Russia Now Says Ukraine Losing 2 Battalions per Day in Donbass, 2nd Ukrainian Drone Attack on Engels

Russia Now Says Ukraine Losing 2 Battalions per Day in Donbass, 2nd Ukrainian Drone Attack on Engels
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  1. Time stamps:
    Introduction 00:00

    Ukrainian attack on Kremmenaya 02:40

    Ukrainian drone attack on Engels AP 04:15

    Ukrainian losing 2 Bat p.d. according to Russia 05:45

    Situation within Bakhmut similar WW1, Verdun 08:00

    Pro-Ukrainian FT (UK) Article but grudging credits to Russia 12:00

    Zelensky to sack Zaluzhny if (when) Bakhmut falls? 18:20

    WSJ Article: "Putin paranoid, isolated, delusional" – likely nonsens 18:45

    Opinion poll of Russians published by 'Medusa' 27:10

    Putin Trust rating amongst Russians is 78% 30:50

    West continues to struggle to deliver amunition 33:20

    Ukrainian army training issues 34:35

    Ukraine struggles mobilizing 36:00

    Big Picture: Where is Ukraine's pathway to victory? 37:20

    Final thoughts – Western ultimatum to Serbian government 52:15

  2. Should Russa incorporate all of Ukraine into itself, then this war would be in fact a civil war. So, if you have a long-term goal of weakening Russia, it would be better to keep this war going for as long as possible. Therefore, the economic cost to rebuild all that has been destroyed will be a maximized economic blow to Russia.

  3. Russian puppet and propaganda. You are a British, where democracy exist and you support tyranny. People are dying and taking as if you're a lecture room teaching about sex

  4. Col MacGregor has repeatedly reported that Ukraine is such bad shape that it's pressing and/or recruiting untrained adolescents as young as 15,14 & 13. He said, they're even considering recruiting the handicapped.

  5. The west will never look at this situation realistically until the Ukrainian army collapses. Surovikin and Zaluzny's estimates of a 200000 man army are now old estimates because Ukraine has been having high casualties since. Do they have 160000 left? An army doesn't need to go to zero men before it collapses. Will the army collapse when Ukraine is down 100000 or down to 50000?

  6. A brand new Russia artillery detection system has just enter battle in the Donbass. Ukrainian artillery is being destroyed at a pace we have not seen until just recently. This will end the war.

  7. The Western Media has only only one language, lies. The avalanche of lies they fed the sheep pertaining to Pres Trump warped their delusions to the extent that they can no longer understand nor recognize the truth.

  8. Did you guys say Europe (especially Germany) would freeze 😉 How did that work out for Russia? Looks like Qatar and Venzuala are getting the business Russia left on the table? As for Kremmenaya, let's see what happens in the long run. Sorry when this speaker referred to the Ukrainian fighters as right-wing… I stopped believing what this guy had to say. Many Russians have been spotted with Nazi tattoos and symbols. That is no reason to invade a country.

    By the way, what do you call this special military exercise, a war, a play date? Vlad now calls it a war. WHY… because he lies a lot. One more thing did Putin the Satanist he was looking for in Ukraine?

  9. Russia is waisting too much time and still trusting the lies of the NATO gang…

    If Russia fails to dismember Ukraine once for all it is the Russian Federation that will be dismembered by the imperialist West using Ukraine as a useful idiot…

    The Imperialist West is in no emotional posture towards Ukraine…
    They just need to use them to weaken Russia and bring about the dismantling of the Russian Federation…
    And then destroy China and Iran…

  10. According to American MSM the Ukrainians have pushed the Russians out of Rhode Island and have established a bridgehead in Winnipeg. With Putin out of missiles and on the ropes Biden is preparing a victory speech.

  11. Good ole’ Wall Street Journal, what a Rag!
    It can’t be coincident that their description of Putin mirrors that of Hitler in the late stages of WW2.
    Whoever wrote that piece surely wasted his money on “Journalism School”
    That clown might take a look at his own Government’s Personnel mental stability’
    Biden, anyone?

  12. I really cannot understand how a Drone manages to remain airborne whilst covering hundreds of kms into Russian territory knowing that they have at least a 3 tier IADS covering their western and southern borders,it doesn't make sense, if the drone had been launched within Russia, HOW ? We're not talking about a dinky drone with a couple of kilos of explosive . The Russians need to be asking some serious questions.

  13. Amazed by the comment about the Austrian gentleman.
    Been listening for a long time. Love the Duran. Try to catch both of your streams daily.
    The availability of knowledge to the masses has been inconvenient to some.

  14. As I said before, initially Putin thought there will be a nego but looking at the madness of the collective West using sanctions and arming Ukraine, showing West is he’ll bend of destroying Russia. It’s now ,destroy or be destroyed.And Russia won’t be sitting there to be destroyed.

  15. I dont understand why those nations supporting Ukraine are able to fall back on their protection as NATO members. They have stepped outside the NATO contract and should be dealt with as though they aren't. Places where troops are trained and weapons and ammo stored should be blown up as terrorist depots no matter what nation hides them

  16. Putin needs to find other sources of exports other than oil and gas. The looming recession and the western oil and gas price caps is going to have a devastating effect on the Russian economy for decades to come

  17. Ukraine is about to Kerminna, Russia is still struggling to get to Bakhmut. Anyone would like to bet that Kerminna will be taken way before Russia can take Bakhumt??
    This is embarrassing by any measure.

  18. Would be interesting to understand what the scale of foreign participants are that flow into Ukraine to prop up their dwindling supply of manpower.

    The time must come where the balance of foreign vs local fighters gets to the point where it becomes impossible to conceal.

    Excellent presentation as usual!

  19. BREAKING 🔴 Putin asks Ukraine girl for cucumbers ,🥒🥒🥒🥒 Putin telephoned called an 8 year old girl from an occupied part of Zaporizhzhia region and asked her to send him some cucumbers.

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