Russia Missile Strike, Advances Bakhmut; German Criticism Tank Transfers, US Navy Stocks Depleted

Russia Missile Strike, Advances Soledar Bakhmut; German Criticism Kiev Tank Transfers, US Navy Worries Stocks Depleted
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  1. Training will not be an issue for the West supplied tanks, or war planes to Ukraine, the West will supply a turnkey package, i.e. including operators and maintenance crews, to Ukraine. Supplying personnel along with hardware is not a departure from the West's policy, because there are already disguised NATO international volunteer brigades fighting Russians in Ukraine.

    If situation in Ukraine is worse enough, the West will supply western made tanks, warplanes, whatever available in the West to the Ukrainians, even tactical nuclear weapons is something highly possible. To weaken Russians, the West has no red-lines.

  2. the western tanks will not make much difference on the Ukrainian front, they are not built for the terrain and weather conditions, they are rather useful when you have numerical and air superiority, they will certainly stay in zone 2 of the front, and be used in counterattacks, no counteroffensive, because there is a difference between both reactions,

  3. Kherson Update: from Special Kherson Cat: During the last recent Russian attack on Kherson, there was a strike on a building where premises of the Red Cross are located.

    P.S: Russians struck the same building in mid-December, a volunteer and member of Red Cross, Victoria Yaryshko, was killed back then.

  4. Russia is reported to be considering forcing soldiers who are refusing to fight to serve in penal-style battalions under the command of the Wagner Group, which is desperate for new blood to replace its calamitous losses in the fighting in eastern Ukraine.

  5. Russian demands are becoming increasingly clear:
    1. Ukraine cannot be an enemy of Russia
    2. The Russian minority in Ukraine cannot be persecuted
    3. The Ukrainians cannot be Nazis
    It seems that there are Ukrainians that cannot live in such a nation. Consequently they prefer to fight to the death.

  6. Since Ukraine retreated from Soledar there is few places for Russian's to hide in the destroyed city. Videos are now surfacing of AFU hitting the Russians everywhere with HI-MARS. While Russia is launching missiles at civilians Ukrainians are launching Russian's to the moon. I LOVE IT

  7. It should be obvious the council of 300 has picked China as the winner (social credit system) and the US defenses are deliberately being weakened and ultimately destroyed. Who sells land next to military bases to the enemy. Who lets the enemy finance the elite educational system? And on and on.

  8. Poor Russian pro channels still don't see it coming….even after what happened in Sept LOL…..Wagner / Russia ….has won themselves 5 sq miles of empty town…..where UAF has retreated to entrenched positions just outside the town and never moved from there even though ""victory"" happen days ago……Russia has not faced a real army in so long….they have forgotten what is an obvious artillery kill zone…..LMAO

  9. I find it increasingly interesting how fast the Western countries are willing to deplete their military armament to Ukraine and not build up their own armaments for themselves what if Russia and the Chinese seeing that NATO keeps pushing this war decide to take advantage of their depleted military of the West and form a 200 million man army and invaid these countries it seems like there walking right into it I think these countries better think very carefully before they flush their militaries down the toilet in Ukraine I think the Germans French and the rest of Europe better start learning to speak Russia and Chinese

  10. The battalion of Russia's 26th Tank Regiment, which is fighting around the city of Kupiansk, in the Kharkiv region of eastern Ukraine, had 10 T-80BV main battle tanks still in "serviceable condition" as of Thursday, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine posted on Facebook on Sunday.

    The rest are "destroyed or disabled," according to the General Staff, with those still in operation manned by around 30 Russian personnel.

  11. US Navy Stocks Depleted <<<< this statement is so funny, pray tell us Mercouris how did the US Navy deplete their stocks remembering that the US has the largest Navy in the world and has not really used it's Navy in conflict for years. Are you seriously trying to tell us that the US is operating hundreds of vessels around the world and none of them have any Ammo. This must be the most stupid thing you have ever said !!!

  12. Russia Missile Strike, you forgot to add on civilians Mercouris. Please tell your viewers Mercouris that you 100% support the murder and genocide of Civilians as a means of war contrary to the rules and regulations of war as laid out in the Geneva convention.

  13. The Kremlin's motive for not praising the "Wagner" Group (Why do they even call themselves that? Does it have to do with Richard Wagner being an Austrian figure head's (of whom ruled over Germany beginning in 1933) favorite composer?) is likely ro refrain from approving mercenary groups in general. Otherwise, to do so would justify mercenary groups fighting against the regular uniformed Russian Army. An approval of this kind would likely cause a backlash from Russian top brass

  14. Mercouris is so glad that he's finally got one right, after making hundreds of false predictions over a period of nearly 12 months. The saddest thing about this excuse of a human being is that he glorifies in the actions of a bunch of thugs, murderers and pirates, who have used massive force to capture a small settlement. Mercouris tries to sell this little occupation as a great victory for the Russians when it was anything but. Come on Mercouris tell us how many Russians were killed in this ten day assault. My information tells me that the Russians lost soldiers at a ratio of 1:10, which means approximately 800 Russian soldiers per day or some 8.000 Russian soldiers killed in this short campaign. Even you cannot be stupid enough to believe that the Ukrainians lost anything like the casualties the Russians had to take. Your report and Bullshite today shows once again that you are brain dead and nothing but a tool of disinformation for your Russian masters.

  15. Have you noticed that Mercouris never replies to any of my comments, apart from constantly sending me spam mail to try and shut me down and failed miserably. The Trouble with Mercouris is he comes on here every day churning out his lies, bullshite and disinformation campaign most of it without one shred of truth or any evidence to back up anything he's says. How much longer is You Tube gonna let this imbecile churn out this verbal diarrhoea before closing this Channel of hate down !!!

  16. The Russians slept-walked into Soledar to attract more Ukrainian soldiers into the Battle 😅🤣😂. The battlegrounds of Soledar and Bakhmut are strewn with thousands of dead Russian bodies Mercouris … The Russians didn't sleepwalk anywhere you NERD, they have spent six months and had anything up to 60.000 casualties in this area and let us not forget one thing, a lot of the wagner group were killed in this battle (supposedly Russias best units). Those dead bodies won't be coming back anytime soon … bring on the prisoners and conscripts to Bakhmut because a more of them will be dead by the time this is over !!!

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