. You are very wrong. The fact that Putin used Hypersonic missiles againts a State that was perceived as weak — means that Putin is desperate. They are losing the war on the ground and are trying to scare the government and people of Ukraine. Russian economy won't sustain using more and more arms and soldiers, I don't even mention that mobilising more troops will not end well domestically.

  10. That "nigh-time video address outside the Presidential Office" is manufactured. It's just a green-screen video shoot in a studio (who knows from where)

  11. Putin's not an idiot if he really wanted Ukraine that badly he could shell it into Oblivion and then move in after while sending troops to take it the old fashioned way when you have hypersonic missiles that could level the whole f**** City in a day seems more like a cleanup operation than anything and the message would be quit trying to f*** with us no proxy wars

  12. All right so imagine computer targeting system the fire's lasers lasers move faster because they're light light is faster than sound so the lasers can catch the hypersonic missiles as long as you can get a computer fast enough to track it

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