Russia Most Devastating Missile Strikes, Repels Sevastopol Attack, Stops Grain Deal, Advance Ugledar

Russia’s ‘Most Devastating’ Ukraine Missile Strikes, Repels Sevastopol Attack, Suspends Grain Deal, Advances on Ugledar
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  1. Six missles need to take out 3 targets each to destroy 18 . All each missile as to do is to fly very low in line with its designated targets and go straight through the first two before running out of fuel on the last one . Remem ber these are smart missiles , really smart ones .

  2. if they have a video from the drone it means they have capured the ones driving them or raided the facility its being recorded in , unless elon gave it to them if they used hes internet connection 😛 keeping a recording on an unmanned viecle makes no sence when iu can just recive the video the same way tou transmit the movement and actions to the vessle

  3. Alexander and Alex are a refreshing source of unbiased news. In the modern western world, you simply can no longer get truth from mainstream media outlets and semi-state run media. So gentlemen that do the kind of reporting that the Duran guys do has become essential to the public. And love your big old Golden Lab who walks around.

  4. I dunno. On one hand your content is undoubtedly very interesting, clearly presented and important. I just think that as much as Russia won't back down from this neither will the West. This just leaves the world in flames. The toxic, hostile and Adversarial dynamic of American, Chinese, and Russian relations has to end. These nations are clearly all insanely powerfull and intimidating in their own right. No one needs to prove that anymore. We have too much tech to do this kind of shit s y more as a species. Each of these countries alone could tear the world apart. Imagine what world we could build if they competed in good faith by trying to make the world better. Instead of trying to prove that they're powerful they should just be responsible with the kind of power they have. Until these thrung countries get among the rest of the world will suffer.

  5. Doesn't that just mean that they'll just attack any ship that tries to use that corridor? Ukraine used civillian ships to launch their attack.
    That means that space is no longer a safe zone, it's a warzone, lol.

  6. All Russia can do is fire missiles at infrastructure they’re logistics suck soldiers without food ammo and medical supplies what a joke the Russian army is they’re screwed in the end

  7. Americans can monitor China Russia border? It's laughable what they pretend their capabilities.
    It's better if they stick to monitoring school childrens gender. 🤣🤣🤣

    Couple of truck load chips without their extra packaging can provide 50k to 100 k chips or more. Not too difficult to collect. Just collect few boxes in each city around the world. Voila 30 cities will fill 5-6 trucks.

  8. Here in America, situation also degrading Hyperinflation is becoming obvious, a single slice of pizza or small sandwich is over $8 at any Truck Stop store, a package of Butter $5 -6. millions of our Americans will starve during this Dark Winter 🥶 and our country is gonna get its ass kicked when it goes to WAR against China, Dark days ahead

  9. There is NO sense of responsibility in the West and their patrons about what is happening in Ukraine and the suffering of the ukrainians. Their problem is that the economic reset agenda has stalled. However they are trying to work around it and achieve as many human life losses as possible. The destruction of Europe and the rest of the world is also achievable this or the other way anyway

  10. The Ukrainian Airforce statement said "MORE than 50 missiles". Was your mis-quote deliberate? After the attack Ukraine assessed the total number of incoming ordinance was 78 plus 5 drones.

  11. One expects propaganda ( lies ) during time of war, but the fascist corporate West spouts propaganda full time for past years………….oh . that's right, fascist corporate West has been at permanent war with the world.

  12. Can you please discuss your use of the term "globalism." I agree this is an extremely important and relevant issue, however the term is highly ambiguous when applied politically. As you point out consistently in your work, logistics and economics (issues directly concerned with matters of physics/factual truth) are constantly ignored by this present political class in the U.S. and Europe. But if anything IS IN ACTUAL FACT global, it is the truth of physics/fact. Elites of all kinds (religious, academic, political, and economic) know this. This dissonance between how present political leadership is being described by you (i.e. as being "globalists") and how they actually are (apparently disconnected/ignorant/actors that don't really care one way or the other what happens as long as they are paid well/honored), is the real sweet spot. Which of the four groups of elites (religious, academic, political, and economic) doesn't actually believe in the truth of physics/fact, which is necessarily a global matter by definition.

  13. Tales you like…. Here is reality what will happen. And I sincerely hope that you end up in a cell next to your war criminal friend Putin. 😂

    Hopefully this war will be over soon. At the conclusion, Russia will be moved out of all of Ukraine. Putin will be prosecuted, judged and sentenced till end of his life. Ukraine will get all of Russian Azov and Black Sea coast all the way to the Georgian border, Georgia will get its land stolen by Russia back. Poland wants "war reparation" out of Germany. Instead, it will get Kaliningrad oblast, that was taken from Germany and given to USSR after WW2. Japan will get Kuril Islands and Sakhalin, maybe little more, Kamchatka….. China will get back Vladivostok oblast and nice piece of land there in exchange for letting Taiwan to go free. Formerly subjugated tribes and small nations will vote FREELY!!! if they want to stay in the Russian federation or be independent. Russia will probably return to its pre-1500 AD borders. And everybody will be happy ever after. Thats how the world spins.

