Russia On Brink of Capturing Soledar, Ukraine Bakhmut Defences Crumble, West Rushes Weapons, Ukraine

Russia On Brink of Capturing Soledar, Ukraine Bakhmut Defences Crumble, West Rushes Weapons to Ukraine
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  1. The dumbest policy ever was the sanctions. We don’t even have a real number on the costs. What I do know is there is at least a trillion in damage to Ukraine. Over say 10, 20 30 years how much in loss of trade in dollars worth? How much is Europe going to lose? This could be measured in 10 of trillions of dollars. It’s obscenely stupid.

  2. The TOW missiles go with the Bradleys. Each Bradley is armed with 2 Tow missiles. The TOW is a wire guided missile and the Bradley must be stationary when the weapon is fired. The TOW is relatively slow moving (much slower than a T72 main gun round) leaving the Bradley sitting vulnerable for the duration of the missiles flight. The TOW is not a top attack weapon. I attacks a tanks main armor. It's not clear if older versions of TOW can defeat T72 reactive armor in the frontal arc. On the otherhand a T72 main gun will blow through a Bradley with ease at ranges equal to or greater than the TOW. I also note that they are sending 250,000 rounds of 25 mm ammo for the Bradleys main gun. That is 5000 rounds per vehicle. I think the typical loadout for a Bradley is 250 – 350 rounds so 5000 rounds will not last through more than a few weeks of sustained combat.

    The US Army is in the midst of re-equiping armroed formations with new, improved versions of the Bradley. I would be very surprised if the Army is planning to deprive American units of their new equipment. I suspect the Army will go through its vehicle parks and send Ukraine old versions of everything, that are worn and badly used.

  3. The Russian meat grinder continues to roll on. So long as Ukraine continues to shove "meat" into it, I don't think the Russians are too concerned about where it happens.

  4. Notice how the scale of Russian success keeps getting less. Capturing the east of ukraine was going to be easy and effectively end the war.
    Then this was reduced to capturing Bakhmut, which was happen soon and effectively end the war.
    Now its capturing a small town near Bakhmut that will happen soon and end the war.
    I wonder how much smaller their victories are going to get?
    "The living room of this one house on the outskirts of a town quite far from Bakhmut is about to fall and when it does…whoa boy!"

  5. If western pundits are angry now with the failure of the way the war is going , how will they feel 6 months from now when the evidence of defeat is unmistakable and they have to wash the blood of another 100,000 ukrainian soldiers from their hands.

  6. Found it "somewhere", lol. Even though they already reluctantly admitted elsewhere that most of the missiles used are all new and shiny, they paradoxically and absurdly still don't want to fully acknowledge how much of a world class industrial powerhouse the supposed gas station Russia actually is.

    Of course the fact that western elites and expert military planners keep being surprised by the Russians know what they do does not bode well for them.
    Obviously the collective west is MASSIVELY blinded by anti Russian racism and cultural chauvinism.

  7. It is surprising why Russia is struggling to take control of Bakhmut for this long …
    It is now about two months plus but Russia is still not in control of Bakhmut …
    What are s the reason for this inefficiency ?? Lack of military logistics or lack of troops to fight …

  8. When Obama said that Russia had escalatory dominance in Ukraine, one must assume he said so informed, not being a military man.

    That assessment must have been disregarded by a certain sick sociopathic group, out of arrogance or an arrogant over assessment of the effects of their sanctions.

    Beyond that they have ignored the most sage military advice ever offered, that no plan survives first contact with the enemy.

    Russia regrouped after their initial plan failed, pulled back to a defensible position and put together another strategy.

    The West and Ukraine has failed, more than they might for not making an adjustment when Russia proved resistant to attack. Had they been smart they'd have conserved what they had on the ground and began supplying more support before it was too late, as it is now.

    If Russia let's this continue much beyond March, it's just because they want to embarrass these fools and end them once and for all.

  9. The rejection of the truce by the west is sad evidence of their desire to keep Putin and the Russians in category of “the enemy,” maintaining their “othering “ narrative and strategy.

  10. Obviously NATO best chance to win on the battlefield would be to collectively go in all at once now, with massive amounts of American ground forces, really pulling out ALL stops, nuclear armaggedon be damned.
    In the probably unlikely case of nuclear war not happening, they might eek out a win when all of NATO fights at once, when they can take the huge and totally unprecedented losses even THIS would cost them (including Russia hitting NATO countries and all capitals very hard even conventionally).
    But allowing Russia to destroy NATO proxies one after the other, is definitely the best way such a conflict could be managed to Russia's advantage.
    Especially since the follow up proxies only grow weaker from Ukraine on.

