Russia is striking Ukraine with accurate devastating firepower

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Audio recording: 2/7/2023.

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  1. Basically, you promoted today's (Feb 10, 2024) strikes against civilian infrastructure. Nice one! But you should have delayed this broadcast by 24 hours. IT's RUZZIAN fascist state that started this genocidal war and is still sending their soldiers to die. Wake up, Macgregor!

  2. God save Holy Mother Russia! From an American who loves Russia and all Russians from the bottom of his heart! I also say this: If I could ever help Russia win and defeat/destroy NATO, I WILL HELP IN ANY WAY I CAN.

  3. The Russians are winning. They have no reason to negotiate. And why would they? The 2014 Minsk agreement was to end hostilities and murder of Russians. NATO openly admitted they always intended to betray the Russians while they armed Ukraine to destroy Russia. What kind of drugs are NATO on? If I were Russia, it seems in their best interest to destroy Ukraine completely.

  4. THANK YOU, Douglas Macgregor. FINALLY, someone has spoken the truth that STALIN killed more than Hitler ever did. Stalin starved TEN million Ukrainian CHRISTIANS, slaughtered Polish officers while the allies looked the other way and blamed his crimes on Hitler. FDR, Churchill and STALIN were bedfellows and history needs to come clean about THEIR war crimes.

    NATO is doing to Russia what FDR, Churchill and Stalin did to Germany, goaded it into war in order to level it so that it could never again threaten Britain/US hegemony.

    Hitler abided by rules of the Geneva Convention which meant that after the war Germany returned 80% of its POWs. To the contrary, Stalin sent his German POWs to death camps after the war ended and Eisenhower starved his German POWS in American concentration camps.

    In WWII Britain was forced to surrender Singapore to Japan which Churchill referred to as the greatest blunder in British history. So what did America do? It dropped TWO atom bombs to show Japan who is boss. America and Britain don't play fair, don't follow the rules and are poor losers.

    Now there is video showing Ukraine soldiers with drones and chemical weapons. Is this what America is prepared to support and fund? The use of chemical weapons, a war crime? After it accused and invaded the Middle East under that very, albeit false, pretext?

    Funded by the international banking cabal, America and Britain lie, lie, lie. This war is about saving the dollar and the hegemony of the West. If these NATO demoniacs have to flatten Russia and China as it did Berlin to retain superiority, it will do so even if it means nuclear war and the death of millions of innocents. It is just that evil.

  5. Our biggest problem is we rely mainly on Puppets to in just wars. Seems like that its fundamentally to please the War industry. In fact we have little to no real respect all over the globe for all the bloodshed we cause.

  6. The best, the most truthful and most unbiased kind of journalists are the talking-head-in-living-room Vloggers. They don't have "boots on the ground", they don't have editorial interference from an editor, or fact-checkers, or any kind of facts to support their assertions. They use pure unbiased truth, based on "trust me bro"

  7. you have been stating for over 3 months now that they are doing osme major offensive and yet they had hardly recovered even a mile of land. You better hope that somehow you have figured everything out and the rest of us cant find a single thing you claim. I actually want Russia to win because im not stupid and know this goes nuclear if they dont. But if they dont take back all the land they lost imo its a joke, so far they have just taken about half a mile back. I wouldnt be surprised if they lose crimea within a year

  8. The 10 Tonne Elefant in the Room is the Fact that Joe Biden ( IS NOT IN CONTROL ) Of the USA Or the US MILITARY Period !!!!

    This Whole Shit Show is Being Run By the Cabal/>"NWO"/ Who Think They "OWN<" The Hearts and Minds of ""WE THE PEOPLE"" !! !!!


    WWG1, WGA
    Vince ADF 🇦🇺 Spec-Ops 1989-1996 Retired,
    Father Husband and WARRIOR For FREEDOM TRUTH AND FAMILY !!

  9. 7:10 As far as youth being conscripted Read the history of Audie Murphy. But it takes time to train soldiers and as the education systems crash, the training may be done by military. Ukraine is desperate.
    But whole year groups(?) are dead and gone? That would mean millions have died. Not just 150K.

  10. Mr. Macgregor is one of the most well orientated high position men in USA and still the way he speaks for many european and mostly russian matters is so inaccurate. His idea of our eastern world and our views is very influenced by the U.S. mass media. This only shows how far did the americans went in their delusions. It's a crime against your own interest to have people in such positions touched by the propaganda.
    Compliments to Mr. Macgregor for being able to stay fairly accurate in his assumptions and trying to get the people back to reason.

  11. What we sense from Col Douglas Macgregor is, that Russia will succeed. I would appreciate if he could share his view with us, on how post war arrangements would look like, as we all know, that we face further trouble in Europe and the US remains 'weak' for a given period of time to sort the place…..

  12. How come the US has run out of missiles and Russia is still firing 69,000 rounds a day if the Russian economy we were led to believe was smaller than Texas. Someone is lieing through their teeth .

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