Russia Complains of PoW Murders, Captures Opytnoe, Strikes Ukraine Gas Facilities

Russia Complains of PoW Murders, Captures Opytnoe, Strikes Ukrainian Gas Facilities; Putin, Erdogan Forge Closer Ties
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  1. Russia never conquered Ukraine. Not during the Tsarist period, not during the Soviet period, and Russia won't now. What is being laid bare is their utter arrogance, corruption and their reliance on propaganda.

  2. The Putchists army has already been seen shooting the legs of Russian soldiers. So I would not put this pass them. Alexander is spot on as there is no real impartial news agency's that once existed. As to investigative journalism I can name a few with Eva Bartlett being the main one that always put it into perspective on the ground.

  3. It warms my heart how the Turks and the Russians have cemented their relationship and solid partnership. Good commentary on this aspect Alexander. Erdogan has been the most successful politician throughout the conflict at speaking to all sides but retained his independence from the West. Lets hope and pray they block the new kids on the block from joining NATO.

  4. Breaking News! China is in a 50 trillion dollar debt! 500 million chinese citizens to lose their jobs in 2023 as major recession to hit China in 2023 worst than the 1929 collapse. Companies in China are to stay above water

  5. I posted a new video . Bakhmut. The city is being bombarded now by Russians with phosphorus ammunition. This is another Russian war crime as using phosphorus bombs on civilian targets is banned under international law.

  6. latest news. Russia economy has nose dived into oblivion with over 1 million fleeing to the west and 1000's of skilled workers leaving to come to the west. Check for yourselves you ORKS

  7. Don't think you need "cutting edge" electronics for the bulk of the massive balistic Russian arsenal. If anything they're made to use the most efficient cost to effect ratio possible, unlike massively corporate price gauged western military equipment.

    For every billion dollar that the US spends on military expenditures, Russia only needs a small fraction of that to achieve similar goods. And the Chinese, likely even less.

  8. I honestly cannot understand why some western "experts" can't accept the fact that Russians are capable of producing their own chips. it's not like you need 7 nm technology chips for a cruise missile.

  9. Alexander, please don't make anymore videos until you are well. I had to stop listening because the sound of you sucking snot into your throat was making me nauseous.🤢

  10. After the war in Ukraine Russia will be dimilitarized not for decades but forever. This was NATO's goals. Putin just made it a lot faster to happen. Putin knew his days were numbered. He is better off not making a deal with NATO. They will agree to a ceasefire but eventually the CIA will assassinate him. He knows this

  11. Russians can no longer use samsung androids and iPhone due to sanctions. These are but a very tiny drop of the wide ranging reach of the sanctions on Russia. Russia economy is imploding

  12. There is an internal power struggle within the leaderships within the Kremlin as we speak. There are rumors of Putin's circle of assassinations. RUSSIAN oligarchs are now fighting each other for pieces of the remaining Lions share of the oil and gas revenues which is waning rapidly. There were 12 oligarchs that died mysteriously last month

  13. Let's say for arguments sake that Russia successfully invades the whole Ukraine. How will Russia maintain the borders when her soldiers and supplies have already been depleted after 10 years of war and her economy is totally finished and isolated from the rest of the world? Well. There is a solution. These things will never happen. For instance sergie lavrov is using the latest iPhone cell phone when he went to Indonesia. Lavrov uses Mercedez Benz and BMW Cars. NOT Lada. Va Russian elites uses Samsung appliances in their homes. No Russian made domestic appliances.(they don't work or simply do not exist.

  14. You describe al that mumbo jumbo stories about what was made in Ukraine ( it might be true ) and as usual you deviate purposefully from the real narrative. You keep repeating " the Russians are attacking … " !!!!! Why you never mention your own elect prime minister visit to Kiev ? Why you do not describe your prime minister Sunak's anti national policy in the UK ? You as a reporter you should say the truth and expose the real European policy failure towards this war. Well, it is a petty that you as you were a real news reporter few years back on RT or other channels you became a very poor one.

  15. Ukraine could well be down to it's last six transformer stations which are dozens of transformers to distribute to cities and regions.

    Few places can actually build them, the UK can make two per year for example.

    So Ukraine is looking at ten years to replace what it has lost.

  16. You're still wrong about the missile incident. Scott Ritter explains exactly how missiles are launched and how it would be impossible for it to head west when it was launched east. You need to leave those comments to the people who are real military experts and understand rocket technology. Of the course you could invite Scott on and debate the matter. And can you please take a nasal decongestant? The snot sound is unbearable.

  17. Hundreds leaving Crimea. Kersch bridge partially opened. Huge line up for days on end. People desperate to leave. Food and supplies rationed since food supplies are now delivered thru ferries from Russian mainland. More expensive for Putin. Complications since Putin's reserves of 640 billion dollars are frozen. Even if it wasn't frozen he would have eaten into his reserves in 3 months. So far Kremlin projected 4 trillion dollars expenditures in 5 months of war. It's costing the western coalition about 6 trillions but cost is apportioned between nations. Russia is going it Solo

  18. Polish, Finnish PMs back confiscating Russian assets to fund Ukraine.

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki proposed the idea during his visit to Finland on Nov. 20.

  19. Finally! One man that is not a propagandist for either side. If i Look up the ukraine war every news outlet is reporting it like the ukrainians are 20km from moscow already, and have been for months.

  20. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 KJV, Jesus Christ is the only way…

  21. Alexander you seem to have rhinitis. I had this (and asthma)for nearly 60 years. Both vanished once I ensured I took 1000iu vit d3 (minimum) in the darkest half of the year and got plenty of sunlight in the brightest half of the year. Other asthmatics tried this and found the same benefits.

  22. I love your show, but can you be a little more professional and blow your nose instead of the swallowing it? It's putting me off. So much so that I am thinking of unsubscribing.

  23. All I saw was a guy in black fake surrendering (which is a war crime btw) and shooting at Ukrainian troops. No footage on how those prisoners got killed. It could of been a callin for a mortar round. The guy in black reminded me of the Persians in the movie 300 weird..

  24. Perfidy. Pretending to surrender to attack an enemy is an illegal war act.

    Russian soldier can be seen coming out shooting while his comrades surrender. He cost them all their lives and at least one Ukrainian soldier

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