Russia Drone Strikes, Losses in Makeyevka, Advances in Zaporozhye; Lavrov Hints At Offensive

Russia Drone Strikes, Losses in Makeyevka, Advances in Zaporozhye; Lavrov Hints At Offensive, Attacks on Dneipr Bridges
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  1. I reiterate , all these deaths would have been avoided but for Russia ( apparently Putin's choice ) choosing a SMO instead of a quick full invasion solution , that would have not given any time to the satanist globalists in the west , to scheme and plot ways to persist in their ongoing proxy war in Ukraine .

  2. If you look in footage from the various telegram channels posting combat footage, If you have a keen eye you can see the caps/Nozzles on many of the Grad rockets are made of Bakelite, these are very old surplus rockets, The cold war build up and stockpile of arms is frankly unimaginable, Russia has plenty of ammunition.

  3. The Svatove-Kreminna route (Luhansk region), which supplies Russian troops, is already under fire control of the Ukrainian military. This complicates the defense for the occupiers, – the head of Luhansk OVA Gaidai

  4. @Michael1Sheldon made a good point in that the Russian civil reaction to this HIMARS strike is totally different than every other incident we've seen so far in the war – not just because of the sheer number of victims, but because they were all/almost all recently mobilized guys.

  5. The U.S.led West have proved themselves incapable of meeting their obligations under any agreement so entering into any agreement with them is meaningless. The only option. open to Russia now is to impose what suits them best and to do so militarily. There is no other alternative open to them.

  6. The Ukrainian army does not shoot down any or almost any drone or cruise missile. The amount of lies and dishonor of the fake Ukrainian "government" – the children of the father of lies is unimaginable! No one in their right mind should believe a single word these Khazrs fanatics say. Why did they forbid Ukrainian citizens (under threat of imprisonment) to record the impact sites of Russian rockets and drones and publish it on the Telegram channel? Why? It's simple: everyone in the world would then clearly see that the Ukrainian army does not shoot down anything or almost anything from Russian cruise missiles and drones.

  7. Russia is losing. Get it through your thick head you con man. You Russian propagandist. Russia offers nothing to the world. It is bound to lose. 300 years as an oppressive empire is coming to an end.

  8. I watch and enjoy your show every day, however the characterization of the loss of the Kharkiv region as being some sort of tactical retreat rather than an out right complete and total disaster I find untrue. Now they have to reconquer everything all over again, correct?

  9. Russia is clearly low on missiles, they should be launching many more, it should be 120 an hour, not a day, and sustain it for hours, kiev should be mostly gone by now, it is what I'd do if I were in command.

  10. 1:03:23 I've said it all along! The Cough/Health Crisis was NOTHING else than the Beginning of a Major Worldwide Conflict.
    They ALL knew it was getting too "hot", so they sent us back home to start negotiations/preparations (without us noticing); to get ready for what we're living now.
    1. Timelines, compare the Health Crisis to Geopolitical events, match them to what we're learning on UKR now.
    2. Initially, MANY govs. did not want to participate in the Masquerade (Venice Carnival style, note VENICE), so they were FORCED to participate. Note which leaders got the cough and when (openly catching the cough was a sign of submission). King Jong Un's comments back then are particularly interesting…
    3. China, the final enemy, got blamed for it. Great Opp. to tarnish them. No wonder Brazil is now being chosen as a scapegoat for the next Health Crisis.

    They started their chess game back then, BUT it went south. This? Is just the result of a failed, badly played, chess game. The casualties of the war started LONG before this conflict, back in 2020…

    BTW, to understand my "Venice Carnival" comment you'll need to visit the "Canadian Patriot Press": Matt Ehret channel. I will not give you a specific video because there are TONS of things you have to learn, BUT you can focus on the parts analyzing the whos behind the so called "Deep State". Who truly originated this, who's behind the evil talking heads, banks, WEF, Intel Agencies, etc…

    Bless you!

  11. Lavrov and Putin consistently look like complete dupes. The most naive people in charge of a major country. Total suckers, actually. Watching them always flailing is getting really painful.

  12. Time for Russia to go home 😴. For how long will Alexander be able to go on acting as if Russia's invasion is perfectly in order,.. just firing some rockets, yes yes, and it's going great

  13. Lavrov explained very clearly what has been suspected : US Deep State machinations have been ongoing ever since "the end of the cold war" and their arm,the CIA,has been/is responsable for concocting subversion of Ukraine to use as a scapegoat proxy in the Great Game the CIA plays non stop against Russia. The coup d'état in 2014 was planned and subverted long in advance. Mercouris refers to "hard liners" as "neocons",but that is an understatement to say the least. Some of them,and those within the Deep State are comparable to Dr.Strangelove. Lavrov lays bare what most analysts already knew,that the war in Ukraine is between the US Deep State+CIA versus Russia,with Ukraine being the NATO front line menace. Lavrov explains clearly the ideological thrust is a pretense under the guise of "International Rules Based Order" that glues together the european NATO allies. The Great Game,is like a chessboard,with each side moving and calculating the others response. With each escalation by the US,they test out how far they can go untill Russia reacts and with what in return. Lavrov hints a response will come. He is saying Russia will not tolerate,not accept continuation of US weapons flowing into Ukraine any longer,and does not trust nor believe any "reassurances" on the Patriot system. Russia COULD counter the US weapons flow by moving a very strong piece on the chessboard of the Great Game by threatening use of tactical nuclear weapons against the entry points of those weapons in Ukraine. So far they have not.Lavrov is on top form.

  14. The strike is psychologically damaging, because those reservist were supposed to be at a relatively safe distance from Ukrainian firepower. Russia must increase its missile defense around assets like troops and ammunition

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