Russia Fighting West of Bakhmut, Closing Trap, Push towards Zaporozhye City, Ukraine Military Crisis

Russia Fighting West of Bakhmut, Closing Trap, Pushes towards Zaporozhye City, Threatening New Military Crisis for Ukraine
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  1. It will be disingenuous to place all the blame on this administration, this has been happening since 1946 to date. The USA's decline is not only on its policy towards Russia but rather its illegal actions in Africa, South East Asia, China and South America so quit addressing the God Damned USA as Democrats and Republican and stop taking sides because we quit mainstream News networks and rely on you, so please OBlIGE

  2. @Alex. just got official news that Russia has signed initial documents with Kazakhstan und Uzbekistan to create a roadmap for a Gas Union. Uzbekistan was against it in the beginning, but have come around after a disastrous energy crisis during an extraordinary cold winter season

  3. From March 1 anyone trying 2 leave the Russian Federation will first have to receive permission from the FSB .. they will have to apply in advance and book a time and there will be limited slots available…
    Please tell me now that this is what a victorious country experiencing great success and having no problems with sanctions and public approval for its war of aggression would do 😁

  4. The terms of the conventions are clear. Like it or not, the terms are clear. From Wikipedia:

    "Mercenaries are not recognized as legitimate combatants and do not have to be granted the same legal protections as captured service personnel of the armed forces."

    If they're wearing the flag of the side they are fighting for, while having enlistment papers filed in Ukraine or Russia, they're regulars. If they are fighting under other circumstances, they're mercenaries. There is a distinction in my opinion between volunteers and soldiers of fortune, but there isn't much leniency in definitions. They're either considered as being members of a military in uniform or they're mercenaries.

  5. “A defeat for Ukraine is a defeat for NATO.” So said NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg. This is not unimaginable but real, and also fully deserved since NATO’s prolonging of the proxy war by sending arms and “volunteers” is costing thousands of lives needlessly.

  6. Russia Fighting West of Bakhmut, Closing Trap
    Let's look at the definition of Trap

    A contrivance for catching and holding animals, as a concealed pit or a clamplike device that springs shut suddenly.

    A stratagem for catching or tricking an unwary person.

    A confining or undesirable circumstance from which escape or relief is difficult.
    None of those three definitions match Mercouris's definition of Trap. Mercouris, Russia has been using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut for more than six months, losing thousands of units in the process. The Russians are the ones in the trap and they send home thousands of dead bodies with hardly any gain.
    And in case you got the news in the Zaporozhye region from your Russian masters in Moscow I can tell you it's fake news, the Russians haven't advanced one inch in that region !!!

  7. Prof. Timothy Snyder: "Pollsters please ask no more questions about the "situation in Ukraine" or the "crisis in Ukraine." Please ask about "the Russian invasion of Ukraine" or "Russia's war on Ukraine." That is an actual event on which people have views."

  8. Elensky doesn't have any balls. If he did he would be on the front lines in Bakhmut but alas he's nothing more than a REMF. He has his priorities and his nose is one of them. If he's a leader with stones then he should press ALL Ukrainians of military age into service. Give them two weeks of basic training, equip them, and invade Mother Russia itself. The goal would be the capture of Moscow. Elensky can be at the tip of the spear of the flying column and stand atop an APC decorated in rainbow colors, while waving a Ukrainian flag. Just imagine the optics and how the Western MSM would spin it. Remember that image is everything and Elensky knows it.

  9. 25:55 US has "enslaved nations" LAWS about dismemberment of other states, like Russia, China and so on, thus obliging American bureaucracy and citizenry to participate in hostile foreign policy. Which AUTOMATICALLY outlaws the USA as criminal organization as a state, in target countries, and makes its dismemberment and annihilation a high priority. Why all these pesky WASP / Anglo-Saxons would not come back to England, Jutland and Saxonia, where they all once came from, and the stolen lands would not be rightfully handed back to original American and Celtic populaces?

  10. “Locked in an escalatory cycle”. Biden is a tattered, demented, cardboard cutout puppet. Victoria Nuland, the Kagans at the Institute for the Study of War, Blinken, Sullivan, and other Neocons, are steering us toward disaster, cheered on by a highly manipulated MSM, manufacturing consent for a poorly educated, resentful, frustrated, American public. It is possible that the unelected factions of our government are looking for a path to damaging Biden with the mishandling of the classified documents. This doesn’t mean they are the good guys. There are none. But perhaps there is a path away from the Last Barbecue. I’m not hopeful.

  11. "…to what purpose, to what end?" To go down in history as a great war-time president. Without that, he will be remembered as the most pathetic failure of the institution

  12. Discussions on Russian TV are becoming more frightening as these commentators are advocating nuclear war fare as the only means of settling the Ukranian war . Have the peace and goodwill proponents been replaced inside Russia with these foolish journalists ? Nuclear winter is a terrifying outcome for the human race .

  13. Who in the west would fight for the elitists aims? it's typical and historically repetative western piracy, and they want to plunder Russia, would you help them to do that?

  14. I spent 13 months in Vietnam and saw most of the high-tech weapons — at that time — that the US deployed. Of course, the VC, NVA had no air force, no heavy armor — mostly light weapons. I've seen the damage done by US cobra gunships' mini-guns and rockets, the use of napalm, the carpet bombing from B52s. These weapons had been very efficient in killing and maiming — that is, as technological marvels, they worked perfectly.
    I believe the Vietnamese weathered that storm of metal and fire because of their HEART and DETERMINATION. These are invisible weapons far more powerful any shit the gringos throw around. This is why, in spite of their superior killing machines, the US keeps losing.
    We can see clearly that, in this conflict, Russia has the heart and determination. And, I might add, the RIGHT.

  15. THE CONTINUED 'UKRAINE PROBLEM' , As far as I know, 'illegal' copies of Red Army notes and orders (18 volumes PnP by New Park Publications), were 'smuggled' into E. Europe in 1989, and were distributed and welcomed amoung Hungarian local/youth militia for discussion. One of the volumes dealt with the consequences of 'inaccurate' reports, made necessary by a tragic event which was said by the note to have occured in the then Sverdlovsk. My sudden memorizing these events I think, is due to the parenthal 'spectre' which haunts those reps,. of capitalism in Europe with their new US sponsors. This 'spectre', lived under the bastardized name of 'Communism'.; The naming baptists being Churchill, Stalin, and Roosavelt. The rebuilding of Ukraine, the 'how's' and 'why's, have unprecedented consequences for those countries around Ukrain's borders and Europe!

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