Russia Completes Mobilisation, Prepares Offensive, Ukraine Stopped, Putin Hints Will Take Odessa

Russia Completes Mobilisation, Prepares Offensive, West MSM Admits Ukraine Stopped, Putin Hints Russia Will Take Odessa
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  1. Meeting with Put in Moscow? How so Alex.. when Put1 went to Geneva a few years ago for the alleged birth of a daughter. 2 weeks later Put2 appeared. with a new round face, no more a prominent chin, diff eyes and earlobes, a new non-Judo belly, with more hair and the loss of his old German & Judo skills.. & his wife. Old video of Put1 with late Fr. Prez. Chirac, or any old photos show a different guy to Put2. Put's Ghost locals call him. IMO, maybe after the failure of Put1 to follow through after the Donbass victory in 2014, and allowing the nutto to build up, was the last straw for the Russ MIC/top dogs.

  2. What a terrible crime to the common Ukraine people with homes and families – total failure from NATO Kelensky TOTAL TREACHERY in the most wicked way. God help the families and other innocents from these evil sucking criminals. Even Putin is taking care of the common people more than their f-ing so called government. I hope all of the current Ukraine government people are punished as war criminals and gangsters they are by the people of the land – lets remember what the Italians did to Mussolini !

  3. I wonder when milquetoast Goebbels will start talking about the Russian "wunderwaffe" that will turn the tide of the war without more mobilization waves. I can't believe he won't acknowledge anything going badly for Russia. "Tactical retreats" don't win wars. Russia hasn't gained more than a sliver of Luhansk since March. Every other movement of the lines has gone against Russia. Two major withdrawals from the two largest Oblasts looks terrible to Russians too, especially the nationalists.

  4. Hello pepples of Mercouris chennel. It's me , Vladimir text again from back my little poney. Today I very pissed off at little put put bath tub toy boats that hit Blackest Sea Fleet In dock of Sevastopol. I soo upset , I make less food available to world. No more lesser Slavic wheat allowed to leave pathetic Ukraine, with their put put boats. How darest they attack boats of great Russia federation that have cruise missiles and killed their babies, pregnant womans and elderlies. Together with help of Mercouris chennel we can spin loss of 70 000 Russian soldiers into great military victory. Love you all …… xoxoxo

  5. God bless Russia and Mr Putin, no doubt a great President and leader. Once upon a time China was having trouble with their revolution at that time Stalin stepped in and assisted Mao with the means to succeed. They also, agreed to be fast since being aware that the US and British were assisting the Chinese opposing Mao. Moving forward China and Xi will do the same thing as their predecessors in order to force their opponents back. Their is no chance of failure from the Russian special military operations as way back when China's Revolution was successful. It will be logical to forecast some losses from Russia as different battles are ongoing no doubt but, at the end their citizens will be liberated Donbass Luhansk Kherson and Zaporozhye. The Nazi government will not prevail, Nazis are Russia's specialty as Folgers with coffee ! The US and Brittain will abandon their short stay in Ukraine as they did in Afghanistan not to long ago lol They can move to Poland and by then………..some of them can relocate towards Taiwan to support another lost cause lol

  6. Phenomenal analysis of Steinmeir's paradox and resultant bitterness.
    Far better for him to have correctly weighed the importance of EU expansion vs. continued supply of energy. Many factors under both of these, peer pressure and vanity would have been as difficult to weigh as a lead zeppelin.
    But on the other hand, continued supply of cheap energy was a binary matter for Germany.
    He has my sympathies and his remuneration.

  7. Yesterday's attacks with naval drones against the black sea fleet in Sevastopol guarantees Ukraine will lose access to the Black Sea fleet. What a stupid, ill thought out attack. The best they could have hoped for was to damage the very navy ships that were guaranteeing the safety of grain shipments out of Odessa, ending the arrangement, the worst that could happen was what did happen, no damage, and end to grain shipments, and escalation so that any chance of Ukraine retaining Odessa and access to the Black Sea has gone forever.

