Russia to Block Youtube? My Thoughts, and What my Russian Subscribers Can Do

Use a VPN or follow me on sites where I upload more anyways:


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  1. This makes me sad if they really do that, but also may motivate me to find social media used by Russian girls. My favorite YouTube topic has been under attack for quite some time.

  2. Talking with my friend today. He voiced his concerns that ww3 could really happen. I replied, without really thinking that ww3 is already here, it's just unique. It's ww3 against sovereignty…. the more I mull it over, the more I think I spoke from a deeper truth. We are in a global war being waged against freedom!

  3. Well, Russian Boomers are no different from soccer moms of america. Totally brainwashed by state media. So it is clash of two retarded worlds. The only victim here are smart freedom loving people who are unfortunately minority, often infected with black pill bullshit.

  4. Lol Russia isn't going to block YouTube, three weeks ago it was claimed they was gonna block Facebook, well they didn't, my wife's friends in Moscow still post and communicate!!

    Stop with the BS propaganda!!

  5. Just you wait for the east to build its own internet under china to suddenly have the silicone valley realize they just cut their own reach toward a big part of the world.

  6. Transparency is the only way forward. Transparency is the only way to PROVE TO THE PUBLIC that everything SOLD TO YOU as TRUTH was nothing but a FAKE NARRATIVE DESIGNED TO KEEP, YOU, THE PEOPLE, POWERLESS, AND KEEP THEM, IN CONTROL [I.E. IN POWER]. FAKE NEWS’ [propaganda arm of the Democrat machine] sole responsibility is to prevent the TRUTH from ever being disseminated to the masses. Mass Infiltration (everywhere). Transparency is the only way forward re: public opinion. Prosecution is the only way forward re: save & defend the rule of law. Prosecution and Transparency is the only way to save our way of life.

  7. Feels good being acknowledged by the spoon dad, me happy. On the issue though; they seem to be blocking most well-known vpn service providers so NordVPN is a no go. We will probably have to settle for some esoteric malware enhanced chinese soft hosted by a a pack of wizard rats or something like that. But yeah, that's where fighting censorship with more censorship leaves you at.

  8. As a russian citizen i can say that this is a really terrifying tendency. My government is willing o back the totalitarian era of ussr but on smaller scale.
    Anyway 80% of YouTube i watch are some englsih independent news or educational stuff. Now im cut off in ability to study.
    I follow u on some other sources like odyssey (bitchute is already blocked)
    but many other content creators dont use these sites.
    A week ago Instagram was blocked and it doesnt work without vpn. Sure it is a no brainer to use vpn but eventually it will come to the point when even vpn doesnt help the situation.

  9. I'm from Russia, Styx. Thanks for making this video. Well, I guess we'll use VPN even for YT (We use it for FB and Twitter). I could easily leave Facebook but that's where all of foreign friends are, my dear friends 😔

    We'll make through this, I suppose. Or not. Time will tell.

    Ребята, кто русский или русскоговорящий, всем привет 👋

  10. Correction: Youtube USED to be a good jukebox! It's been a year or two, now, since Youtube destroyed playlist value by pausing every 15 minutes or so to ask if you want to continue listening! Aarrggghhh! Idiots think their transparent ploy to get clicks will save them bandwidth! Some corporate ladder-climber persuaded his betters of vast savings–while totally pissing off the customer base! That must have been a helluva pitch!

  11. The world is doing nothing but reinforcing what Vlad is telling his people. That the world hates them. Of course, if you look at who "the world" is, "the world" also hates Styx, you, and me. It's almost as thought Vlad is trying to protect his nation and people, including those that live in ucrane*.

  12. The hate for the Russian people (and the vitriol being encouraged by MSM/Big Tech) is coming from a lot of the same people who would have (and probably still would) condescend from their high horse and argue that everyone had generalized hate boners for Islamic people after a certain event that happened in September in New York City a little over twenty years ago. And they are better people. Now they'd probably defend their hypocrisy that it's totally not the same now with Russian people.

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