Russia prepares for next phase. Putin orders creation of special coordination council

Russia prepares for next phase. Putin orders creation of special coordination council
The Duran: Episode 1414



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  1. Remember when we were Told "Russia is out of precision missiles"? again and again we are told Russia is out of ammo.. Did anyone go do a count on what they have left? or were they just talking out of their butts?

  2. As an African, I'm totally gobsmacked that this is the much admired first world. Also consoled that Africa hasn't cornered the market of awful

  3. If this doesn't end in WW III, it will be an excellent lesson for the Europeans to wake up and be responsible for their lives. This is ridiculously embarrassing for the Europeans to leave the entire responsibility to one person in Brussels for their destiny! Thanks for revealing the root of the problems ……! It is going to be very intense as we approach the election day in the US. Hope and pray some restrain will be exercised for the sake of humanity!

  4. Is all about timing, if Nato join in the fight then is it a very good opportunity for China to retake the lost child. If China don't take , it will be lost forever. No point talking about the lost child again and prepare to wave at aircraft carrier.

  5. 'I can't understand why the Russians would blow up the dam' ? Well thats easy it denies the ukraines the use of the electicity from the dam , and if the rusians reteat the damage caused by releasing the Dam's stored water would casue a great deal of damage to the area below it preventing the Ukrianes from following the Russian retreat.
    Not sure why thats hard to understand ?????

  6. MSNBC is now openly advocating race hate against whites.
    THAT is the state of American "civilization".
    The U.S. is now on a more "primal/tribal" mental path.
    It does not now represent the forefront of human advancement .
    That position has shifted to my Eastern-Northern brothers & sisters.

  7. China listen, of course in a fight you need to hit military target and important infrastructure but don't make a mistake like Russia. Identify all those properties that belongs to ruling party, like buildings, expensive houses, expensive business etc and destroy it. Make those people very very poor then they don't want to fight anymore. No money no voice.

  8. The current phase is disconnecting washing machines so the next phase will be to take them out of Kherson to be used to wash uniforms. They also plan to move dryers to prepare for the floods from the dam. Marshall law allows the correct mafia to steal the best appliances and mobilized the movement of goods behind the defensive lines. used fire trucks to be posted on ebay

  9. Ukrainians and Belarusians have a very close relationship and very few Belarusians support Putin's war of aggression against Ukraine. It could lead to a civil war in Belarus. And since Putin has no forces to spare, it could quickly lead to a seizure of power in Minsk,

  10. Pure Stupidity. The Special coordination council was assembled to quickly fix the lack of resources the recent mobilization revealed. NOT to 'go to total war'. Pure and utter Bunk. Mercouris is constantly selling massive doom to get more clicks. If Russia goes to 'Total War' you'd see a full declaration of War and a mobilization of a million men with a strict lockdown at the borders.

  11. OPEC is telling the US to F off, but at the same time the US has oil to drill and refuse too do sobut the EU don't,why do the EU keep playing the US game with Russia.

  12. In Ukraine if you refuse to be sent to the front and kill Russians you get 12 year in jail. In Russia if you refuse to be sent to the front and kill Ukrainians you get 10year in jail. guess who sits at the table and eat filet Mignon and drink champagne after signing the death sentences?

  13. The US people are Wide Awake. We are Fed up with Both Parties. Unfortunetly the World can't see it clearly because of the Corrupt MSM. The Politicians on Both sides cannot walk down the streets without being called out. The People are UNITED!!🙏🏻🇺🇲

  14. Enjoy these discussions on Russia and Ukraine, but the Alex bros fall short when it comes to their understanding of present-day US politics. Kevin McCarthy is talking smack…nonsense. Congress has absolutely nothing to do with the funds being provided to prosecute the war with Russia in Ukraine. Very few – outside of a "top-of-the-food-chain" politician like Pelosi or Shumer – have any idea at all where the white house is getting the money from for the Ukraine war. There was an interesting article on this in the Intercept back in September. The congress has been all but written out of the power-sharing and separation of powers arrangement spelled out in the constitution now. The executive branch has almost total power now. Kingpins like Pelosi and Shumer actually work for the executive branch itself more so than for congress. There hasn't been a formal US govt budget in years (merely "continuing resolutions"), and the executive branch no longer has to account to congress and the public of its expenditures…since per FASB 56 – signed into law by Trump working with Pelosi, McConnell, and Shumer – most of what the white house spends can be legally be done so completely off the books. In other words, FASB 56 allows almost unlimited funds to the executive branch…most of which they do not have to account for! I don't think people living abroad really understand just how scary screwy things in the US are right now. Technically we are under martial law ever since Trump invoked the "emergency powers act" in 2020 at the start of the "pandemic." All the estates of federal govt (executive, legislative, judicial, and press) operate as if under martial law now…each with a role to play in whatever schemes the executive branch has been hatching.

  15. Is not the destruction of the west the goal of the globalists? You can almost tell who is who by their action. I Putin doing what he is doing as a way to stop the globalist destruction of the church et al.

  16. Putin used to be my favorite politician but he made the one mistake of falling into the trap of invading Ukraine directly.
    He should have used the tactics of USA in those former Soviet States, sow discord and continue planting his puppets but that's the issue, the citizens of those people has been exposed to western media so long that it is too hard for them to accept their ancestry Orthodox

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