Russia Invades Ukraine: Bidens Role, WWIII Worries, and More

I don’t know that the Wests’ “leaders” would have the balls to do anything not sanction related.

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  1. Seems to me that Russia’s stakes are generally low by taking Ukraine. This is a good opportunity to put on a shock & awe show for the world while western governments are headed by weak leaders. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” Remember, on the home front we can always count on misdirection.

  2. I believe Russia, wouldn't have ever set foot into Russia if a resigeme change uprising wasn't a engineering effort by the U.S. including a speech by John McCain in Ukraine. NOW THE RUSSIAN NEEDS TO CONTROL UKRAINE TO HAVE A BUFFER AGAINST NATO. I PREDICT BIDEN WON'T CARE AS LONG AS HUNTER BIDEN CAN CONTINUE TO GET PAID OFF AND GIVE DAD 10%.

  3. Russia starts working on Eurasia, China chomping at the bit to go at Taiwan and Japan to build Eastasia… can the US just claim Canada and Mexico (very little to no blood loss on both accounts until we have to take on the cartels…but no moral issue there) already so we are ready as one of the 3 superpowers of 1984?

  4. So Russia invaded Ukraine and they haven't captured the whole place yet? How could they stand against U.S. or western european troops? Ukraine is a small country they should have taken half of it by now.

  5. The first step in taking away the money laundering operation of the left – Ukraine. Putin and Zalinsky are in on it together. They both want the western pimps out. They really are peace-keepers. To think Russia is the aggressor is uncharacteristically naive.

  6. “Suit up boy, you’re going to war”? Uh no, the libtards say there is no functional differences between sexes. Start drafting the blue hairs, regardless of gender! That would be fun to watch.

  7. When NATO was first formed a treaty was signed saying that Ukraine would never become part of NATO.
    Again we keep trying to break the treaty.
    That is why Russia is invading Ukraine

  8. Somehow, the USA is just amazingly good at making "allies" overconfident, so that they start wars for us under the delusion that we will rescue them from the consequences….

  9. It'll be a nothing burger no matter what.. potato joe can sabre rattle all he wants to prop himself up nothing will happen.. only thing that'll happen is we usa citizens will suffer at the pump and to find everyday supplies a little scarce.. business as usual…

  10. Biden has sent US soldiers to areas of Ukraine already. Family members of our soldiers have reported getting phone calls from their relatives that they've been sent in and told to make calls to say their goodbyes, locations undisclosed.

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