Russia DEMANDS NATO Emergency Meeting Over NORD STREAM SABOTAGE; ‘More Than Enough’ Evidence

Batyan Ungar-Sargon and Robby Soave weigh in on Russia’s call to form a summit to investigate claims that the U.S. in behind the Nord Stream pipeline attack. #nordstream #russia #cia

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  1. You say Russia is the bad guy and everyone hates Russians. But that only the fake news media saying that. Most every day people know that the USA government are the evil ones 😈 .bring back Kim please 🙏

  2. Batyan, who do you think pulls Biden's strings? Wakeup my dear, you have got a lot to catch up on with history. The shadow people running our leaders and many Western nation are as wicked as Lucifer. Wars are started to protect power, wealth and maybe in Ukraine's case – corruption at the highest level. Wars are big money for those in power!

    Robbie, your defense is a sign of being so gullible about the system, corruption and pure evil. Wakeup! Ask yourself why did Putin go into Ukraine, and start about a decade or 2 before today.

  3. none of the publications the guy mentioned have any track record of telling the truth on matters of war, peace, and economics, which is the entire reason why Sy Hersh is on substack for crying out loud.

  4. No strong motive? What about the fact that Russia could use it as leverage to entice the UK to be neutral? What about the fact that NORD STREAM I & II combined would be supplying the UK with 80% of their resources having a strangle hold on the entire UK? What do you think this war is about in the first place?

  5. US and Norway wanted Russia's energy market (Have done for years) This is the way they got it. This is why you cannot vote for some old geriatric who wouldn't remember what he did last week rather then 6 months ago and is short of a spine to say no to the warmongers. There is NO way that NATO will run any credible investigation into this as there master obviously did it. Some German opposition party members are openly talking of kicking the US army out of Germany if this is found to be true. Then there is the compensation payments for the affected parties. Big Big can of worms has been opened here but what can be expected when you commit an act of war on both Russia and Germany who are supposed to be allies.

  6. If the US really did it, which I doubt, we should thank them. Im european and Im glad its gone. We should have weaned ourselves off of Russian gas a long time ago. Maybe now we can finally take some serious steps towards a new green energy renaissance. Even going all in on nuclear power would be better.

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