Russia Says “High Technology” Projects will Shift to Siberia

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  1. Thank you Holly! My hope is for for all countries to be respected. I am glad that America’s power and clout is dwindling because it will likely mean fewer wars and other aggressive actions in the future and maybe they will turn the focus back to our country and start rebuilding our infrastructure and helping our people. My hope is for some good to come out of this situation.

  2. From Japan.

    Russia wants to cooperate with Japan. Japanese cars are popular in Russia. Russia wants to rely on Japan for the development of the Far East and Central Asia. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan visited the countries of Central Asia and Mongolia in this April.
    The Trans-Siberian Railway will eventually run the Japanese Shinkansen type.
    Do you know that the US-DS (Kissinger etc.) politically destroyed the Japanese semiconductor industry and moved it to South Korea, Taiwan / China? However, many companies that make semiconductor materials are still in Japan. Japan is also developing vegetable seeds that are resistant to cold climates and some of them are already on the market in Russia. I think Japan has decided what position it will take after the end of Brandon's administration.
    I love MAGA movement .

  3. In some ways, Putin and Russia have adopted a Russia First policy similar to Trump's America First policy. I think Putin saw Trump's economic agenda bearing fruit and a constant past history of sanctions against the Russia Federation set in motion a defensive economic policy. It's working for Russia.
    Have a nice weekend everyone. Thanx Holly!

  4. Hi Holly, I tell Dave from The Real Media Observer about you on a regular basis. I think he should have you on as a guest; he would as good questions.
    Do you watch Alex Christoforou? He talks about similar topics. Especially when it comes to the globalist agenda.

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