  8. And has Bakhmut been taken by the ruzzians as predicted by this liar for months
    Disbarred as a barrister for forgeries and lies by the UK BAR STANDARDS BOARD
    Now lying for putin and the ruzzians
    And defending the killing and rape of children and women by the ruzzians

  9. "The lack of self awareness of the Western, especially German politicians" presented in its best firm by Steinmeier. "It's all Russia's fault." Sounds like a grown-up. 🤦🏼‍♀️🇩🇪

  10. After all, I have seen for the last 6 years you need to have a very sick mind to vote Democrat again. The prime enemy of the united state is the Biden administration, And the elite media everything they do hurts America and its citizens. Even Europe is going down because of them. They pressure Zelensky to not negotiate with Russia so they can have their war with Russia. And provoke China to invade Taiwan. And arm Afghanistan's terror regime so they can be part of the destabilization of the middle east. Terrorist attacks on Russia and German assets. fentanil and illegal pouring at the sud border, Engineer the worst energy crisis. the cost of living is out of control. They have to be stopped now or there will be no future for humankind. Remind me of the movie devil advocate on steroids.

  11. Steinmeier together with officials from the EU seem to me being involved in the coup of 2014. But Victoria Nuland didn‘t appreciate their work too much. We all remember her „Fuck the EU“-Statement“ in the telephone call with the US-Ambassador in Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt. Source:: Welt 07.02.2014

  12. Who cares about Germany, it's the biggest loser in this war. With a higher gas, the Germans have lost their competitiveness. Frankly, Germany is now irrelevant. In fact, the West has become irrelevant

  13. Alexander when all this quietens down (and that it will) you will be the most important historian of this war. Indeed posterity will remember you as the articulate studied chronicler journalist of this Slavic affair, with a delightful British accent. More power to you and your tribe. 🎉

  14. UK blow up NS1 NS2 pipelines as per PUTIN, Yesterday SEVASTAPOL attack on Russian navy assets by Marine drones also done by UK NAVY special forces firework will start Putin will not let British saboteurs go unpunished , wait barrage of UKI targets soon let Ukraine repair down electricity infrastructure then barrage from Russia will commence

  15. Steinmeier is the 2022 equivalent of 1930's Chamberlain. No one is allowed to know, since all of Chamberlain's writings and correspondence were copyrighted and denied public access when they were released to the public in 1996 after forty years of secrecy that Neville Chamberlain deliberately condemned Czechoslovakian people to Hitler's kind treatment under the Third Reich in order to convince Hitler's Generals that the west would not interfere if they turned their war machine east and destroyed the Soviet Union. Chamberlain actually said as much in his writings which is why in 1956 a secret ' in camera ' meeting of a few of the most senior British ministers passed ' in secret ' a law making it treasonous to reveal what was in his writings for thirty years only to be renewed in 1986 for another 10 years. Stalin knew what was going on and dangled the Molotov- Ribbentrop accord under Hitler's nose and after Hitler attacked Poland, Stalin did the same and created a buffer zone that allowed him to move his country's industrial base east of the Urals out of range, an absolutely magnificent feat, that allowed him to create the modern army that the west for some reason had denied their ally, an army that made it's presence known on the battlefield at Stalingrad. Ask Field Marshal Paulus how his modern German Army was so soundly smashed.
    By turning Ukraine into a Nazi armed state after the overthrow of the last truly democratically elected government by means of a Victoria Nuland, CIA bought and paid for coup ( five billion dollars according to Nuland ) using the Ukrainian Oligarchs' right wing, outright Nazi private militia, the Azov, the Right Sector, the Aidar, the Kraken, the west was able, over eight years, to turn Ukraine's forces into the most powerful NATO trained force in Europe. An image on YouTube shows a Canadian NATO soldier training a Ukrainian soldier in Ukraine, proudly displaying his NAZI symbols on his uniform. This was the force that was stationed, ready to attack, on the border of the Donbas by the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. Fortunately for Russia Putin was no fool and prepared both his forces and his economy for what he knew was coming. Article 51 sums up what was about to happen to Russia.
    What a shame that Steinmeier, who along with the rest of the pathetic European vassals, did not see what the outcome of what was supposed to be the final solution to the Russia problem, a problem of a sovereign country with so many resources that refused to allow itself to be looted as has happened to many American allies. No wonder the pathetic degenerate lowlife is so bitter when he sees what has happened to his country. For scum like him, better Germany than Russia.

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