‘Russia losing’ narrative, Russiagate, and Moby Dick

‘Russia losing’ narrative, Russiagate, and Moby Dick
The Duran: Episode 1418



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  1. Alexander makes an excellent observation re: dirty bomb. The fact that US military & nuclear circles even mouth the words "[falsely alleged Ukrainian] dirty bomb" at all (regardless of the denial context) points, in my mind, to a rift between US's overt & covert branches on this issue (or perhaps US vs Ukrainian). Had they been going along, they'd never keep repeating the actual words "dirty bomb".

  2. There is no way the politicians could be that naive while clearly the intel they receive would be distorted. The never mentioned the 2014 Maidan coup, 8 years of slaughter nor either of the Minx agreements which have been exposed as nothing more than a ruse used as a delaying tactic by Kiev and the West.
    The letter was a cynical nonsense used as a political prop, nothing more.

  3. This is turning to propaganda. I love hearing alternative views and I think such is useful . This is incorrect Russia is heavily on the retreat . Ukraine has infiltrated behind Russian lines striking, bombing within Russia. Russia still hasn't managed to take Bakhmut. Now the drones on Russia parts has been effective but let's be honest if Russia looses Kherson it is major blow. If Kherson falls Ukraine will push to within striking distance of Crimea and Mauriopol. I don't like N.A.T.O expansionism nor U.S /Western domination but I am not going to lie nor deny facts. Let's try to report accurate regardless of our bias.

  4. Right on about that crap Democrat letter don't buy it for a min, they are losing voters so they want a BS cover, but it's not going to work. We are tired of war, tired of paying for war in places we don't even understand why we are there. Tired of funding BS crap that's not helping anyone anywhere except politicians and there buddies while we just kept getting broke and brainwashed. Let them rot.

  5. Sadly I agree completely, Russiagate should have brought down the Dems once and for all. I'm in Georgia, right out side Atlanta, everyone knows what's happening (my God they cancelled a sitting president and have political prisoners in Washington how couldn't we know) but we don't have a leader to unite us yet, we are small groups doing our parts and waiting. IDK if Trump can, but he is going to win '24 too many have had enough and believe he was cheated and that can't stand, fair is fair. The fear and propaganda is so high, for so long they have hidden what has been happening over seas and that frankly we are the American empire, that was never supposed to happen, but if the news does not report it then most don't know. I don't know, COVID changed everything, EVERYTHING. We are so close to a civil war, they want it, they poke us harder than Russia, we get violent, they take our guns and we are all lost. So we play lawfair just as they have done to us for decades. Building a parallel economy, like Russia did against the Soviet union. But it takes time. I'm sorry we can't help the rest of you more but we must follow our laws and that is a long long process, this has been in play for decades against us. Please know we are fighting but we aren't you, we must do it as Americans. We already had a civil war that left us divided for decades that won't help anyone. All of our institutions and social contracts are broken. Don't be afraid your not alone. Nothing can stop what's coming and in the end God wins.

  6. one thing I've learned alot about from the Ukraine conflict is the mass propaganda effort launched early-on from America and immediately seeing NATO countries fall quickly and thoughtlessly in line. America, right or wrong, made little difference to them as they all fell in line like the Keystone Cops.
    Hopefully, we'll all learn that propaganda doesn't win wars, just makes them deadlier.

  7. Last point guys don't fool yourselves it's not hatred for Russians, you think these elites care about Russians anymore than Ukraine, Africa, Afghanistan, iraq, Iran, Germany, England or even Americans? Their better than us remember, we are the new peasants and they are the royals, born and bread to rule. It's only about power and money nothing more. That narrative is just for the useful idiots they are using who don't even know where Russia is, literally. We see it all the time here. Education and media were the first institutions to fall.

  8. It is interesting to hear Duran's thoughts. But what ever they believe about the war I think even Duran is going to figure out that Russia is going to be worse off for invading Ukraine. Where will Russia be in a couple of years. The economy will be in terrible shape it is already starting on its down slope. With both the Nord pipelines out, Europe may be cold, but Russia is losing billions of dollars monthly with no gas sales. Who will Russia trade with in the near future, even the Chinese are backing away. The Russian people are going to suffer immensely because of Putins need for glory.

  9. A large segment of the American Left has been consumed by an irrational Russophobia since the 2016 election.
    Those feelings are mixed with a post-Cold War woke internationalism that views Russia as the heart of reaction & a nation worth doing battle with. It's the Rainbow International!
    These feelings descend from 19th & Early 20th c. Western progressive Russophobia. Fighting Tsarist reaction & so forth.
    German Social Democrats in 1914 are much like German Social Democrats in 2022. This is the state of the left worldwide.

