Russia Gives Clear Demands – Media Covers Them Up

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  1. Gee, Lee I am a straight guy, but I think I am falling in love with you. If you cut your hair I will consider divorcing my wife of 35 years and giving you marriage proposal. Well, I am much older than you and that could be seen by liberal globalists as "stealing the baby from the cradle", so I will just stay only watching your comments. Oh, by the way, I can not believe you are anti-war! War is the best invention that humans could invent. War is something that make difference between us and animals. Animals only kill but they never make wars, and humans do both. God bless you, watch your back.😀

  2. Um… What? Russia invaded a country & then has demands? Nah, GTFO…
    These demands are a pretext for an invasion, the logistics of Russia's invasion suggest their invasion was planned months ago.
    Ukraine already said they will not join NATO before invasion.

  3. "Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it." -John Lennon

  4. and those nut cases are enriching uranium for A-bomb, have several reactor loads of spent fuel for H-bomb, and now we know were developing bio-weapons.

  5. isn't it a bit fascinating that all major world conflicts have been in the northern hemisphere?

    Also, it's good to know we've been at war with russia since forever. Guess the cold war never did end, did it.

  6. Lee I greatly apreciate your videos and I understand what you mean when you state that you are against war and what Putin is doing but…. try to put yourself in his place. Knowing all you know about Nato encroachment on his borders, and how for more than a decade he has been trying to find a diplomatic solution to this ever increasing problem. Knowing that if Ukraine eventually joined Nato, it would pretty much mean WW3, what alternative do you think he had? Diplomacy had already been exhausted, Ukraine´s pupet government showed no intention of following the Minks acords and even threatened using nuclear weapons. It was either strike now with limited casualties or risk WW3 later on. Lesser of two evils as I see it.

  7. Lee you need to officially distance yourself from Russia Today, I keep bitching at YouTube that rt doesn't exist anymore and that they look stupid for keeping the label on your videos but I don't think they care about my opinion

  8. Putin is far from a sociaopath lee, as Scott Ritter told you yesterday, Russia is going out of its way to minimize civilian casualties, going very soft in Ukraine, not attacking civilian infrastructure, doing its best to organize evacuation corridors, sending aid to Ukraians, etc. Does this look at all like something a sociopath would do? Putin cares a lot about Ukrainians because they are cousins to Russia, and he had little choice and in fact waited 8 long years before finally attacking.

  9. "As the war enters its third week, President Biden and his team are also entering a murkier, more difficult stage of the conflict, where the new challenge is how to control the largely uncontrollable: Russian President Vladimir Putin and his endgame, whatever that may be."
    -Washington Post

    No context, no explanation of Putin's demands, nothing. They just pretend like there's no reason for the war and as though Putin is vague about his demands.

  10. Oh yeah "clear demands", they're only demanding Ukraine completely demilitarize AS THEY'RE BEING INVADED and slaughtered,for them not to join a bloc and to allow Russia to install a puppet president. Ukraine has every right to fight Russian aggression and to demand better terms for peace. Sorry Lee but you're dead wrong on this issue.

  11. Putin’s demands have been made clear and were presented at the UN by his Ambassador last week and reiterated today by his foreign minister. Please note: Putin has changed his ideology since his encounters with Trump and they oftentimes parrot each other’s talking points. Oliver Stone’s interviews with Putin that took place between July 2015 and Feb 2017 is an excellent resource. Then look into the changes in Putin’s life that took place in 2013 and the current status of his gymnast consort now residing in Switzerland.

  12. This isn't about Russia vs. Ukraine. It isn't. The two sides in the conflict are actually "war profiteering & energy dominance by the U.S." vs. "world peace & cooperation." That is actually what is at stake here. All the other calculations are realatively meaningless or outright propaganda. This comes down to a very simple conflict of opposing forces. And it's not Ukraine vs. Russia.

  13. Nah it’s starting to become pretty clear to more and more folks that the morons that are against any context, truth etc…. You know, the latest of what I believe Should be pushed is the documentary UKRAINE ON FIRE!! this documentary proves to everyone what is REALLY going on with this whole Russia/Ukraine war, and “should” open their eyes. Keep up the good work Lee, I already miss RT. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  14. Also, Lee, history of the survival of the people of the Caucasus is essential to what's going on in this region and youuuuu Mr., seemed like was reading that word for the first time. I can NOT believe you are born in 1980!?!? Did God raise you on the fountain of youth or something ☺️

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