Russia Missile Strikes, Ukraine Admits Heavy Losses, Turkey Mulls Syria Pullout, Xi Putin Friendship

Russian Missiles Strike Again, Ukraine Admits Heavy Bakhmut Losses, Turkey Mulls Syria Pullout, Xi Putin Renew Friendship
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  1. I read an opinion by a Russian commentator that Russia intended to pull out of Kupiansk and Izyum for a reason. They obviously knew about Ukraine's plans to conduct an offensive there. Instead of fortifying their positions there they were actually pulling troops out and sending them to Donbass. They were also openly talking about it. None of it made sense unless one assumed that that's exactly what they wanted to do. With large numbers of contractors leaving in July and August and a late start to mobilization as well as the rumours of some shady backdoor negotiations with the Americans, they had to do something dramatic that would deliver the message both to the troops and the Russian public that the intentions and goals were firm. And that dramatic act was the announcement of the referenda in Donbass, Kherson and Zaporozhye. It would have been bad optics to not include Kharkov region but they were only holding a very small part of it and there was no way they could pull off meaningful referendum results. So the Russians decided to use Ukraine's offensive to back out of there. I am sure they are planning to return eventually as Ukraine's positions there are creating huge problems for the bordering Russian territory.

  2. Thank you and a very Happy New Year to you Andrew and your significant others. I think Syria is at a critical point; things there could explode into direct involvement between Syrian militias and US War Machine Mercenaries in the region. This might trigger further clashes. Hezbollah may decide to strike at Israel. China may assert itself re Taiwan. I think many Countries in the World are sensing the 'Exceptional Nation' is on an ever increasing slide downwards into a status of becoming a permanently 3rd World, Banana Republic type of Country.

  3. Some corrections to the narrative: Putin's missiles strike civilian population in Ukraine, Russia does not admit any loses, Bakhmut still not taken. Russia becomes a vassal to China.

  4. Happy New Year to your victims Alex, the Ukrainians whose suffering that you celebrate, the followers and subscribers whom you mislead, and the recipients of your legal services whom you have defrauded.

  5. The whole thing with Russia running out of missiles is a pretty straightforward projection. It's not that hard to see, at least that's my opinion. What's the logic behind it? Well, it is actually stupidly simple. The whole collective West runs on fumes of "Russia is economically insignificant", "2% of world GDP" and other nonsensical crap like comparing nominal GDP numbers to their own selves. They look up the wikipedia page on nominal GDP, notice that Germany/UK has larger GDP nominally, or with German one even with PPP numbers (even though not by much). They go "aha! Got ya!" and start making some dumb conclusions like: Germany ain't got so many missiles! How come? They've got bigger GDP and their military expenditure is at least comparable in nominal USD spent per year… they must have run out of missiles because the Germans would have at that spending, (military or just in general) industry capacity (which is meak compared to Russia, especially the military one, but they know jack shit), GDP numbers! We got this solved, Mr. President! According to our absolutely logical analysis (not, but they can't grasp it) they will run out of missiles or are running out of them because any western country that is comparable would!
    To me it seems crystal clear, it's like light of day clear. Of course, it might be just pure propaganda BS but I believe it's more dumber than that, it's incompetence and lack of awareness again that strook those western geniuses, especially journos.
    Again, the explanation might be simpler than this, but it seems very logical because they still cling on to this tired story.

  6. U.S. oil company Chevron has a tanker on the way to sanctioned Venezuela, where it will pick up a load of crude oil destined for the United States.

    The crude cargo will be the first Venezuelan crude oil shipment to arrive in the United States in almost four years.
    This marks a huge shift between the west and venenzuela to prevent recession in Europe and a serious move to make sure Russia cannot weaponize energy and guarantee more oil in the global markets

  7. Sanctions against Venezuela were introduced in 2019 by the Trump Administration, and the Biden Administration’s decision to ease some of those sanctions came after the resumption of talks earlier this year between the government of Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan opposition. this is a serious move to ensure that Putin's planned escape route to venenzuela in case the Ukrainian Army does not allow Russian soldiers enter Kyiv despite constantly bombing it's citizens

  8. Sanctions against Venezuela were introduced in 2019 by the Trump Administration, and the Biden Administration’s decision to ease some of those sanctions came after the resumption of talks earlier this year between the government of Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan opposition.  This is a serious move to prevent Putin using Venezuela as an escape route in case his special military operation does not pan out.

