Russia Sends Troops to the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstanv

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  1. Not terribly impressed by this coverage. I understand it's early days and footage is all a bit raw and without context, but this report just seemed empty. Show & Guess.

  2. CIA is trying to have a colour revolution through one of their evil NGOs (perhaps to distract Russia from Ukraine).

    Why would an authoritarian government resign? Screw the CIA, screw these bull shit CIA/Soros sponsored protestors, hopefully Russia can clean this up quickly.

  3. Expect to see more of this, globally, over the course of the next 6-9 months…
    By fall it will either have escalated and either the authoritarians/globalists will have backed down or it will have spread everywhere, even to the UK and US

  4. it won't work , if a leader angers the people he lost
    – maybe Russia will help ( by help i mean kill Kazakhstan citizens ), but as soon as russian soldiers start dying they will retreat , there is nothing Putin can say to russians to convince them to die in Kazakhstan for a petty dictator
    – a country has millions of people , you can only defend your self for so long , until you get overwhelmed

  5. Whoever thinks that Kazakh people would riot because of gas prices doesnt know anything about this country. I was born there and lived with these people, which made me not believe this sorry excuse about "freedom fighters" and "gas prices". Looking further, these "rioters"were VERY organized and didnt give in, even despite the government LITERALLY doubg everythung they can to satisfy these people, even disbanding itself. This was not enough and rioters kept going, killing and beheading.
    Looking further, you find out that same interest groups funding Ukrain unrests, distabilizing it and then trying to do same thing in Belarus are acting in Kazakhstan as well. All countries around Russia. What a coincidence.

    I have always wondered as to how the western countries, be it Europe or America, had the guts to even mention democracy and freedom while doing something like this. "Oh, there is a dictator. QUICK! We must save the people and bring democracy!" And leaving the country in a mess far worse than it has been under the so called dictator. The west has done it in muslim countries many years and now does it all around Russia. Who is the real dictator and mass murderer???

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