Russia & Saudi Arabia: SHOCKING Partnership

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Russia & Saudi Arabia: SHOCKING Partnership

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  1. USA always butt into internals affairs of other countries; sanction, creating wars, or threat them. This time, Biden threat wrong countries, therefore, I am not surprised when Russia & Saudi Arabia join hands to suppress USA.

  2. REV 667 A New Zealanders position on the conflict in Ukraine; including nuclear power station under attack by Ukraine. People need to look at the chronology of how we got to where we are today in order to understand the situation in Ukraine, rather than being confused and mislead. At the end of WW2 soon after Russia had cleansed Ukraine of Nazi forces. This is the start line for subsequent key events. Consider facts provided by worthy global experts and history books, rather than Ukraine war news the Ukraine government has hugely propagandised theatrically, including many global news websites…….. At the end of WW2 some American government agencies recruited Nazis out of Europe for their new staff. Since WW2, American government agencies and the UK have embarked on decades-long interference in other countries (including Eastern Europe) politics by destabilising countries. They are behaving like global gangsters and colonialists which continues to this day in the name of “acting in the best financial interests of America ” ( of America and its corporations). The American foreign policy mob, Military advisors, and American war-monger politicians are out of date and control from a President who still thinks he is Vice President, and is doing what the foreign policy blob, Military advisors and arms manufacturer corporates (including Pelosi) tell him to do. This includes global corporates stealing other countries resources, Gold, farms, and woman, like in Iraq, Ukraine, Libya and South America etc etc, to name some of so many. NATO is working hard to justify its own existence by war-mongering. Amongst this history, Kennedy and Khrushchev came to a “gentlemen’s agreement” to end the Cuban missile crisis that being that Russia would exit Cuba, and America in the name of NATO would remove its Nukes from Italy and Turkey and stop pushing east. Unfortunately, America reneged as gangsters do – as they have now done with the Ukraine wheat deal sending the Ukraine wheat to EU rather than third-world countries suffering from human starvation as was originally agreed. In 2014, Russia could no longer turn a blind eye to American, UK’s and NATO’s political interference in Ukraine and eastern Europe. This included genocide of Russians in Ukraine, and a growing Neo-Nazi Zelenskyy regime American Puppets in the Ukraine Government office hell-bent on stashing millions in foreign cash in their private bank accounts and foreign assets, and achieving Hitler’s dream of a world war between America and Russia. In 2022, after America, UK, NATO, Germany, and UN continuing to refuse to listen to Russia’s complaints in this regard, Russia invaded Ukraine this year to flush out the Neo-Nazi’s (including Azov Battalion, and Zelenskyy and his mob), and America, UK and NATO interests who had crossed the red line and started the war. God bless Russia and the Russian people who are once again fighting the evil Nazi’s as they did in WW2. In the mean-time, Russian peoples minds have been becoming increasingly Westernised strategically by American influence. Ukraine could have chosen not to fight the Russian’s instead let them just roll over them with no loss of life, and infrastructure, and let Russia cleanse them of their Neo-Nazi regime, America, UK, Germany and NATO. This would have let Ukraine people-power prevail in the longer term and conserve their lives, freedom and sovereignty. Instead, Ukraine’s Actor Zelenskyy and politicians seduced by Nato and America remain defiant upon the ego, naivety, and ambitions of their Neo-Nazi regime. Ukraine has been being sold an unachievable goal by America, UK, UN and the NATO war-mongers who simply want to colonise and pillage Ukraine. The unnecessary loss of human life and infrastructure is tragic and does not benefit Ukraine or anyone at all. Only the global arms manufacturers will win this war – with war being fought “right down to the last Ukrainian”. Its easy, all America, UK, Germany and NATO has to do is withdraw from Ukraine and stop supplying arms and money to the Ukraine regime to halt all the killing. America has become distracted with Ukraine and lost a worthy ally in the form of Russia. The growing global threat, Asia, is laughing all the way to unfettered world hegemony! The American public need to wake up from such naivety and act more logically and strategically in their choice of leaders. Perhaps a change of the corrupt heads, advisors and foreign policy analysts blob on America’s capital-hill is the only way to bring positive change and remove the nuclear threat from humanity (Power stations, Bombs and missiles). We all need to focus on global starvation and global warming issues before this planet becomes uninhabitable. God bless Russia and Putin. Please cleanse Ukraine of NATO, America, Germany, UK, Zelenskyy, and Ukraine’s Nazi forces. Mean-while in Afghanistan: When America pulled out of Afghanistan it froze Afghanistan’s government funds held in foreign banks so the Taliban could not get them. This is called theft. Corrupt American politicians plan to use these funds to compensate American corporations for what happened in September 11. So now Afghanistan has no overseas funds to buy food for its starving populations. Nothing else as important as this is a worthy issue in Afghanistan news but the root cause is the west not respecting Afghan cultural beliefs, like it was another crusade. The Innocent Afghanistan public are paying the price of September 11 with their lives. Rather than America, NATO and UN handing over in a planned way to the Taliban with guidance to the Taliban with issues like how to run a modern country and its finances, they just abandoned the Taliban over night after 20 years of their colonialist control, exploitation and hegemony. Shame on you America.