  9. Only calculation is how many more must die in order to make the line so weak in many areas that the Russian Army steamrolls them. I have heard that they have 194k active left at some point I suggest attrition is slow because of new troops coming in but once that force goes down another 50 k including replacements it will be impossible to hold all points of line. I believe it should reach critical mass eventually. Predicting when is impossible. I am not even sure this winter offensive concept is going to happen because if your killing 8 to 1 just keep the meat grinder going . You can’t ask for a better plan to limit civilian casualties and your own forces. After Bahkmut if it falls just create the next meat grinder.

  10. Russia cannot win this war. The Ukrainian war will end only after Russia is defeated. Putin has no plan for peace . He has no reverse Gear. Eventually the Russian economy will collapse under the weight of the Sanctions and the cost of the war. Russia will eventually become like North Korea. Sanctioned and economically isolated from the west for decades to come. With this in mind.. Russia will revert back to the old Soviet style Communism except this time it will not have those captured territories like Poland , checoslovakia, Romania Georgia etc etc. It will not have the same clout for economic stability and support. Putin will assassinate more Russian oligarchs to finance more mobilization since they have been losing 700 Russians in bakhmut daily

  11. Russia has no viable air defense for Belgorod Moscow and St Petersburg againts Ukrainian rocket attacks. They would not need one . Civilian deaths would be considered a sacrifice for the motherland.

  12. Is the Turkish foreign minister really referring to the Syrian Government as the Syrian regime….? In your report of yesterday that is the term you were using when quoting him. Is that an artifact of the translation you had or the effect on yourself of the intense Western propaganda of recent years to get us all to think of the Syrian government as a regime… ie undemocratic and illegitimate.

  13. I wish our truth-nessanger: Alex, and each of his followers / listeners, a better year, than the one we just left, so that, from now on, he can pass to us the genuinely positive truth… ⭐👌⭐🙏⭐

  14. There is a veil between what is visible and what moves these threads that you without words and through your narrative show us and always leaving each one to carry out their own analysis of this event. Happy 2023 that everything that damages this planet ends once and for all, the only thing that is unique is what it contains and man must learn to care

  15. How’s that Bakmuth advance going I guess the Russians are down to squad size assaults as they have been totally annihilated in Bakmuth the Russians are doing great against women and children hospitals and schools but they’re getting they’re butts whooped on the actual battlefield

  16. You must practice keeping a straight face when telling us about how great the Russian army is doing only thing they’re good at is war crimes oh and how’s the ammo and equipment holding up the Ukranians are about to receive another huge supply from the good ole US of A ha ha ha

  17. Man that China-Russia statement is something else, some strong words there, they're passing around copies at the State. Dept. I bet you – if the proclamation at the Olympics, which as discussed here a little while back may have been one of the most important geo-strategic announcements in recent memory, that was nevertheless ignored and dismissed by the West, well this one pretty much spells it out for the neo-cons in Washington. They sure aren't mincing words, that's great

  18. You forgot to mention that ISIS is hiding in the Al-Tanf Region (US OCCUPIED Zone), or the fact that Al-Qaida and ISIS are a western tool Alex!
    The Kurds are one of the old allies (the CIA Heroin trade one)!
    How many people are aware that Syria and Turkey had a deal?
    A deal allowing Turkey to control and patrol a 12km area inside Syria?
    Not many right?
    Here is the thing!
    Turkey went full "PRO NATO AND PRO TERRORISTS" and the results for them are not good!
    Regimechange in Damaskus and Moscow didn't happen right?
    And this is the problem for the west!. The UK is at the spearhead of the whole scam!

  19. Elections?
    😂 😂 😂
    🤣 🤣 🤣
    What a BS!
    😂 😂 😂
    I almost pis*ed myself laughing!
    In the west?
    😂 😂 😂
    Oh you meant in the middle east
    😂 😂 😂
    🤣 🤣 🤣
    Oh man I have to go to the toilet, otherwise i would pis* and sh*t myself!
    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
    Democracy is alive Alex, yes I see and feel it every single day!
    What a sad joke!

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