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INFLATION in the UK is currently around 10% and INTEREST RATES have risen rapidly since the start of the UKRAINE WAR. The New PRIME MINISTER recently announced a $150 BILLION ENERGY PRICE CAP and $59 BILLION of TAX CUTS. The International Markets have reacted negatively to these Policies and the Value of the BRITISH POUND has fallen to RECORD LOW against the Dollar. In this video I look provide more details on recent events and discuss what is likely to happen in the UK and what impact this will have on the GLOBAL ECONOMY.

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0:00 Intro
2:24 UK
7:30 POUND
12:52 UK DEBT
14:56 10 YEAR GILT


Written by Joe Blogs


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  1. you know what i hate most on all this developments over the last decades.
    when you see the meta picture: tax cuts for the rich (aka attracting big capital) is not an economic tactic to grow the economy but it is a SHELL GAME SCHEME (!!!!!) destroying the stability of all those nations.
    including the uk. and this simpleton on heading the conservative party just flips the pearl in the next shell and does nothing more.
    thats the extend of substance of our leaders who supposed to be the best managers, but degraded to servants toward themselves and big capital!
    you posted the value of the pound.. the logic from thatcher towarts truss.. the vision of simpletons who just dont see when they are used! all timid actors, unable to ask the bigger questions!

  2. If I understand it correctly there is a difference in the way the BOE and the FED set interest rates on Bonds. The FED sets in by auction to a few major treasury bond dealers who mostly control the market. It sounds like the BOE arbitrarily sets the rate and there is no auction?

  3. Joe you didnt mention that the markets were expecting the borrowing for the energy price cap and were ok with it as it was seen as short term, the markets went into meltdown from the tax cuts because it was totally unfunded ongoing borrowing with no plan except the hope that it would grow the economy…this was a fantasy and shocked the markets…the markets were also jolted by the goverment policy being at totally opposite poles to the BOE policy….they therefore rightly saw the government as a "doomsday cult" not my words but UBS and other economists.

  4. Jo, FYI UK produces c50% of own gas from the North Sea and has no Russian gas if our Govt can be believed. Petrol is now below immediate post Covid prices. Issue is our EU trade since Brexit has fallen off and 33% of EU exporting companies no longer export. Our new Free Trade Deals have been poor. Labour costs ae up with no productivity improvements merely caused by 1 million EU workers going home. Sadly my country is in deep shite with only Putins Russia in deeper poo!

  5. Thanks for gathering all that information and explaining it so clearly.
    Very well presented.
    It would seem to me that for years now countries around the world have been printing money as if it has no consequences and now it's time to pay for the stupidity.

  6. One reason that the budget is causing investors to pull out of the UK is the working class will revolt. The tories have advised big business to cut pay, due to this I'm on strike for 4 more days next month(have done 4 already).

    Their mini budget has cut taxes for the rich and those that can afford to buy properties. It will not help first time buyers much.

    So now millions that are stuck in the expensive rental trap will have pay cut in real terms, much higher than inflation energy bills. Higher than inflation rent rises due to interest rate hikes.

    The wealth landlords can buy more properties at lower Stamp duty rates with all the tax they are saving.

  7. Just write youtube and tell them there people promoting right wing content by sending people their WHATSAPP number in the comment section and they will disappear down the memory hole quicker than you can blink . YouTube would open a special task force and bring In the fbi

  8. We should get loads of business I suppose, at least. shrugs-shoulders We are in an economic war which might turn into a real war. What do people expect? Boomtown? We'll endure like we always do.

  9. Just serves to show we should have been pushing to remain self sufficient in gas and oil and not encourage an environment whereby its cheaper to import energy. We're going to pay a heavy price for the stupidity of being tied up with the EU's energy strategy. It may be early days but it doesn't feel like recession all the while we have pretty much full employment.

  10. I appreciate the clear explanation of what is going on in my country. Also it was nice not to hear any barbed comments regarding the political characters or decisions. It's easy to poke at them but I think you did a great job of sticking to the facts and explaining the ramifications.

  11. Please don't read every last bit of information from the sheets. This results in endless repetition. Only the most significant, please. We are quite capable of reading ourselves.

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