  3. the people that go fight for ukraine rushed in without doing proper research,putin is not the enemy zelenski's nazi army is the problem here and innocent ukrainian people are the victum here,the sooner russia gets what it wants the faster urkain can rebuild the sooner zelenski is gone or atleast starts acting desent and stops killing everyone who disagree's with his party the better it is.
    the biggest problem we have today is ignorent people acting out to fast and believing goverment and media lies without question.
    some country leaders are finaly waking up and thinking hold on maybe its better to quit EU and america because there the biggest bullies on the playground maybe russia isnt so bad.

  4. We are witnessing a union of robbed resource nations, saying naaaaaa, your monopoly printed money is not the actual defacto of power, physical resources are the true capital, your sanctions are pretending to a western populace, to purely keep you in power and from ripping the throat our from you. The west is fucked and its illegitimate leaders are too proud/rich to admit, they are going to be ripped limb from limb by their own, not that their own was ever a consideration.

  5. The command centre of Ukrainian armed forces in Odessa destroyed by Iranian Shahid drones there is unconfirmed reports of American and NATO personal that have also been killed. Good riddance to bad rubbish as far as I'm concerned.

  6. BWAHAHAHA the Saudis want to drive a wedge between Russia and Iran. This all goes back to centuries of hatred between those two nations. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia has Russia bent over and selling crude oil at breakeven prices to them so they can refine Russian crude oil and sell their own at higher prices.

    Your guests are extremely ignorant as are you

  7. Go back and tell your countrymen, Russia isn't Afghanistan, it's not some hole in the ground army you are facing, they have the means and capabilities to completely destroy you, do no go to Ukraine, you will become fertilizer.

  8. The West has only sent midtechnological weapons to Ukraine they by no means have the finest weapons the west and especially the United States has to offer. on the other hand we’ve seen the finest weapons systems that Russia has and they’re not very effective. Russia will never use nuclear weapons in Ukraine because China won’t let them. China is the master of all the dictator countries they will allow Russia to fight this war and bring in million more men but they won’t be allowed to use nuclear weapons so the West should have no fear there. you guys on this YouTube channel live in the west and have no fear of the control of the Russian empire go back there and live and see how it is for the average Russian you guys are just Voices in the great propaganda scheme of Russia

  9. I doubt that Saudi Arabia will take a side only with Russia and China over the US . SA has a solid and long relation with US but the problem only with Biden administration and some of Democratic party like Obama and his team . SA became much stronger than before in the region and play a bigger role in world stage so they should balance relations with all powerful countries in the world ( US, Russia, China) . What shows you that SA became stronger is there are few countries balance between East and West such as , France , India and Germany as I know, but the rest take a side and deal with other side under the table to not pest his ally !

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