Russia Claims Soledar Captured, Ukrainian Troops Surrounded; West Debates Sending Tanks to Ukraine

Russia Claims Soledar Captured, Ukrainian Troops Surrounded; West Debates Sending Tanks to Ukraine
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  1. 24:00 – Spin: OK, we lost Bakhmut! But it was irrelevant anyway and despite the huge losses it was just a delaying action and we are building a Line of Steel to defy the Forces of Evil. . And you guys better send Leopards! And Challengers! And AFVs! And artillery! And ammunition! And, uh volunteers! Just because the ground is wide open to the Dnieper will not6 stop us from standing like lions!

  2. Bakhmut yet? Russia had to move the goalpost from a city like Bakhmut to Soledar 1 Tenth the size to produce some kind of morale boost. What a joke, at this rate of advance of 3km per month it will take 3 more years to take the rest of Donbass but from what we see now is Russia's inability to take any city with a population of more than 15k without taking massive losses. Russia has to level every structure in front of them just to move a little. I am looking forward to the west giving Ukraine tanks and armored vehicles at just the time when Russia is starving for armored vehicles and artillery. We are slowly witnessing the crippling of Russia's military. I feel for Russia's citizens but I am overjoyed at the fall of Russia as we know it. It's always nice to see a bully get punched in the mouth

  3. The ears going so good for Russia that they’re mobilizing another 500000 more cannon fodder for modern US weapons well Russia can be happy it destroyed a country even though they’re army is being destroyed and they’re economy is going to be set back to the stone ages

  4. Better leave Russia, more mobilization is coming the fields are littered with Russian bodies. If Russia can't take little old Bakhmut after 9 months how are they going to take Sloviansk and Kramatorsk. Russian military is a joke

  5. does zelensky remember how his people were gutted and slaughtered by the ukrainians? is he in turn gutting them out of existence? it's a thought yall. and have the polish people, waiting there somewhere on the sidelines, forgotten 1943- ? i don't think so yall.

  6. Firstly the logistical nightmare is petrol / diesel engine in a winter setup like in Ukraine, let alone their heavyweight and open countryside of Ukraine. One needs to use tanks where the terrain is supportive for their security from air. And they precisely need Aircover or which in my observation the Russians have already taken the initiative. No Air cover no use to bring all those Abraham tanks.

  7. US think tanks only talk about a Russian failed state, because they damn well know that America's collapse is already in progress. Better have a good look around in your own country and see what's happening.

    Besides working for a think tank is actual not working. It's a BS job

  8. The west is eager to balkanise Russia, split it up in small chunks that can easily be controlled, with force if needed. Divide and rule, nothing new under the sun. China won't let it happen though as it would be an existential threat to China. This means that the west will be in war with Russia and China at the same time. A battle that the west can never win.

  9. Your masters from the Kremlin have wet dreams !!🤣 No one will lift the sanctions, and Ukraine will continue to be financed and Russia will continue to be sanctioned. This will not lead to the immediate collapse of Russia, but due to the lack of long-term investments and the ever-increasing costs of the war, in the next two, three years Russia will head towards the Stone Age. The West started to find alternatives to Russia, and Putin forgot that we are in the Age of Global Warming 🤣🤣

  10. What the Ukrainians have to decide is whether they are better off now after much fighting on behalf of NATO and the US than they are before the hostilities commenced. What were they expecting by joining NATO and what has joining NATO by other similar countries before brought upon them? What it has brought upon themselves is more pain, misery and loss of life and territory. What is happening is simply – Zelensky and his cohorts are enriching themselves immensely sacrificing innocent Ukrainians their livelihood, cost to life and limb and their territory!

    When the dust settles the Russian Bear will still be their neighbour, will have Russian nukes aimed at them in case of war and any goodies from Russia in the form of cheap energy supplies in short supply or outright denied. Are they expecting the US to supply them with their day-to-day needs? 

    Well, one thing is for sure – the Haitians – just a few kilometres away from the US coast haven't received any let alone other similar countries in the regions covered by the Monroe Doctrine!

  11. My thinking is that the EU and US will need to be broken up instead of Russia. The EU states would form smaller groupings,or just all return to full sovereign status. And the US could be divided into at least 8 separate nations and possibly 10 or more.

  12. Regarding the four homicides. He had a history of making remarks to people. What if he said something to them when the four of them were out together and they laughed at him. He would have been humiliated and ashamed and that could have been when he decided to take them out. It also maybe why he did not kill the other two in the home. He may had been in their home sometime prior. The news said they often had large parties. I have been to those kinds of parties sometimes people just show up and you do not know who they are. Is there a way to match a ping on his phone to a party at that house.

  13. I don't think general Armageddon got demoted. I think just like Putin is rotating troops to gain experience, he's rotating his experts and commanders to gain experience.
    Why not? It's a war of attrition, it's going to take a while. Everyone get your leadership experience while you can.

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