Russia Cuts Electricity to Finland

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About Richard Medhurst: #RichardMedhurst is an independent journalist and commentator. Regular live streams and interviews with popular guests from the Left such as Glenn Greenwald, Mike Figueredo (Humanist Report) and Max Blumenthal (Grayzone). Fluent in English, Arabic, French, German, and having grown up across several continents, Medhurst’s show aims to provide a critical analysis of electoral politics and international affairs from an anti-imperialist viewpoint.

Written by Richard Medhurst


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  1. Which means the neighboring Nordic and EU member country needs to invest more in nuclear power and renewables, incl. biomass, hydrogen, hydroelectricity and wind.

  2. Finland is one of the more progressive nations – or so I thought. Virtually the entire West are Russia hating – BUT NAZI LOVING FOR UKRAINE. Nazis they turn a blind eye.

  3. The electricity cutoff is a good little example of what will come. Oil on the other hand to Finland is 100% or near to it supplied by Russia (or so other sources have said). When Finland is cut from oil and they have no oil and fuel to run their diesel trucks or cars run by petroleum that's when things will get real for Finland. All because they are being pressured by the Western Collective to join NATO the very thing that started all this to begin with the encroachment of NATO closer and closer to Russian borders.
    Maybe it's time to look at putting nukes in Cuba again (bay of pigs)? The US is so brazen in pushing countries to the brink of war when they are so far away from being directly effected. They don't care for Ukraine people or Russian people or anyone outside of their borders… they are always willing to use other countries and people to fight their wars by proxy, and it's been shown time and time again throughout history.

  4. Russia cut our gas supply after a naval transport from Spain containing weapons for Ukraine stopped in port of Poland, at least few sources call it a reason.

  5. I want to tell you as a Finn … although co-operation with Russia has been close over the years, electricity in Finland is not running out and we have already prepared for everything. Finland will aim to give up Russia completely by the end of the year. Our president has called Putin and Putin did not continue to threaten Finland even though the president has already announced that he will join NATO. Finland is likely to invest that money in its own energy production and co-operate with other countries

  6. Didn't Finland just sign up to NATO? Maybe NATO can give them electricty!! Russia is just preventing the West from doing what they are doing in the Middle East in Russia.

  7. WAtch this and if you think NATO is wrong move idon't know what your head is filled with because it's not nothing but thrash inside. Title –> Evaluation of Russia by Finnish Intelligence Colonel (English audio)

  8. Don't believe a WORD FROM BBC
    If you look on their videos, they are saying another 1,000 dead have been found just outside Buccha ??????????
    What ?
    I havnt heard this anywhere ! Plus they are stating that RUSSIA KILLIED THEM ALL !!!!
    wtf 🤪

  9. Why all the hate and fear surely there have been other wars before Ukraine what is so special about this one and the Azov type regiments that are fighting there?

  10. Out of a very long period of peaceful and stable existence with Russia, suddenly ths Nordic region is switched into highly potential conflict zone by the beneficial country Finnland. What is there to gain ?

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