  10. Nothing new to report in Kherson and Bakhmut? Ukraine is continuing advances and Wagner Group is retreating. Why don't you guys report what is actually happening on the ground? Your maps must be terrible. Oh well, Russian issue…. Your audience deserves better. As far as the letter from the Democrats, it was written much earlier and only released by accident and then quickly retracted when it was made clear it was Ukraine that decides when it's time to negotiate. Not the US, not NATO, not Russia. So, by now, none story. And, maybe your news is slow, but the Russian army is busy building hardened defensive lines INSIDE RUSSIA! Not in Ukraine, not in annexed territory but all the way back inside of Russia, to protect Belgorod and various other towns that are close enough to the border to feel … uneasy. That's a good word, isn't it? Uneasy, meaning uncomfortable, fearing for their lives… etc. Just like some of the civilians in Ukraine have been feeling UNEASY for the past 8-months. But these fortifications are probably the first thing the Russian army has done right since they started this pathetic adventure. It reflects reality. Ukraine could easily overrun the border regions. They have chosen not to. Pretty civilized of them, right? Russia: Build the Wall. It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic. I guess Putin is unhappy that the news got out–but, hard to hide. Western Satellites everywhere overhead… watching, watching. Bye.

  11. Why should US/NATO negotiate? EU (Germany) ruined, weapons tested and wasted (and replenished = MIC profits, congress donations, shareholder divs), shame about Russian strength, but hey, Xmas coming in comfy USA!

  12. The 30 Progressive Democratic Representatives who sent that BS letter know that the American Voting Public do not support Biden’s Proxy War against Russia. The Western Propaganda has been far more effective in Europe than in the the USA. If enough America First Candidates make it to Washington, they can sabotage the NeoCon/ NeoLib Plans. Ukraine is considered a Deep State Asset so there is no love for Ukraine. The MAGA Movement probably doesn’t care much for the UK & Australia that had prominent roles in the Russia Gate Sham. The Midterms will be the Americans Protests & Demonstrations against the Globalist Politicians.

  13. Let's see a list of America's failed regime change attempts in other countries. There must be a dozen or two by now. Include those where regime change was successful, but the government installed by the US is a total failure and there has been economic collapse.

  14. It's ignorance. All they watch is the MSM, and none have seen this video about what has really been going on in Ukraine. Copy-paste on YouTube (with the URL this comments gets shadow banned.)
    "Donbass: Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow."

  15. I am very disappointed with the progressives in the U.S. congress. I had hopes because they were the only ones actually trying to forth legislation to help the middle-class and the poor but, with mid-terms they fell in line with the hawkish rest of the politicians and dashed my hopes. I understand they know they would be killed by most of the public and media by no backbone. You have hawkish democrats and republicans and trumpers seem to keep going back and forth never holding one view except Tucker (who gives me the creeps! lol). Spineless democrats, old style republicans who only care for the rich, and the fascist trumpers, U.S. politics is just bankrupt.

  16. Alex and Alexander, the way things are on the battlefield, yes Zelenski is throwing against the Russian forces untrained and ill equipped Ukrainians, this is Zelenski's plan, if the Russians don't understand the meaning of it, in the long-run they'll lose.

  17. In addition to Alexander's comments – which are accurate – it is useful to note that the letter was written months ago but was not sent. It was leaked by a Left caucus operative. The 'Russia is losing' narrative is the West's comfort food.

  18. This just reported by the International Energy Agency. Russian oil and gas revenues will drop by more than half, from $75 billion last year to less than $30 billion in 2030. Losing $45 billion per year can't be good for the Russian economy.

  19. There is one interesting number missing since the beginning of the operation or war. Does anyone know the total number of killed Ukrainian soldiers? I always hear the number of killed Russian soldiers, but nobody speaks about the Ukrainian serviceman!

  20. Everybody knows that you are a spokesperson for Ruzzian propaganda. What does it feel like – supporting the russian murdering civilians? Maybe you should go and fight at the front – Russia mobiliza at the moment.

  21. Scott Adams think the American intel has to many old Russian experts from the cold war,, and the biden admin is going along with the projections from this elite group, remember, Trump didn't listen to the millitary expert, especially the Russia experts, infact he threatend them, I think these ecperts are reestablishing their relevance, and senile Biden is just following along this insanity because, "mmmu, bad bad Putin"

  22. Well, Francis Fukyama (sp) wrote "The End of History" celebrating the complete victory of the liberal world order after the Cold War. Rave reviews followed (One that was not a rave was by the conservative historian John Lukas, who wrote that Fukyama was "a fool," and tore the book apart). The author seems to have been more than proven wring, but he still has a job (no doubt well paid) somewhere. He hasn't been laughed out of academia, no more than Lester Thurnow, who wrote one of the most economically illiterate "classics ever, entitled "The Zero Sum Solution." Thurnow in effect, argued (pontificated actually) that the amount of wealth was static, and it was therefore necessary to redistribute that finite wealth "fairly." The book was, of course, hailed as a "classic," and ended up as a popular economic textbook. Despite the obvious massive flaws in the argument, I don't believe he lost his job either.
    And so it goes….🤣

  23. Not only Russiagate didn't change anything, the demonstrably false narrative that it portrayed is still going around. In other words, that kind of deep-state propaganda and misinformation never dies, it actually got a powerup and a sequel with the conflict in Ukraine.

  24. Territory is not just physical land. There is mental territory, economic. Both sides are hoping to bankrupt, or completely upend politically, the other. The battlefield is global economics.

    One way to pacify a country is to wipe out the young, aggressive males most imbued with testosterone. 19th century Paraguay comes to mind, it still has not recovered. Darwinian selection and extinction. This (every) war is brutal, but only as brutal as someone throwing themselves into a cactus patch.

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