“RUSSIA COULD WIN” – General Milley

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“RUSSIA COULD WIN” – General Milley

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  1. Of course they’re going to win. Russia hasn’t been bombing helpless people in the Middle East who were unable to mount any kind of real resistance. Russia has been developing technology and accumulating reserves.

  2. Russia will win. He's dealing with idiots, Milley is.
    Simple as. Just watch the news, when you get it.
    Gold lettered/encrusted silly hats do not add to his credibility. He's just a mouth.

  3. What's worse is that these people dont care one bit about the wants or needs of the people living in Crimea or Donbass whom do not want to be ruled by Kiev. What about self determination?

  4. Jackie the Clown if you want some real nazi extravaganza why don't you check out the Aryan Brotherhood? Don't tell me you haven't heard about them meanwhile another armed assault in the US poor Jackie you're worse than Donbass aren't you.

  5. All that the bipartisan plutocracy controlling congress and the presidency are concerned with is satisfying the interests of the military industrial complex. Members of congress represent the interests of their donors not their constituents who are against endless wars. Whether or not the Russians control Crimea is of no strategic interest to us in the United States, none! Our involvement in fomenting this war between Russia and Ukraine and then sustaining this proxy war with Russia has been such a blunder that everyone involved in this blunder should be removed from office immediately!

  6. How do you spot fascists? They talk about "hollowed ground that unifies us" aka graves of soldiers who kill foreigners in foreign countries!
    The USA is a violent dangerous extremely right wing conservative militaristic country, ruled by an elite and financial sector that depends on massive influx of foreign resources, capital and impoverished workforce. The USA is a fascist country!

  7. Did that guy tell us in February that Ukraine was gonna fold within a week? Get real bud. With a $52 a day Russian contract warriors, they are not in a hurry to win anything. They don’t want to work themself out of the job. They are there to fight the war, not to win … and Ukraine is a large country. It is gonna last.

  8. If Boris Johnson does what he has recently said regarding sending long range rockets to Ukraine, I could hazard a guess how it will end for him . Russia finishing what Guy Fawkes started.

  9. Never trust a US general that appears on Fox or CNN or any mainstream media as their word is not trust worthy.

    During Russia gate you had Generals commenting that it was a hoax and other generals saying Trump is defo a Russian asset.

    How can you be independent if you use mainstream as your source

  10. Yes, what unifies us is tens of thousands of soldiers who DIED for absolutely NO REASON except to make rich Americans richer. So how do we honor them? How do we remember them? By killing more and more innocent people for profit. When Milley is done in the military, he's got a lucrative seat on a weapons manufacturing board waiting for him. And after that, a very deep, dark pit in Hell.

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