Russia Vs. Ukraine Or Civil War In The West?

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Dr Jordan B Peterson lists the reasons why we’re seeing an extended conflict in Ukraine, and explains why a culture war in the West has fueled the Russian fire.

0:00 Russia Vs. Ukraine Or Civil War In The West?
9:04 The Caspian Sea
20:12 Does qualification even matter?
38:30 The Consequences

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Written by Jordan B Peterson

Dr. Jordan B Peterson is a professor and clinical psychologist. The videos are derived from two sources: 1. His UToronto courses Maps of Meaning (which describes how values, including beliefs about good and evil, regulate emotion and motivation); and Personality & Its Transformations (which describes psychological theories from Eliade, Jung, Freud, Rogers, Gray, Luria, Sokolov, Vinogradova, Panksepp, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, and Solzhenitsyn as well as psychometric models such as the Big Five). 2. His public lectures on topics of general psychological relevance, including the meaning of music, the significance of hero mythology, and the structure of the world as represented in religion.


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  1. Of course Peterson attributes the war in Ukraine with the Pride movement, this man is so clearly anti-humanism that its sickening to watch, great thought process to show the complete lack of awareness of the reality of the abuses that comes with homophobia (including all LGBTQIA+) and the realities of abusive authoritarian regimes that was the sole cause of such abuse

  2. I wander if he himself listened to what was said during this 1h of lot of BS (at least towards Ukraine). It’s bit like saying that if some girl is raped, that it was her fault actually and, by the way, the guy who raped her actually had eyes on her before, nobody else cared, and yeah, because he has many guns at home, let’s just forget it and hope it settles by itself. Patetic reasoning/thought process

  3. thank you Professor, for yet another important, concise message, you are really tapping the gas lately, bravo.
    i approve all of this message, nobody wants this seemingly endless conflict to remain that.

  4. None of us westerners give a damn about Ukraine, eh? To the extent that's true, it's a profound moral failure, not a reason to ignore ongoing brutality – precisely no more than it was acceptable for westerners to ignore the holodomor.
    How different things might have been if we cared then – and yet now, Peterson counsels us to at least be consistent in our cold heartedness, as if the timezone innocent blood was shed in changed the weight of it at all.

  5. Dr Peterson knows everything about the culture war in the west. But his condemnation of Putin does not rest on any sort of factual argument. Even worse, he condems the leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church in a throwaway sentence, without even bothering to give any reason or context. The stance of the ROC is not fairly represented in western media (no surprise there) and he cannot assume that his viewers know what its position is. Let him either give some sort of argument based on what the ROC did or did not say, or else let him stay agnostic about the matter, but this blanket condemnation without any substance is far beneath him.

  6. Having listened to his university lectures a while back, I hardly recognize the man. Looks like hubris has got the best of him. Ignorant and narcissistic ramblings on things that are clearly outside of his expertise, and by the way, I wish he didn't use my country (Poland) — or rather his misinformed view of it — to "support" his half-baked theories. Unsubscribed.

  7. Russia is a dictatorship that severely punishes everyone inside who would like to have any dialogue, it makes few chosen rich and then vomits propaganda to all others, having them in chains. it is not so much a difference in cultures, but obsolete state of mind in Russia, that cannot exit old ages because of foot that they placed on their people necks. Please don't poison me secret agents reading this.

  8. Looking at the coments i believe most people misundertood peterson's point.
    He didnt say we should bow down to a tyrant or try to appease putin as the west did with hitler. If you pay attention, he made no direct opinion on what should be done, he asked questions.
    what he asked was:
    when was the last time a leader in the west spoke to putin in person? not on zoom?
    Does anyone know what is the bare minimum negotionable price for peace? is it even negotiable in this point?
    İs the wests support for ukraine in the war a standoff againts a greedy tyrant? or the work of moral busybodies while the same people continue to degenerate the values of the west, a fact that putin recognizez?
    Why do we believe that russians will back down if thearetend enough? This didnt work for germans in the blitz.

    if you listen carefully, he made no direct opinion on that we should appease putin nor we should bow down to anyone.