  14. Russia has developed a strategy of minimal loss of its personal and maximum damage to modern infrastructure.
    Can any Western European countries ever want to take on the Russian bear.
    It’s a huge warning to European Elites that they will be ruling over ashes if they start hostilities

  15. The Russians named the West "the Empire of Lies" , and Kiev is their Harlequin (A Brown and Black Shirt one type of Force that the UK and US trained on NATO bases before the Coup)!“
    So even the BBC, CNN and Co. are a shrink more trustworthy than the Fantasy show they installed in Kiev after they implemented the Coup!
    So it's a waste of time to even spend any kind of attention to what the Empire of Lies says (UK is at the forefront of any BS, the US is in control of the western and global narrative, and Kiev Regime is the willing (💲💲💲) Marionette!
    My guess is that Ukraine didn't shoot down a single one (where is the footage), and the success of shooting down slow and not as maneuverable drones looks not good too!
    Maybe they shoot down a drone, but one drone or two is not a good news at all, it means that they would have to tell the Ukrainian public, their party members and the crooks "we can't handle it and the Troop Deployment of the Russians is already changing the situation on the ground!"
    This is not a good news, and especially if the civilians and the soldiers would hear that, they would start to rethink their whole situation and soon start to oppose the orders and just ignore (survival, cash making and preparing for the new future without the Maidan Mobb would become priority Nr 1)
    And this is why the lies are the standard!

  16. The time when the Russians are going to launch missiles and drones is going to change over the time!
    The question is how much a of impact are the different NATO Airdefense systems going to have?
    If we look back (military and military analyst data), we can see that the area of airdefense was neglected over a long period of time, this can complicate a lot of things for NATO!
    The German IRIS-T system is a Soviet (Russian) copy, it's based on the systems the GDR had in its arsenal, the German Government back then decided to use the system and build on it!
    (it tells you something if Germans decide to use a Soviet system and add some of their equipment like radar or electronics)

  17. A good hour spent listening to your analysis. Thanks Alexander, there is no way that this sort of impartial analysis could be gleaned accessing any MSM so called "media" outlets. Thanks again

  18. cruise missiles are not easy to shoot down and I doubt that the Ukrainians have had much success at that.
    Although they are very slow, flying subsonic, they also fly close to the ground and offer a small radar signature. That makes them hard to detect on radar before they hit.
    Cruise flying over water or desert terrain are much easier to detect but hills and woodlands cover their approach pretty well.

  19. I agree 100% with your assessment on the necessity of achieving victory in war. You can't go in half way. You either do it or you don't. In the final analysis, I believe that it many ways it is more cost effective in both lives and materiel to completely overwhelm the opposition.

  20. When assurances are given that only military targets will be attacked, those assurances can only be valid as long as there is a chance that negotiations are possible to end the conflict. When the opposing party indicates absolute refusal to negotiate and escalates the conflict indefinitely, such assurances become void. There is no "going back on." The situation has changed and there will be escalation as necessary to finally force the conflict to an end. Frame the language appropriately.

  21. Hehehe, today CIA and MI6 don't see those Russian ships from Sevastopol on the Black Sea. That was a military attack on military targets while cowardice Russians retaliated on unprotected civilian targets. The grain deal is alive and in full operation. Alexander's devotion to serving Russophils failed again. Yes, it's hard to find good news for Russophils nowadays. LOL

  22. During WW II, before dropping Nukes on Hiroshima & Nagasaki, from March to Aug 1945, US was flattening Japanese cities. In March during the first attack on Tokyo alone, the bombing was so intense that more civilians were killed than were killed in Hiroshima & Nagasaki combined. Several hundreds of thousands. And that was just the first city. From March to August similar campaigns were carried out against all the Japanese cities. Huge huge huge bombing runs. And not just to target infrastructure, but to kill civilians and crush Japan into submission. And in response to what? Japan had never attacked US mainland and terrorized the American civilians in the densely populated cities. And had fought only the US military. Like the US in the East, UK was also conducting similar vindictive bombing attacks in Germany to flatten cities… to carry out systematic industrial scale genocidal campaigns against civilians, eg Dresden, etc

    Putin by comparison has been extremely mild and nuanced in comparison. He has patiently taken so long.. hoping that his concerns about NATO expansion & de-Russification of East Ukraine by fanatic neo-Nazi minority being used & encouraged by Ukraine State & US. Hoping that these concerns would be seriously considered by the saner elements in Ukraine & in the West, but it seems that the media narrative has become so uniformly jingoistic and bellicose and hateful against Russia, that there is no chance of any meaningful convergence. The West will have to brought down to Earth a notch from their intense aroused warring imaginary world.

    The Ukranian-Western response is telling him one by one, that:
    1) Minsk accords will never be implemented. Ukraine is so rigid about dominating Donbass, that an autonomous Donbass is dead in the water.. it needs to be independent.
    2) The Azov sea territories of Ukraine like Zaporizhia & Kherson (Mariupol,etc) are such a hotbed of fanatic neo-Nazis that these regions also need to be cleared & made free of these battalions. There bases must go..wherever they exist. No peace is possible unless their extreme hate is sidelined and marginalized.
    3) Putin rarely went after infrastructure for 8 months. Not even after dual-use infrastructure which is used by both civilians and Railway lines, electricity networks, water.. But now reluctantly he has begun. Very modestly.. just to give the Ukranians an idea of what is to come if they don't give up their supremacist bullying hatred of ethnic Russians and of Russia.

    This new Russian campaign is hard for both sides.. but he is left with no option.
    If the Ukranians persist in their fierce uncompromising violence, then he will be forced to further intensify his campaign one level higher and go after the next line of military centers which are bring used as bases to create havoc and bloodshed and wreck the possibilities & opportunities for Peace. Bases which are preventing a return to normalcy. Maybe centers like Odesa & Dnipro.. because He can always go back to the unfinished business in Donbass. But an early peace is a priority of the Russians.. and there is a growing realization that for this some important military regions need to be taken out. Especially the use of Odesa by the British & Kharkov by Wesyern Nazi mercenaries & Western army "technician" mercenaries.

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