  11. Strange that these Western commentators and journalists are so concerned about Ukraine that they are destroying, but refuse to consider what has been happening in Donbass for NINE years. I can't wait for the US regime to become irrelevant, as they have done to Europe 😠😠😠

  12. The war in Ukraine has exposed a new truth: NATO and the US, far from being dominating military powers, are actually a paper tiger. As the world comes to this realization, America and NATO as perceived military superpowers will very rapidly collapse.

  13. The Western narrative is very effective in Western & Western allied countries where alternative persrectives are discouraged or censored. In neutral countries, populations are better, more comprehensively informed, and as a consequence more focused on their own national interests. The Sanctions, especially energy sanctions, have had a dissapointingly weak impact because the vast majority of countries outside the Western coalition don't want to harm their own economies by implementing them. All in all, it has become apparant over the past couple of years that most of the World outside of the collective West has generally followed Western direction for reasons other than a genuine solidarity with Western objectives. As a consequence, when the 'Global South' is required by the US / West to actually make economic sacrifices on behalf of the West they are unwilling to do so. The West views the common sense approach of the Global South as a betrayal, but other than throwing a tantrum can't do a great deal about it.

  14. Of course the realization that the vast, overwhelming majority of Russian truly aren't like Americans and have zero interest in becoming like them (something that naturally fully goes for almost all of humanity, especially today as the west retains precious little of the shine and glitter in once had in the eyes of many communist block peoples during the original cold war; will never, ever make western "journalists" and PMCs, as well as "elites" in general accept the validity of Russians and other people feeling that way. and of them having the right to do so.

    It will make them only sink deeper into the cesspit of murderous, psychotic rage, convince them (if they aren't already) that ALL Russians are subhumans deserving every thinkable and unthinkable collective punishment and ultimately to be completely genocided.

    And since conventional military force and economic warfare ain't going to cut it, and going nuclear would be suicide, I suspect they probably will double down on the dark part they already started on (and probably already did history's biggest experiment in): Biological warfare.

  15. What's the difference between the 1. US sending weapons to Ukrainians to kill Russians and 2. Russia sending weapons to Mexican Cartels to kill Americans? This is like f*cking Viet Nam all over again, good people but we armed and killed hundreds of thousands for a bad government. Zelensky is as mad and inept as Nguyen Van Thieu.

  16. The West's approach to the Ukrainian Conflict reflects a single minded, zero tolerance of lessons learned path, directly aligned to Joe Biden's quickly diminishing grasp of reality. Clear parallels can be made to Biden's perpetually failing domestic policies applicable to inflation where he spends mountains of money instead of promoting austerity. On U.S. Crime, he turns a blind eye to cashless bail which has devastated safety and security of several large (mostly Democratic) cities. And on U.S. Border Security; where Biden has refuses to acknowledge the human tragedy of millions of migrants who've arrived just in time to experience the global recession Biden instigated with everything his feeble might could muster. When it comes to Leadership, Biden should be studying Putin instead of relying on advice from CNN News Anchors…

  17. FYI: I just got an email from SoCal Gas, that my January natural gas bill will triple what I paid last year in January, my last year's January bill was almost $200.00 per month.

  18. "Alexander, George galloway, Scott Ritter, Col Mcgregor, Kim Iverson " Really they are all people who merely repackage Russian propaganda in a way so it can be sold to the West. Look at Scott Ritter's hewing to the Russian line on the failed Kyiv Operation and his attempt to cast blame on the UA security services for the civilians killed in Bucha (Something that got him thrown off Twitter). Alexander might as well be sitting in a TASS office when he reports battlefront news and every one of Col Macgregor's predictions on the war over the last 11 months have ended up in the household pixel trash. Galloway and Iverson I'll leave for another day.

    Also the commentary of this ilk is often used by Russian media within "Russian World" to serve the ends of the Putin regime.

  19. 🚨 🚨 💥 💥 Russia has Ukraine running for the hills folks all over the frontlines they are unleashing hell with the TOS-1s. Russia is going to take Bakhmut just like Severodonetsk & Lysychansk by Flanking the city from the North, South & the East. The Russian Winter Offensive is just getting started after grinding down Ukrainian Forces to only 194K (Per the Head of the Ukrainian Military Dec 2022) Troops especially in Bakhmut. Soledar is now in Russian hands major loss for Ukraine it's almost as important as Bakhmut.

  20. that article about life in russia at present by the writer, objectively, sounds like someone who was envious of how things aren't as the writer would like it to be, but a direct opposite of it. IMHO, people should learn to be grown-ups and try to live in reality, and not in constant state of hopium sniffing.

  21. The U.S. is unloading their old crap on Ukrainians who are just almost unfathomably wiling to be used as fodder for NATO, almost unfathomably until you realize that the average IQ of Ukraine is reported to be roughly 90, while also considering that they have snake oil salesmen compelling their population, and will then stick the American taxpayer and future generations with more debt to replace the stocks they sent to Ukraine with more recent and advanced weaponry.

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