  9. To quote a younger Jordan Peterson: "Tyrants will push until you push back. It's in their nature." The people of Ukraine are facing a quite real tyrant and they are fighting back. They deserve the full moral and military support of the democratic West, and not to be traded away like a peace offering to the Dragon (to use a familiar term), in the hopes that he will be satisfied and leave the rest of us be.

  10. Personally i think the reason why Ukraine is in war is precisely because of western liberal ideas. western liberal ideas consumed ukraine and their leaders were enchanted by what it promised and made them out of touch with reality. The hatred for russians comes exactly from there. Ukraine showed their liberal flag when the interim government after yanukowich decided to try and remove russian as one of this official languages. its the same thing with quite a few estonians, who just cant wait but to signal their beliefs in western liberalism. People need to understand that the truth is more unfair than they are comfortable to accept

  11. Robert Barnes reports gun laws have been loosened under Putin. Not knowing the specifics it would seem contrary to establishing a dictatorship.

  12. Russia and the Russian people are redefining themselves and claiming their rightful place in a post Global World Order. The present shifting of the boundaries of political power and economic forces, again will force the countries of the new world to take sides according to their sustainability and security of their existence.

  13. Dear Professor Peterson! 

    You don't know the real problem why Russia is fighting against Ukraine.  Because Russia stole Ukrainian history,  name,  religion but couldn't destroy Ukrainian spirit which has history over 9 thousand years!!! The oldest culture and civilization in the world was on the territory of Ukraine.

  14. I understand your concerns, but I must disagree. Accepting Putin's wishes will only weaken the west in the international sphere. What other demands will arise after that? What else should we compromise before fighting back? What about other countries that have faith in the values of the west? What about the fight for freedom ? What about honoring the promises made to Ukaraine? What about standing up, instead of crawling on our knees?

  15. The language structure and vocabulary Dr. Person uses is descent and complex. These days it’s rare to find someone to speak this style. I love what he says and how he says! I actually get my teenager to listen to him to grasp his linguistic style.

  16. @Jordan B Peterson – In Response: Well, JB, you have certainly "entered the fray" now. It's good to see that you took my previous criticisms seriously. Your response is clear evidence that you have taken strong measures to correct and improve the areas of weakness that precipitated the criticism. The resulting Essay as presented in this video is in my opinion, among the most important and meaningful work of your career. And that is no small thing. Criticism, when done right, is an act of compassion. Especially when it stings.

    Your response is impressive and for the most part correct, but…but…but…

    When I tell you that you have truly "entered the fray now" I wonder if you fully understand my meaning. And more, I am deeply concerned that you have grown far too dependent on a support system that is wholly incapable of operating at the level you require. Although it is obvious that you took the previous criticisms seriously and devoted much personal effort, thought and time into the response, it is equally as obvious that you greatly depended on the reports generated by your staff and consultants to formulate your conclusions. And that was your mistake. In fact, the exact same mistake you had just made with Kagan which lead to this entire chain of events. Including this very exchange. Perhaps now my friend, you can better understand my concerns.

    Be Advised JB: The painful and costly War you have been embroiled in over especially the last few years, is/was merely an introduction to the Next Level "Fray" you have now entered. Consider the entire experience your initiation into the real War you were destined to now find yourself actually deeply involved in. So, in the spirit of compassion, let me be clear and direct.

    Three (3) times in a row now you have committed the same mistake, you cannot afford a fourth. Not now, not at this level. Be reminded my friend; Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge is power. But, incomplete knowledge is dangerous. You force my hand JB, don't expect it to be sugar-coated.

