Russia warns Lithuania of consequences over rail transit sanctions – BBC News

Russia has warned Lithuania of “serious” consequences after it banned the rail transfer of some goods to the Russian territory of Kaliningrad.

Kaliningrad – a strategic region where Russia’s Baltic Fleet is headquartered – has no border with mainland Russia.

The western territory was annexed from Germany after World War Two in 1945 and is bordered by EU and Nato members Lithuania and Poland.

Lithuania says it is only following the EU sanctions imposed over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Written by BBC News


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  1. Oh come on don't afraid by Russia about putin warn.. If Russia attack by nuclear weapons and all nato allies attack together by the whole Russia destroy all Russia country..

  2. Russia gonna get done in eventually just give it time they shot them self's in the foot as it were in the world order pre covid there was a chance of America an Russia getting past old times but now it was all for nothing were effectively in another cold War with a proxy war included it's damned

  3. Best case scenario if they back out of Ukraine do you think every one is just gonna turn the other cheek?
    It seems like they're just building up justification to have another war

  4. Russia has the upper hand by starving the world to death since the Ukraine War has caused famine in Africa because of no grain and other food resources from Ukraine that is on standstill at the moment. The west is pressurised because the sanctions on Russia has stopped food trade in Ukraine to very poorer countries. You are looking at millions of deaths in Africa in the near future and higher food prices for a long time while having higher fuel costs, gas and energy bills. But don’t worry, Ernie (U.S) and Bert ( U.K) will sort it out.

  5. Russia wants to stem weapon supplies from NATO to Ukraine so starts threatening a small NATO member to scare NATO into preserving weapons in case of an invasion of Lithuania.. From what we've seen of Russian armed forces so far they are incapable of mounting any real serious assault in this area.

  6. Dont understand it. The goods are for the Russians in kaliningrad nit for EU countries, stop this type of aggression and maybe the war will end. Also stop threat of Nato expansion onto Russia border

  7. Lithuainian leadership picks a fight with China AND Russia. Very clever move… Russian military capability in Kaliningrad oblast alone Lithuainina can be totally removed from the map. Do they have a deathwish?

  8. I strong believe that the Russia Federation does not bluff about its national security, its existence, and the welfare of its people. Regardless of the U.S. and NATO's claim to the so called Article 5, the Russia Federation is most capable of taking care of NATO and its allies, and most importantly, NATO's Article 5 as it relates to Lithuania and any of the NATO members. I don't hope for a THIRD WORLD WORLD, but if this is what NATO,  Europe, and the U.S. really desire with the Russia Federation, so be it. After all David defeated Goliath with a sling. The involvement of NATO, Europe, and the U.S. in a war against the Russia Federation may be the last battle that settles it all and decides the finality of peace to the whole world. Stop the escalations. Let peace reign now.

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