Russia DEFEATS Ukraine In Severodonetsk, HUGE BLOW To Zelensky’s War

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Russia DEFEATS Ukraine In Severodonetsk, HUGE BLOW To Zelensky’s War

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  1. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC DEMON POSSESSED monsters. Any who even attend these meetings are usurping the authority of we the people and they need arrested for it. Maybe if we had some real law enforcement, they could stand up and uphold Article 18 U.S.C. Section 242. WHERE ARE OUR U.S. SHERIFFS?

  2. When I see these pathetic clowns at the G7 meeting I can understand why the West is in big trouble. It's not clothes we'll be taking off next winter but putting on extra clothes because we won't be able to afford to heat our homes because of their incompetence and ridiculous green policies. But then I have to remind myself that these pampered stooges have all been elected by a dopy electorate.

  3. I will say this again : I am on the side of Russia because I believe that they have had a Valid concern Re. NATO's ongoing encroachment.. However, I Honour the Noble & Patriotic Ukrainian forces ; so I Resent the negative depiction you give in calling them Nazis. btw., Isn't their President a Jew ? .. If you continue calling them "Nazis", you will be Discredited by me.

  4. "This tweet couldn't be liked by anyone."

    There's 660K people who liked it.

    "They're all bots, man!"

    You're becoming ridiculous, and your simping for rightwing ideologues, the kinds of people who pester and harass victims of school shootings and talk about Jewish space lasers, is proving people like Vaush right about you, even if you were right on the specific issues you debated with him. Might wanna be careful of that mask, lest it come off too soon.

  5. As is the case with UK PM, Chrystia Freeland Deputy PM of Canada, and many more in the USA administration etc, Max Boot has a family history in the old Russian empire etc.

    This is a very very common theme.

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