    1. Wittingly or not, you're playing with the "Big Boys" now, and they play for keeps. The margin of error is zero.

    2. Your staff, consultants and importantly, your Security (with few exceptions) are inadequate to support your tasks. (A) Profiles or reports generated from cursory searches done on the internet do not qualify as reliable or actionable intel. (B) The so-called "Foreign Policy Experts" from the political sphere that you have consulted are the exact same incompetent idiots that got us all where we are today. Their "expertise" is weak, narrow and biased at best, and as you can now see, potentially lethal on a global scale. (C) Despite what you may presently believe, your current Security detail lacks essential personnel and equipment. I will not elaborate further on this point, but you most definitely should.

    3. Everything changes now, JB. Everything. The War you have been fighting virtually all of your life, has Evolved. And as battle-wise as you may be from your past experiences, you have no experience to draw from in this "Brave New World" that is rapidly emerging to engulf the entire planet. With you my friend, standing Center Stage.

    The Hierarchy has been established. Your Role, is being defined. You have now truly and fully Entered The Real Fray. Perhaps my learned friend, you did not notice that there is no exit sign in sight.

    Welcome To The Next Level.

    Regroup. Re-evaluate. Restructure.

    Then; Respond.

    Sound familiar?

    The margin of error is zero. Make it count, JB.

  17. FYI all Supreme Court appointments are political and not based on the best or most qualified. Ie. Brett Kavanaugh
    JP’s delusional sense of self importance causes him to overlook such simple and obvious points. The us is also caused by his strict adherence to ideology, whether he wants to admit it or not.
    Peterson’s obsession with the radical left misrepresents left wing thinkers as a whole. It’s a form of political reductio ad absurdum where by one can ignore the positions/ views/ and solutions posed by the leftist by just referring to the most extreme. This is highly unproductive. It’s like taking strictly about the twisted views of white supremest as representing the views of the average Republican. Peterson practices a form of sophist trickery designed by extreme right wing think tanks. JP is not adding to the political discussion that would help our culture to find solutions to help move humanity forward. A humanity that is desperately in need of real solutions as we rush toward our destruction. JP and his kind of sophistry only help to speed this train to the cliff we all see is coming.
    We need honest intellectuals that don’t pretend to have everything figured out but are willing to work together with different points of view to find practical solutions. Not more ideological or cultural conflict. We need to work together and see where others get it right and where sometimes we get it wrong. But of course the power possessors have no interests in these things. They want nothing that may demand something from them and their corruptive destructive pursuits for more. This is the problem.
    Our world is controlled by a handful of elites from around the world. They own all the levers of power so it seems the only solution is revolution. So be it.

  18. You are basically backing a bully! Why should Russia have any say in what Ukraine does or wants?? None of your arguments stand up to logic – or to the fact that Russia has tried to eliminate Ukrainians, from their own land for hundreds of years! So genocide seems fine to you! Real ethnic Ukrainians have NEVER wanted anything to do with Russia or Russians – how dare they think they own Ukraine and can dictate what it does? Is that acceptable for any other nation in the world?? Flabbergasted by your ignorance and giving in to bullies and fascists! Shame on you ! A prime example of how a person is incapable of feeling another person’s pain, or understanding it!

  19. Dear Jordan, people in Eastern Europe are fundraising money for mobile gynaecological clinics and birth control pills for Ukrainian women, because they need those things after being visited by Russian soldiers. There's overwhelming amount of such stories. Protecting traditional values agains western degeneracy is a big pile of BS. Sincerely, someone from Lithuania.

  20. I'm afraid, US so called experts are judging Russia by 90s movies, and it's not a joke. The real cause of this war is US bio laboratories and Ukrainian nuclear researches

  21. Me thinks this person needs to assess how their personal beliefs affects their assumptions. Their lack of thoughtful insights into their assumptions forming their arguments leads to a bit of a mess argument wise. This shouldn't be used as a vehicle for self aggrandizing, it is the future direction of the world.

  22. Oh dear…Mr. Peterson, why don't you stick to the fields you're competent with? Geopolitics is clearly not one of them. I'm pretty sure, most of the east european citizens will just facepalm while listening to your revelations. You clearly have no idea about the reality of life there.

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