Russia Moves Nuclear Systems to Ukraine? Analysis

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  1. after the destruction of the pipeline by US forces what else is Russia to do ?
    .🇷🇺 support Russia …contact your elected represenatives
    & tell tem to stop escalating
    the ukraine war…

  2. Having lived through the cold war where we were fed the fodder of USSR bad, out to kill us all and the danger and scope of radiation, and of course three mile Island and later chernobyl ,now we are told nuclear power stations are absolutely fine, nothing to see here and somehow nuclear weapons can be used without issue like setting off a firework, and the crazies in the Whitehouse think starting yet another war will keep them in power ,mid terms can't come soon enough!

  3. Russian Topol-M missile launchers were moved, videos already dropped with them moving, point is, they don't need to move, they have an 11,000km range. It's Brinkmanship and performance for the domestic audience.

  4. If Russian nuclear security is based on the model used by the Soviet Union,then while the 12th Division is the inheritor of the Red Army's Strategic Rocket Forces,then it is likely that FSB has inherited the KGB's responsibility for actual warhead security.It's quite possible that the 12th Division may start moving launchers around Russia in a technological game of 3 card Monte,all the while FSB still keeps the actual warheads stored under strict lock and key.

  5. In actual fact, Nixon and Kissinger's brinkmanship regarding nuclear policy was in large part derived from Winston Churchill's "Operation Unthinkable" part formed policy for if the Red Army continued to move west after taking Berlin.

  6. With the entrance of the former Uke zones into Russia, Putin has nothing to gain by playing stupid! He needs to move in major forces to fulfill his new responsibilities to New Russia. And it's to his advantage to make some bones about doing it! The West's video game warriors need to realize this isn't a game!

  7. Over the past decades Ukraine has earned a reputation for brutishness–and no one wants to play with a bully. Even on the brink of dissolution, Zelensky assumes the mantel of international bully! But now his playmates in NATO/EU are, like, "We can't give you any more free stuff"…go off with your rude self! hahaha…

  8. 10-04-2022 : Much in the same manner Hon. President Putins' prize battleship became "tanked" by folks in the Ukraine – said nukes may become stolen ,compromised or sold to the adversarial soverignities (hopefully US ) …
    Good job Vlad ,ya' ,"Think" ? -Seclusionos Deplorist Exalogicianos .

  9. It doesn’t really make sense to mobilize 300k troops and then nuke them. Kind of counter productive just to kill a few rebels. I think it’s more of an act to piss off CNN than it is to nuke Ukraine. The fallout would blow back into Russia and on/around their troops.

  10. So Putin's willing to lose Nuclear weapons to the Ukrainian army. Since he definitely isn't in control of the region that is likely to happen. Just doesn't sound likely. He might accidentally (on purpose) blow up the nuclear power plant, but I don't see him taking a chance on giving the Ukrainians a free nuclear bomb.

  11. Styx, the Russians are constantly moving these trains around. It is part of their MO for these systems as they think they can hide them (they can't , we got freaking satellites lol). Also, these systems can literally hit the US so moving them closer to Ukraine really isn't any worse off than before, its just to put the public on edge which is working. The danger is literally the same as it would be had they not moved the train closer.

  12. If you do, could you let us know on YouTube about cottage pie? I watch you more on YouTube than rumble. As a chef I am intrigued by your version, not that I have a personal recipe I do know about it.

  13. Btw, here's a "Ripley's Strangely Believe Itz" for you: No country has had more nuclear explosions over its territory than the continental U.S. Then a bunch more deep under ground.

  14. remember a short two years ago, Russia,Iran, North Korea, China, were afraid to take a breath, there was middle east peace deals, the economy was booming and now we are one step away from total destruction, I wonder what happened?

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