Russia Deploys APOCALYPTIC Tsunami Bomb Submarine And Everyone Is Freaking Out

Guest: Benny Johnson – Host, The Benny Show
Twitter: @BennyJohnson

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  1. Let me just spell it out here.

    Our corrupt, evil, Epstein associated, CCP aligned government bureaucrats, went to China, engineered and a "virus". Then that virus was released at probably the single most political advantageous time they could have ever hoped for. They lied relentlessly for 3 years about every aspect of it. They silenced valid dissenting scientific voices. They openly banned widely available treatments, which they now quietly admit to be successful in treating that virus. They engineered a "vaccine" in record time. They lied relentlessly about the efficacy of that "vaccine", and demanded that everyone take it knowing full well that no one actually needed it. They attempted to leverage the full power of all of their institutional controls to coerce and threaten people into taking this "vaccine", told you that you can't go outside, you can't have a job, your children can't go to school, you can't eat in a restaurant, or even buy food in the grocery store. We know now beyond a shadow of doubt that there was always zero medically rational reasons for the vast majority of people to ever take this "vaccine". They knew this the entire time. So why did they so desperately want you to take it? Maybe someone should ask their partners in China for the answer?

  2. Another US lie and hyperbole. The media will see a mouse and call it a plague. The US is pushing Russia to use nucs so they can say “I told you so”.
    If they did use nucs, it’d be tactical, not strategic. Perhaps they’ll use it against Ukraine offensive, but not bombing other nations.
    Russia is about protecting itself. The US is about hurting everyone else.

  3. Russia has a Yansn class submarine that carries nukes that we lost track of and couldn't find back in 2021 when it left international waters in the Atlantic as it was heading towards New York. For weeks we couldn't find it. It carries nukes that can obliterate the entire East Coast. People need to stop acting like us here in the states when we can't even find their submarines. Yes their infantry soldiers and infantry is trash but thats not our concern. A sub that disappears should be.


  5. When the ussr fell alot of documents were declassified turns out Tim is wrong. The list of what gets hit is released now yes its 40 years old. Military and big citys first wave, second wave small city's with special hospitals…. no nation is going to waste a nuke on a tiny town or village.

  6. I love how you can talk about China stealing data but whenit comes to 23 and me and ancestry you all ofthe sudden don't know that jews own them and use the data for themselves just like what you say Chinese people do.

  7. shut up ian! they fucking knew what machine guns were at the start of ww1! the french just thought their "elan" would carry the day.
    they knew 1 bomb would take out hiroshima. they tested an atom bomb at the trinity site, they knew its potential.

  8. Young people have very little clue what a nuclear war means. It could be way way worst than anything you learned in history, if they still teach that. Death from over radiation is not something you want to die from. Please look up how it screws up your organs. Ive worked in radiation all my life.
    Please peace on all sides, not mutual nuclear destruction. You watch alot of dystopian movies with a hero that you associate yourself with, but in reality you become vaporized, or die from internal organ dysfunction where your vomiting profusively and your mind and nervous system slowley devours your own sanity with physical pain. Good luck with being one of those cool survivors in the movies. Nuclear war will suck hard. Peace out.

  9. never mind the Poseidon Drone missile, The missing sub in question still has its own compliment of Nuclear Missiles on board, and each Missile contains a number of MRVs, "Multiple Reentry Vehicles, which are several smaller Nuclear warheads packed and stacked into one larger missile that they fire from the submarine" that could easily and stealthily strike any US or European target unseen from the depths of the ocean, Heck it could be off the West coast of the USA or off the coast of Europe as I type this, the thing bout submarines is no one knows where they are or when they will strike, and it won't take 30 minutes for those Nuclear Missiles to reach their intended targets either, depending on how far off the coast they are hiding, more like 3 -4 -5 maybe 10 minutes, maybe less?

  10. During our Military exercises we learned to look after signs for the use of tactical battlefield nukes by the enemy Your own troops are withdrawn a couple of Km just before your artillery launch the nuclear warheads. We even had a little artificial mushroom cloud appearing in the distance. It was scary to conduct these exercises when you knew this would be the start of the end of humanity, in real life.

  11. My question is. Would anyone even tell the Americans that a nuke is launched and it’s headed to somewhere in America? Or would they just wait until after the nuke hit to say ahhhhhh were under attack. And not give the American people a chance to even freak out until it’s already hit. Cause think about it. It doesn’t help anyone to tell them a nuke is coming and there is absolutely not a single thing they could do about it.

  12. Not another catapilar silent drive….
    Seen this movie before.
    Are they parked off NYC and listening to our rock n roll?
    Please, nuke us now and fast!!!😆😁😉

  13. well in 1980-84 i was around in nv state 65 miles from nuke test area i got sick because if a leg injury my uncle had what was blood cancer he was around a nuke test on boats what it do see if diesel engines still work after the Nuke was dropped he got sick blood clots great here take blood thinner it made from rat posin ( this illness to my uncle was a 100% death rate cancer it was a major break threw) he lived threw it!

  14. Fact check: everyone knew what machine guns were. They were invented well before WWI, and used primarily by the British in Africa. Churchill himself actually wrote a journalist account of the effects of the Maxim gun when used against an enemy carrying swords and spears.

  15. When you realize every Russian ship is a nuclear disaster waiting to happen in one form or another.

    Russia has devolved into a bad Bond Supervillain with their comically bad doomsday weapons. Their last nuclear powered cruise missile didn't make it too far… lets see how this one does.

  16. What if this biolab weapon has already been launched, or distributed by lets say fucking starbucks or avocadoes and created the leftist zombies ? It already fucked you guys up turning the usa into a joke with no collateral dmg to anyone else. Pro move if you ask me….

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