Russia Sends Tactical Nukes to Belarus

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#Belarus #Coldwar


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  1. What’s wild is how by buying Chinese we help fund Russias war machine and then we help fund uncle sams machine no wonder people around the globe have such distaste for our governments but thankfully we still live in one that you can say that in 😢

  2. I seem to remember a interview with nuclear scientists who claimed they made nukes the size of grenades…but they couldn't find anyone stupid enough to throw one.

  3. RUSSIA HASNT BEEN COMMUNIST SINCE 1992!! why did u say "fellow commie country" LMAO don't u know anything about Russia!?! 😅 Couldn't be more wrong. Russia has a strong economy as well!! The BRICS NATIONS are about to overtake the west with Their currency

  4. Let’s hope General Millie this time tells Moscow if President Biden gives the order to nuke them he won’t do it. Last time when President Trump was president, General Millie reached out to the CCP and told Beijing if Trump gave the order to nuke them he wouldn’t do it.

  5. Democracy is gone they hate our way were not them never will be China has no right to buy anything here in America there causing problems with all our aliens and 12% of my viewers are in India shocker right. Also, there having using Token Sessions hard to stop too many computers into wifi and the like. This propaganda bull shot has to stop tgey lie all tge time sir tge cost innocent lives for profit

  6. Everyone write our usa congress to do something I'm tired of them posturing election to correct anything these good intended liberals are fools you can't go along to get along with terriost

  7. The elites have used the threat of world war 3. For decades. To justify doing horrible shit all over the place. Billions have died. Pretending this is required to stop world war 3. It is using fear to control the masses.

  8. You mentioned the Davy Crocket system and what shows up in my suggestion feed? Simon Whistler's Mega Projects on the Davy Crocket system. Styx, you must run the alGorerythym.

  9. This is a great post! I am a recent Patreon supporter and I appreciate the level of detail and transparency you provide. It’s a pleasure to support you!

    Do you have any plans to release a book on web development? I would be very interested in buying it.

    Thanks for the question! I do have plans to release a book on web development, but it will likely be a few years down the line. I really enjoy writing about web development, but I also like to write about other topics as well.

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